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By Bob Altzar Djurdjevic

07 Oct 2012

Updated October 6, 2012

Where Will You Be on 12-21-12?

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An Essay on "2012" in 2012

Where Will You Be on 12-21-12?

 Share your own story with us... just click here


The author of this essay is an Inca-trained and thrice ordained Shaman, widely published writer, musician, video-filmmaker, and a business consultant for major multinational computer companies. He is also has an engineering degree. In other words, he is someone who uses both left and right brains equally.  And he has needed them both to write this story. But the credit for this essay does not belong to him.  It goes to our guides and teachers from the Spirit realm.

HAIKU, Maui, Oct 6, 2012 - Where will you be on 12- 21-12 to welcome the Age of Aquarius? That's the question that popped into my mind as I turned on my computer this morning.  It would be wonderful to hear from the members of this group what we feel guided to do on this auspicious day. To envourage all to share, I'll start. Hereís my story...


Until a few days ago, I felt pulled in three directions. I had received invitations to go to Giza (Egypt) and to Peru (the High Andes, Lake Titicaca). And, of course, I could always stay home.

My personal preference was the latter - to say right here at the Rainbow Shower in Maui, Hawaii. You see, for the last three years my No. 1 New Yearís resolution has been to travel - LESS. I was told my Spirit guides laughed when they heard that. So, of course, living in the middle of the Pacific, I ended up traveling - MORE. :-) 

Goes to show us who is driving this Altzar vessel. Not me. Thatís for sure. 

So I had kept my mind open and waited for signs as to what to do on 12-21-12. And then one evening in late September, as if by magic the Spirit answered my question. They even guided my hand in a physical sense into making a "mistake" on my computer. I UNWITTINGLY booked a trip to Peru while checking fares and schedules. First class, for free (using miles). During the busy Christmas travel season. Incredible. But true.

Since that time, I have felt guided to go to Machu Picchu first. I want to climb Huayni Pucchu (the steep peak above the city thatís in all the pictures) and do a ceremony there. 

About a year ago, I found out that I had lived in Machu Picchu as an Inca high priest-shaman Hatun Watana some 500 years ago. At the end of that lifetime, after the (victorious) Battle of Ollantaytambo, I also guided my people (the Inca) to retreat to the safety of interior valleys (Vilcabamba). That's so that we may preserve our way life and culture from destruction by Spanish Conquistadors that the rest of the Inca empire suffered.  Vilcabamba means Sacred Valley in Quechua, the Inca language.  It is a Pacarina ("place of emergence" in Quechua) on the doorstep of the mighty Amazon.

Lo and behold I next received a suggestion by an Inca shaman-friend who is helping me organize the trip to go Vilcabamba and to nearby Quillabamba (Moon Valley) and work with the Amazon jungle shamans there. Which is something I have never done before in this lifetime anyway. This is the "Otorongo country" (Jaguar country) and a place of millions of species and miracles of life (vs. the sparse living conditions at high elevations in the Andes where I received my Rites of Passage as an Inca shaman). 

To make things more interesting, I also received a proposal to join up with another group of shamans and spend the 12-21-12 with them on Amantani island on Lake Titicaca. Thatís another Pacarina ("place of emergence"). The indigenous people believe that thatís where all of life on this planet had begun. And that the Ura natives originated from Sirius B, also my home star. Itís a beautiful lore: Wirakocha (God) dropped a tear and it fell on that high Andean plain, creating Lake Titicaca (12,500 ft elevation - the highest navigable lake in the world).  

Here are some shots from my last visit there in Jan 2010 taken at the Uros floating (reed) islands:

(the woven tapestry this woman is holding is now on our bedroom wall)

So one place where I may be on 12-21-12 is a place of emergence in the Sacred Valley of the Amazon, the other in Altiplani, the high plains of Lake Titicaca. Both places are associated with Water energy - perfect for welcoming the Age of Aquarius (check out the music video I created for the occasion - - Aquarius Earth Music).

For now, I am keeping my mind open and trying not get attached to either outcome. Weíll see what happens.

Thatís my 12-21-12 story. Whatís yours? Just click here and share it with us.


Bob Altzar Djurdjevic is a writer, shaman, musician, public speaker and business consultant based in Haiku, Maui, Hawaii.  But most of all, he is a Steward of the Earth. You can find more of his research and columns at (arts & spirituality),  (geopolitical) and (business) and at his latest web site dedicated to healing the Mother Earth. 


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