a.k.a. Bob Djurdjevic

Explanation of Earth/Hummingbird/North


  • Earth is the element of lineage, ties to our place of emergence.

  • Hummingbird - Kinti in Quechua (Inca language) is the sacred animal associated with Earth.  Siwa Kinti - Rainbow Hummingbird, was the sacred animal of the Machu Picchu imperial court.

  • While opening a sacred space, a shaman faces the cardinal direction of North when calling on the hummingbird/earth energies to assist him.  I do it usually with following words...

"To the winds of the North,

Home of Kinti, the Hummingbird, and Siwa Kinti,

The rainbow hummingbird of the Machu Picchu imperial court.

You who ties me to the lineage of the Holy Mountains in Peru,

Teach me to enlighten other people's souls,

And to touch their hearts,

With the beauty and the grace with which you spread love and life itself

As you fly from flower to flower."

  • "Hayaya" (equivalent of "Amen" in Christian cosmology)

(artistic spiritual)