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By Bob Altzar Djurdjevic

12 Mar 2012

A slice of life at Rainbow Shower

Magical Sunday, the 11th

Perfect sunny Sunday in middle of rainy season, vanishing kulla, fire ceremony, midnight lunar rainbow


Midnight Lunar rainbow (simulation)

A slice of life at Rainbow Shower

Magical Sunday, the 11th

Perfect sunny Sunday in middle of rainy season, vanishing kulla, fire ceremony, midnight lunar rainbow


Vanishing Kulla, Alpine Grass

HAIKU, Maui, Mar 12, 2012 - I can't say I take anything sources from the Spirit realm for granted. But by now, I am sort of getting used to their magic happening on particular days that have a special numerological significance in my life.  Like #11.  Or #3 [see Masters' Number 11, Alpine Healing Ceremony Part 2: At Lake Vernago (3-3-12), Alpine Healing Ceremony Part 3: Film (3-3-12) ].  But when I woke up just before 6 on this sunny Sunday morning in the middle of a rainy season that has even caused the Hawaii governor to declare of state of emergency, I was unaware of the date. 

The foggy mixture of dreams and jet lag lifted quickly when I intuited that the reason I was awakened this morning so early was to get ready to recharge the kullas in my Mesa. Sunday is one of the three days of the week when my benefactor mountain spirit guide, Apu Huascaran, keeps "office hours" for such a purpose (from 6:40 to 7:30 Hawaii time).  And since I have added a few new kullas from my European trip to my Mesa, they probably needed to be integrated with their brethren from elsewhere around the world.  So I got everything ready and started the process at 6:30.

When I retrieved the kullas from a white water bowl an hour or so later, I was puzzled to see that the water looked muddy. "Hm...," I was thinking.  "This had never happened before."

When I lined up all the kullas on a tray and got ready to take them outside to let Inti Taiti (Father Sun) do its magic on them, I realized there was a kullas missing.  It was that Chinese mask you can see in my Mesa as of 2-24-12, the day I left on my European trip (right).  I had just added it to the Mesa that morning.  Now it was gone.  And then the penny dropped. The muddy water? That must have been what the Spirit dissolved my Chinese mask into.  Guess the message to me was - "we don't want any man-made objects in a Mesa."

Okay. That made sense to me. So I thanked the Spirit for continuing education.  But when I went through the Phase 3 of the recharging process (bringing the kullas through the holy smoke of Frankincense, Myrrh, Palo Santo and Ocote - the latter a gift from Walter and Deborah, my Dutch friends), I realized that there was another piece of my Mesa which I added recently that has also disappeared. It was several strands of Alpine grass (left) that I brought home from Lago di Vernago under Mount Similaun, where I did the sacred Alpine Healing Ceremony on 3-3-12.

"Interesting, how the Spirit is rearranging my Mesa," I thought (right).

I recalled a story of Jose Luis, one of the Inca shamans from Peru who was my early mentor.  He said that when he was apprenticing to be a shaman as a young man, he got quite cocky about the progress he was making. On one of the mountain trips with his mentor at the time, Don Manuel Quispe, a Q'ero Inca elder who passed away in Dec 2004, Jose Luis had this Mesa disappeared by the mountain spirits.  He thought at first he had misplaced it, so he went crazy looking for it everywhere he could think of. Finally, he reached his benefactor Apus via an Altomesayok (a high level Inca channeler-shaman who can bring in the winged mountain spirits into a physical form).  They told him they took the Mesa away to make him humble and force him to undertake a pilgrimage to a dozen or so of the major Andean peaks that constitute the Holy Mountains of Peru.

Jose Luis' mentor just laughed trying to envisage how long it would take his young student to clamber up that many 20,000+ mountain peaks. But Jose Luis did not think it was funny. Years later, I think in 2008, I had the privilege of receiving direct teachings by the Apus (mountain spirits) as a member of the group of shamans on a pilgrimage to Mount Ausangate.  Apu Quollyoritti, the "Snow Star" mountain spirit, spoke very slowly and accentuated every word as he said: "You must walk in humility, integrity and elegance."  And that if we did that, he said, the mountain spirits will always be there to help us.

This magical Sunday morning, March 11th, brought back the memory of that encounter and the important guidance our beloved Apus gave us. I also remembered what Don Manuel said to his student Jose Luis before he passed. He said that he was hoping that in his next life he would come back as a mountain.  At the time, being myself a novice shaman, I took that literally and was perplexed why somebody would have a wish like that. Now, I understand what Don Manuel meant. That he would ASCEND and become an Apu himself.  I sure hope he is now.

Landscaping Work, Fire Ceremony

After I was done with the recharging process, I spent over four hours on my tractor mower giving the Rainbow Shower lawns a badly needed haircut.  In some place, I first had to clear the debris that the flood waters from the last few days had deposited on the banks of our seasonal Namaka Creek.  Elizabeth also used the perfect sunny day to do some landscaping work up around the house.

Just before sunset, I also did a fire ceremony thank the Spirits for everything they have done to make our European missions as successful as they turned out to be.  I also used the new kullas in my Mesa to set up now the ceke lines in reverse - from the Rainbow Shower Anahata-Huaca-Ahu (sacred site - shaman's altar) to the Alps and to the Andes.  This will allow new flows of Pachamama's energy along the ley lines between the Hawaiian volcanoes and the huge mountain ranges in South America and in Europe.

After the ceremony, I also cooked some steaks for Elizabeth and I which we ate under candle a coconut light right next to the sacred site.  The sound of the Namaka Creek still rushing only a few feet away from the table and the logs on which we were sitting provided beautiful natural background music. As we were coming back up from the gulch, I happen to have looked up toward the western sky.  Venus and Jupiter were practically kissing each other, that's how close they were! Mars was watching this love scene from the eastern sky with amusement, as was Star Sirius in the south.

Midnight Lunar Rainbows

Fast-forwarding to my late night meditation in the spa, between 11:30 and midnight, I heard a loud crack at one point coming from the gulch.  It echoed and sounded almost like a lightening strike. But the sky was predominantly clear.  There was only some light misting in the air.  So I figured it was probably some large limb that broke off a tree, or an entire tree had cracked and toppled.

Something made me get out and look at the time.  It was 11:50.  "So it is still Sunday, the 11th," I made a mental note. 

When I got out of the spa a few minutes later, I noticed a moon rising in the eastern sky.  Here's a story I wrote later in my Journal about what happened next:

When got out of the spa. At that point, I noticed a rising Moon in the eastern sky. It was no longer full, but it shone brightly enough to be pretty. There was still light misting in the air.

Almost immediately, I turned around to look at the western sky and see if per chance the light was strong enough to produce a rare moon rainbow. As soon as my eyes adjusted to the darkness, sure enough, I saw it. And it was BIG! (the lower the source of light - Sun, Moon - the bigger the rainbow, I'd noticed before).

Excitedly, I ran into the house and called for Elizabeth to come out. She fussed about being wet but I told her to forget it and come out just as she was. I have had a good fortune to see two Moon rainbows before, the last time in June of 2011, but I knew that she had never seen one.

When she joined me on the lanai, I told her to wait a couple of minutes for her eyes to adjust before straining to see the rainbow. She did.

"I see it, I see it!" she exclaimed excitedly after about a minute or so had passed. I checked the clock. It was 11:58PM.

"So it is still the magical Sunday the 11th," I made a mental note.

And then I went inside to get the camera. I took a couple of pictures but did not have high hopes that they would really do it justice. The rainbow was quite faint as the Full Moon had already waned quite a bit since four days ago. Then I went to the office to see if I can create a simulation of the midnight celestial show that made us both so excited.

I do hope that someday you get to see a Midnight Moon Rainbow - "live." It is something very special. No picture can really do it justice, at least none that I have seen.

And now, here are the Midnight Lunar Rainbow images that Elizabeth and I saw.  The middle right photo was the basis which for my simulated one...

The photo on the far right was taken the last time I saw a lunar rainbow.  It was in June of last year.  Guess what day it was?  June 11th!

See what I mean about the importance of #11 in my life?

By the way, today (Mon Mar 12), we are back to rain.  Non-stop. :-)

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