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July 20, 2013

July 19, 2013 - New revelations well up after sailing on "America II" yacht - Update: America II to be scuttled

Albert & Victoria Reunited at Sea on "America II"

Intricate Spirit guidance again leads to several stunning revelations, just as it happened in London, England in Oct 2011 - see "Albert & Victoria Reunited"



New revelations well up at Royal Albert Hall, Albert Memorial in London

Albert & Victoria Reunited at Sea on "America II"

Intricate guidance signs lead to several stunning intuitive revelations

What you are about to read is another one of those, "oh, my God, I can't believe what's happening"-kind of stories. But since this is the second time a revelation about our lives as Albert and Victoria has come to me - it was less stunning that the first time in London two years ago. Nevertheless, this story, like the first one - Albert & Victoria Reunited" - felt like weaving a tapestry with help from my spirit guides who provided some intricate signs to follow.

HAIKU, Maui, July 20, 2013 - Just like in London on Saturday, Oct 22, 2011, I woke up this Saturday (July 20, 2013) very early (5:30AM) and could not go back to asleep.  That's very unusual for me.  As in London two years ago, I figured it was one or more of my spirit guides tugging my chain.  But why?  At first, I had not idea what it was about.  Then as I sat down to write a story about our sailing on "America II" the day before, the fog slowly started to lift. A fascinating revelation emerged, bit-by-bit, like the contours of the California coastline after the sun burns of the morning mist.

By mid-day yesterday, it all became crystal clear. Yesterday's adventure on "America II" was not just about sailing, nor just about America's Cup, nor just about Australia, nor just about Maui. It was connecting the past and the present over a span of 162 years. Albert and Victoria were united once again aboard an "America" yacht. On Aug 23, 1851, they stepped on board of "America," the winner of the first "America's Cup" race off the Isle of Wight in the English Channel for the Queen to congratulate "America's" captain on the victory. 

An artist captured the moment in the painting on the left. This was more than just a sporting event. It was a start of a new historical friendship between the two nations - England and America - that has endured to this day.  Lest we forget, not many years before then, England and America were arch enemies, embroiled in a bloody revolutionary war of independence.  This magnanimous gesture by the Queen of England, then the most powerful monarch on the face of this planet, reverberated through the diplomatic community until well past her death at the start of the 20th century.

And it all started at sea the day before. On Aug ww, 1851, "America" raced against 15 yachts of the Royal Yacht Squadron in the Club's annual 53-nautical-mile (98 km) regatta around the Isle of Wight. America won, finishing 8 minutes ahead of the closest rival. The diminutive Queen Victoria, who was watching at the finish line, was reported to have asked who came second. The famous answer by an unknown member of her court was: "Ah, Your Majesty, there is no second."

In other words, the winner takes it all. The surviving members of the America syndicate donated the Cup via the Deed of Gift of the America's Cup to the NYYC on July 8, 1857, specifying that it be held in trust as a perpetual challenge trophy to promote friendly competition among nations.  It later became known as the now famous America's Cup, named as such after the first winning yacht, not the country.

In another part of the Albert and Victoria and America's Cup revelations, I realized yesterday that that is why our Spirit guides took Elizabeth and me to the New York Yacht Club in December 2009. An longtime friend, now a retired IBM executive and his wife, invited us to a luncheon with them at the NYYC in Manhattan. It was Christmas time, so the Club was decorated accordingly (see New Yorkers for a Day, 12-11-09). 

We did not realize it at the time, but that luncheon at the NYYC was an important dot on the Albert and Victoria soul trajectory.  So I thanked that friend today for it.

And now, with that as a preamble, here's a video from our sailing adventure on "America II":

Sailing on "America II" Takes Us Back 162 Years: Victoria and Albert Reunited at Sea



And now, here's another Australian sailing story...

Sailing in Australia Story (1986)



And now, here's a Photo Album from our "America II" sailing trip...



PS: HAIKU, Maui, Dec 16, 2011 - Ahtun Re confirmed today ALL of my above intuitions, including the three splits of my wife in this lifetime.

Update: America II to be scuttled

HAIKU, Maui, Aug 7 - Sad news. I learned today from a friend who works at the Lahaina Harbor that "America II" is about to be scuttled. Its license expired on July 31. Her owner had died in the meantime. The next of kin were not interested in sailing. So she is going to be scuttled and her crew is now out of a job.

Elizabeth and I were saddened to learn that, but we also felt lucky to be among the last people to sail on her.

THE END (for now...).


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