a.k.a. Bob Djurdjevic

Explanation of Air/Condor/East


  • Air is the element of heavenly ascent.

  • Condor - Kuntur in Quechua (Inca language) - and Eagle - Apuchin in Quechua, are sacred animals associated with Air.

  • While opening a sacred space, a shaman faces the cardinal direction of East when calling on the condor-eagle/air energies to assist him.  I do it usually with following words...

"To the winds of the East,

Home of Kuntur (Condor) and of Apuchin (Eagle),

Masters of Hanaqpacha, the Upper World.

Great birds, lift me up to soar with you to the heights of Ascended Masters,

Who can help me see far into the future and the past,

So I can align my life and the lives of  those around me

With our soul intentions and the forces of the Universe."

  • "Hayaya" (equivalent of "Amen" in Christian cosmology)

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