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06 Feb 2012

Updated Feb 6, 2012, adds Celestial Triangle Sign: "Golden Triangle" of Balance?

Story of Creation Written in Night Sky

Amazing cloud signs and shooting stars appear on two successive nights


Divine signs and communications

Story of Creation Written in Night Sky

Amazing cloud signs and shooting stars appear on two successive nights


To fully understand the symbolic and shamanic meanings of Divine communications contained in this story, this writer recommends that you go to the home page, and click on the images and the four buttons in the main frame (the mountain-ocean scene).  Each button contains an explanation for each of the four sacred animals, the four cardinal directions and the four elements (also click here to read about home page symbolism).

HAIKU, Maui, Feb 4, 2012 - I was doing my usual prayers and incantations on Feb 2 around 1AM in the spa at our Rainbow Shower home.  It was a beautiful clear, starry night with a bright moon settling down in the western sky.  Not a cloud anywhere.  The Orion constellation was in the south, heading west, with Sirius shining brightly dead center in the southern sky.

I had just opened the sacred space and started to thank God for sharing his/her spark with me, when something made me open my eyes and look up.  Out of nowhere, a cloud materialized.  So I knew it was a sign from the Spirit. As it gradually formed into shape across the southern sky, at first I thought it was an eagle or a condor (see Eagle-Condor/East/Air on home page). Then its head and the body elongated and a beautiful long, white dragon-serpent sprawled itself across the sky (see Serpent/South/Fire on home page).  I was in awe and immediately started to thank the Spirit for communicating with me in such creative ways.

Then suddenly there was a quick flash of light in the sky. A bright shooting star streamed over the dragon cloud, traveling from the direction of Sirius toward the west. "Wow," I thought.  "What a show.  A message from home." (My-Altzar's home star is Sirius B, I have been told).

A few minutes later, when I got out of the spa, the cloud was gone. It was again a beautiful, clear, starry night with a bright moon settling down in the western sky.  Message delivered.  And received.

Considering how late it is, I excused myself from the rest of the prayers so I can write this down while it is fresh in my mind.

Epilogue to Dragon Cloud Sign

UPDATE, 2/02/2012: This morning, as I was waking up, I had another hit, another revelation. It was quite a stunning one actually, one of those "aha"-moments.  I recalled that, as I watched it sail slowly from east to west, the cloud gradually morphed from a dragon-serpent to a four-legged animal.

"The jaguar," I thought excitedly.  The Jaguar (Otorongo) represents the element of Water, and lives in the West cardinal direction (see Jaguar/West/Water on home page).
So it went from Fire to Water, just as I did during that phenomenal regression session with Linda Backman on 7/11/11 in Kona (see Shepherd of the Earth , July 18, 2011, User ID/Password required).

This morning, however, I put the whole night sky story together that Spirit was sharing with me.  It was a story of creation; a tale of Gaia-Pachamama's own birth... from the Spirit to dense physical (lava, fire), cooled by air into earth/water. And the shooting star, that was the hand of God, the Creator, who oversaw it all and made it all happen.

"Wow!" I said when it hit me this morning.  See what I meant by "stunning?"

Then I realized that the story also contained the three sacred animals that represent the three worlds in the Inca shamanic shamanic tradition-the eagle-condor (Apuchin-Kuntur), the dragon-serpent (Amaru) and the jaguar-puma (Otorongo).

So I just took a picture of a little sculpture which represents the three worlds. I got four years ago at Agua Caliente when I was in Machu Picchu.  I am sure that all of you, my dear fellow-SOEs, who are also shamans will recognize it instantly (right).

"And now, you know the rest of the story," as Paul Harvey, the legendary late radio host, used to end his broadcasts.

And I also know what the two multidimensional beings meant when they told me three years ago that one of my planetary missions in this lifetime is to receive and tell the story of creation so as to enlighten people about it (see Meeting Grandma Chandra, Feb 2009).
Archangel Michael Shows Up through Mystic Medicine Card, Offering Protection during Transformation (2/02/2012)
Right after I had finished the above Epilogue, I drew my Mystic Medicine card guidance for the day.  It was Protection (see right).  I do believe that this is the first time EVER (!) that I drew this card. I had asked the Spirit for guidance for the day, after thanking the Creator and my guides for that wonderful Story of Creation written in night sky last night-early this morning.

The Protection card depicts an image of Archangel Michael. He is one of my guides who showed up at my astral rebirth on 2/25/2009. He also showed up last night in the story about the Michael & Mary ley line. So the connections are all very fascinating. Here is Michael's message to me this morning:

"Archangel Michael is the Spirit of Fire of Transformation. His sword of light offers energies higher. His shield of Protection averts illusion and deception.

As the New Age is dawning on the Earth, the Infinte One has commanded a reunion of the Angelic and Elemental Kingdoms with humanity to fulfill consciously a co-creation of the Divine Plan.... The transformational fire blesses you as healing water flow, blessing from the heavens above.

Archangel Michael is a powerful protector. WHen the card Archangel Michael shows up, rest assure that His energy is surrounding you. Set forth your intention for God;s will and know you are absolutely protected on your mission to fulfill your highest potential."

Epilogue 2: Hummingbird Cloud, Another Shooting Star, Complete Story of Creation Written in Night Sky

UPDATE, 2/04/2012: Last night at 9PM local (HST) time, I was again sitting in the spa, this time looking at the northern night sky. Elizabeth had just gone in to take a shower. I began to open the sacred space when again, something made me look up, and I saw a cloud floating in sky. I knew immediately it was another Divine sign. Unlike the one the night before, however, this one was moving from west to east.  Which is most unusual around here. Our trade winds are normally NE-E to SW-E, like the direction of the first cloud signs on 2/02/2012.  

I watched the cloud try to organize itself into a shape, waiting to find out what the message was going to be.  When I saw a long beak, the penny dropped.  The Hummingbird. Of course, the Hummingbird was the only Inca sacred animal missing in the Story of Creation Written in the Night Sky the night before.  And no wonder it was "missing." The other night I was looking at the southern sky. And Hummingbird lives in the cardinal direction of North.  And it represents the element of Earth (see Hummingbird/Earth/North on home page):

Here's a comment I received about that on Feb 1 from Lincoln, my shamanic brother from London, England:

Another thought which struck me immediately is that the dragon is also another power animal that represents the archetype of Hummingbird and the North of the ancestors. So I have a sense that this is also a message from the ancestors of your land in Hawaii calling you. And I also sense your ancestors, too. The North. as you no doubt are aware, is all about stepping out and drinking deeply of the nectar of knowledge and wisdom of life.

And this is what I said in my reply to Lincoln:

You hit the nail on the head with both comments. Plus, you've educated me about something I did not know... and that is that Dragon also represents the archetype of Hummingbird.  I knew about the latter, and about the Hummingbird living in the North and connecting us to our lineage of the Holy Mountains in Peru. I address it as such every time I open the sacred space.  But I did not know about the Dragon connection.  Thank you for that.  

Hummingbirds have had a strong (and steady) presence in my life as guides, both in Arizona and in Peru. I have even recorded some of them on film. One of them even showed up at my place in Arizona in Jan 2009 after midnight (An Encounter with a Bird Spirit, YouTube, Jan 2009). And both in Peru and Arizona, hummingbirds did it even in daytime. I even caught one in a video (A Divine Hummingbird Encounter, Mar 2009. And I have even received bird Spirit guidance in the form of clouds (right photo).

Sadly, we don't have Hummingbirds here in Hawaii. So Red Cardinals have taken their place. (One of them keeps landing on a big cello outside my office, chirping away until I answer him).  In fact, I can also hear him right now.

Back to the Hummingbird cloud sign, as I watched it slowly sail across the northern sky, passing through the Big Dipper and gently brushing the  Polaris star, I was startled by another shooting star.  This one went almost straight down from the top of the sky and through the Hummingbird cloud.

"Wow!" I exclaimed out loud.  "I suppose that's the Spirit just making sure that I got it that it was a Diving sign, that the cloud was the final chapter of the 'Story of Creation Written in Night Sky'."

And now, here's a complete "Story of Creation Written in Night Sky" in simulated images that I recreated from memory:

The above images are from the Feb 2 celestial show.  And now, here are the ones from last night (Feb 3):

And that concludes the Story of Creation.  For now, as of Feb 4, 2012.  For, the beat goes on.  And we co-create and write new chapters of that story every day.

Parade of Sacred Animals for Third Night in a Row

HAIKU, Maui, Feb 5 - Just as well that I said yesterday, "and the beat goes on."  Because it did go on again tonight.  For the third night in a row, I enjoyed a parade of sacred animals in the form of cloud signs in the night sky.  Here are my some notes from my Journal about it:

I really did not expect to have signs in the clouds for a third night in a row. In fact, I had forgotten all about them when I got into the spa around 12:15AM. The sky was clear, not a cloud to be seen anywhere. The Moon was shining brightly.

This time, I went through the whole litany of prayers, incantations and healing requests. I also addressed each one of my guides and teachers personally. That also took a while as there are over three dozen of them that I am aware of. After about 25 mins, I thanked the Spirit for listening and for the privilege of serving, and got up to leave the spa.

Something made me look up at that moment. And lo and behold, there was a cloud right above. As I looked more carefully, I recognized the dragon-serpent.

"Oh, so they are back," I said. "That's my instant divine communication and blessing, a confirmation that my prayers were received."

I sat back in the spa so I would not crane my neck looking up. What followed was a parade of sacred animals. From memory, they went like this...

Dragon-Serpent, Jaguar, Elephant, A Man sitting on a rock (One of my guides? Or my Higher Self?), Bull, Dragon-Serpent (again), and then a Dog, as the cloud overlayed the constellation of which Sirius is part.  "Of course," I said out loud.  "Canis Major."

 Finally the Hummingbird showed up again in the darkened sky as the cloud moved toward the east, after I had already gotten out of the spa.

When the show ended, the cloud simply dissipated. What was left were fully remains that looked like "ordinary" clouds.  The time was 12:50AM, Feb 5.

Right now, at 1:15AM, following the third parade of sacred animals in a row, I asked for guidance and drew my daily Mystic Medicine card.  It was Awakening.  Its message:

"Your eyes are beginning to open from a deep sleep. Awakening from the illusion of separateness and merging with the Light of God. Your lost and wandering days are over."

Celestial Triangle Sign: "Golden Triangle" of Balance?

HAIKU, Maui, Feb 6 - Last night, we had some rain.  The sky was cloudy when I went out for my usual midnight prayers and meditation in the spa. When I finished, I opened my eyes not expecting any Divine signs because of the solid cloud cover. But while I was doing the ceremony, three windows had opened up in the sky. Through one, right above me, a nearly full Moon was shining; through another in the southern sky, Sirius (my home star) was smiling, and through the third, in the east, Mars also showed up. The rest of the sky still had solid cloud cover. My blocked sinuses had also cleared (temporarily).

Was there a message in the three cosmic objects that formed a celestial triangle.  This is what I got from it this morning...


I see Moon as representing feminine energy, Mars - masculine energy, Sirius - well, it is said to be the star which gave the entire science of Astronomy its name (it was called Astron in Greek).

Also, Triangle is a most stable and balanced geometric form known to man. It has also deep mystical meanings. We, humans, are created with three distinct parts to our being - a spirit, a soul and a body. They are designed to work together in harmony to temper each other and create a well-balanced life.


Here's what some mystics say about the "Golden Triangle" of balance:

Just as there is great strength in the geometric shape of a triangle, there is strength in the triangle composed of your physical, emotional and spiritual sides. Your physical is your body. Keeping in shape, fit and healthy. Your emotional side (soul) is your relationships (business, friends, family). You also need to keep strengthening your spirit. Develop a strong relationship with God to maintain the balance in your daily life.


H.P. Blavatsky stated that the star Sirius exerts a mystic and direct influence over the entire living heaven and is to be found linked with every great religion of antiquity.

Ancient Egyptians also believed that Sirius is the final resting place of the soul of Goddess Isis, who is one of my spirit guides.

As I tried to figure out what the message of this celestial triangle, I came across this astrological interpretation:

When Sirius...  Conjuncts the success
                      Conjuncts Mars...............courage

Check out the card I drew today after having written this. It was ANCIENT WISDOM. And it was all about BALANCE between the masculine and the feminine.  I drew this card after I had written down the story about the celestial triangle that appeared last night. It would appear that Sirius, my home star, was sending me a message about the important of balance between the masculine and feminine energies. Which is what the Light Beings have also told me was one of the "extraordinary" traits of my soul.  Here's the message from Ancient Wisdom card:

"Hopi Grandmother is a keeper of ancient wisdom lost in modern age. As the Hopi say, 'when the wisdom of the grandmothers is heart, the world will heal.' Grandmother marches with the shield and drum of protection for the Earth and Her children. She brings awareness of the ancient Neolithic traditions of Old Europe where the masculine and the feminine were the equals. Together they created and lived in a sophisticated world of peace.

Mother Earth is crying for us to listen to Her rhythm and remember the sacred Union between the masculine and the feminine."

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