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By Bob Altzar Djurdjevic

14 Aug 2012

Updated Aug 13, 2012 - adds Highlights of Lions Gateway Opening & Activation

Opening Star-Lions Gateway

Of Unconditional Love with Star Rising; Precursor Rainbows show up Aug 1, 7


Final Phase...

Opening Star-Lions Gateway

of Unconditional Love with Star Rising; Fusing left and right brain hemispheres; birthing new level of light on planet

Precursor rainbows on Aug 1, 7

HAIKU, Maui, Aug 8, 2012 - My Kumarian star brother, Star Rising, and I have known for months (since our 3-28-12 Cosmic Trigger Activation) that we would have a date with our guides and teachers from the Spirit realm on August 8. What we did not know in advance was what it was to be about. A week ago, Star told me that he had received a message from the Spirit that "we are to open the final phase of the Lions Gateway - the gate of unconditional love." I replied that I thought we had already done it - on May 20 (see 2012 Cosmic Triad of Activations). So Start went back to get a clarification from the Spirit realm. On Aug 4, he wrote this to me:

"The activation we are to do is totally different from the may 20th although unconditional love is part of it. It more has to do with with a secret chamber of the left side of the brain that will be opened by working directly with the Sphinx. Also a hidden chamber on the right side for males.

Fractions of self and soul will come running home on Aug 8th. Solar power will move into material form, birthing a (new) level of light on this planet even the blind can see, uniting the two hemispheres of the brain in a cosmic fusion of epic proportions. We will have but one choice of higher consciousness planet wide.

This may be bigger than even the Solar eclipse (May 20) and Venus Transit (June 6) combined, and I am honored to serve with you at my side to bring this in."

"Birthing a (new) level of light" made me immediately go back and think of that extraordinary reverse (upside-down) rainbow that my iPhone camera caught inadvertently on Aug 1 (see Upside-Down Rainbow, You can also see it above in the header of this story. When I asked Star to get a clarification from the Spirit realm about the meaning of this unusual rainbow, this is what he received:

Altzar, what a special message this is! What channeled thru right after seeing this video has been confirmed with the God body and all of Grace as a sign of the beautiful energy on the planet to be utilized.

It means the opening of the twin flame dimension is now upon us. We have access to the other side of us coming to the light so that
we may be whole once again as a multidimensional being.

It is also the reverse side of God showing us the alternate universe to create from as a whole being.

The rays are interchangeable and therefore transmutable from any energy. In other words, we can over come and reach zero point by seeing the rainbow from one side then the other. 

We reach the middle point of creation where it came from and in that we reach the ultimate self realization of now past and future - all happening at the same time.

With love and light upon you.


Well, last evening, Aug 7, there was another rainbow that I suspected was a precursor to today's opening of the Star-Lions Gateway. In fact, I felt it was the beginning of it. Here's the email exchange about it between myself and Star last night (Aug 7):

Something happened this evening that could be related to our work tomorrow. I'd like you to check with our guides and teachers and ask them to confirm it.

Elizabeth and I both worked hard (physically) this afternoon. So we took a short nap between 4:40 and 5PM. As I was waking up, something made me look outside. I half expected to see a rainbow even though it had been sunny all day. Sure enough, there was just enough misting to created an evening rainbow in the eastern sky.

When Elizabeth and I went out to take a spa around 5:30PM, the rainbow was still up. It stayed with us for about 10 mins. I talked to the Spirits and thanked them for such a wonderful recognition of the work we had done.

Then just as suddenly as the rainbow appeared, it vanished. Poof! It just literally vaporized. If it had been a normal rain cloud, it would have sailed over us toward the west, following the wind direction. We both looked to the west to see it, and saw none. So I told Elizabeth that this had to have been a rainbow meant just for the two of us for some very good reason.

Later on, as I was contemplating what that might be, I felt I got the message "that was the start of the star gate opening." Indeed, at that hour, it was already 8-08-2012 in most of the world. So I am wondering if you can confirm with the Spirits what my intuition was - about it being the start of the star gate opening?  Thanks.

Love and blessings,


PS: What did you and the Spirits think of my "Hey Dude" musical creation? And of Elizabeth's Celestial Quilt? (which I though was absolutely marvelous).

To which Star replied this morning (Aug 8):

Yes, that is correct. It is preparing you for the vibrational equalization of your light column and the receiving of the codes to facilitate the opening of the star gate to balance your crystal body and your physical body.

Elizabeth's quilt (right) blankets the new earth with light from the sun behind the sun. Your music is being downloaded in tones from your home planet. [It's actually a star - Sirius B]. Both very beautiful.

Forgive the spelling punctuation. I am channeling this right now

In love allow yourself to be.


Ok now that I am not channeling the higher power. Your intuition is correct and the ("Hey Dude") video is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your gifts - both of you - with me.

Love Star



As I did my usual daily rounds of the Rainbow Shower a little after noontime today, I was surprised to find this rock in the middle of the road.  It was not there last night when I did my evening rounds. It looked like it had fallen from the sky... Literally.

The rock was perfectly placed pointing E-W.  There was no sign of indentation on the ground that one might expect if it had rolled down the hill. What's also interesting is that the area in which I had found the rock is known to me as the Banyan Portal (or Gateway). And since this afternoon we are supposed to be opening a new Star Gateway, I wonder if this rock was placed there by the Spirit for a reason?  Maybe as a sign post to be revealed to us later on?

Anyway, back to Earth, I also brought up to the house four beautiful Heliconia bushes I had harvested down in the gulch of the Rainbow Shower, along with about 10-15 pounds of Lilikoi (Passion Fruit, which is about our daily gift from Gaia-Pachamama at this time of the year:

The Lilikoi are in the orange bag slung around my shoulders.


PS: I helped Marvin (Hamlish) cross over and he has a message for you: In the blue reeds, you will find the universal note to create the master piece of your soul. He told me you will know and if you don't, it will come to you all in good time. He also wishes to experience more of your genius in music, and has asked if it pleases the Spirit to channel a piece thru you that's fresh just now.

Whew busy night.


I asked Star to clarify what "blue reeds" Marvin was talking about? He replied this morning that this was a riddle Marvin had left for us to challenge us. Star believed it was some kind of an instrument.

Well to me, this is the Song of My Soul which came to me exactly a year ago (Aug 7, 2011 - you can actually watch in this video the process of creation unfold... I have subsequently made more polished recordings of it).  Maybe the "blue reeds" are the blue waves of the Vltava River which inspired this creation?

And this piece - Gypsies, Liszt and I (July 24, 2011) - is the "Masterpiece of My Soul" (in my humble opinion).  I had actually recorded it a few weeks before the Song of My Soul.  The original download occurred in May 2010. 

We'll see if anything else - new and different - comes down in the next few days and weeks that resembles the "blue reeds."

Opening of Lions Gateway: Quick Summary

HAIKU, Maui, Aug 8, 2012 - WOW! That about sums up what happened this afternoon between 3 and 6 PM Hawaiian time as Star and I facilitated the Opening of the Lions Gateway.  It will take me DAYS (!) to catch my breath and process all of the activations and energies that the Spirit realm sent to the Earth during this session. And it may take weeks for me to fully comprehend the significance of it all. 

For now, suffices to quote Star Rising, my Kumarian brother, who carried out the lion's share of the work by channeling all these masters, gods and goddesses.  At the end of this marathon three-hour session, he said that it was without a doubt the most important work he has ever done in his entire career as a spiritual lightworker and channeller.

I don't doubt it. I felt the same way. The entire God body participated in this activation work. And each Spirit spoke through Star to both of us in his/her authentic voice and accent.  Pele, for example, chanted in Hawaiian. Shakti and Shiva in Sanskrit.  Sphinx-Solar Lion spoke with an Egyptian accent.  Master Buddha with a Chinese accent. Martin Fleischmann with the British. And so on...

Here's just a list of Spirits who took an active role in the various phases of the Lions Gateway opening (in order of appearance):

  • The Sphinx - Solar Lion (the Sphinx's Higher Self)
  • Spirit of Martin Fleischmann (inventor of cold fusion who left his body only five days ago - Aug 3, 2012)
  • Master Sanat Kumara
  • Saint Germaine
  • Goddess Pele
  • Master Kumara + Archangels Michael & Faith, Sinanda (Jesus-Jeshua) - appeared as a group
  • Masters Kumara and Kuthumi worked together
  • Great White Brotherhood and Lemurian Elders worked as a group (it was the first time Lemurian Elders appeared as guides - fascinating!)
  • Master Kuthumi
  • Shakta and Shiva
  • Master Buddha
  • Master Thoth
  • Vishnu (Supreme Soul - Preserver of the Universe)
  • Mary Magdalene
  • The Galactic Federation and Ashtar
  • Sinanda, Djwal Khul, Sai Baba, Archangel Michael, Lord Maitrea, Archangel Metatron, Melchizedek - all appeared together and worked as a group in the "grand finale," with Sinanda (Jesus-Jeshua) speaking on behalf of all the rest. They "uncloaked" Phoenix, the white galactic command ship, 52 miles long, which is part of the God Body above the Blue Star Earth.

    "Look to the sky, and I will show you the Phoenix," Master Sinanda said. His speech was an extremely gentle, humble, loving close of the ceremony.


  • Archangels Michael and Sandalphon also appeared in the Epilogue bringing in a beautiful double rainbow over the Rainbow Shower. Here it is... (later on, it got in bigger and brighter!)

I also received personal instructions from Sphinx-Solar Lion about the three points of light at the Rainbow Shower property. He confirmed all of my intuitions about the holy nature of this place and said I was gifted this property by the Spirit realm to do the work I am doing.

Sphinx also gave me an assignment - which I am to carry out every 22nd day of the month till the end of 2012 - with Star's participation and that of all Stewards of the Earth (or at least as many as are willing to participate). I am to host a chat with the Stewards of the Earth from each of the three points of light. The Spirit realm will open a special portal for us on those days.  Or maybe Sphinx said a gateway.  I am not sure right now... But anyway, you get the idea.

More later. I am too tired now to go on...

Love and blessings to all.

Thank you. Espavo. Gracias. Danke. Grazie. Merci. Spasibo. She-she.  Arigato. Hvala. Sulpaiki. Efharisto...


Chatting with the Sphinx: Three Points of Divine Light at the Rainbow Shower - Three Wells of Wisdom

HAIKU, Maui, Aug 12, 2012 - It's been now four days since the Lions Gateway opening day (Aug 8). And although you may not have heard from me, it's been a period of active discovery. The chat I had with the Sphinx in the last half hour of our three-hour session had unleashed a torrent of intuitions and revelations. 

The Sphinx confirmed that the Rainbow Shower is indeed a Holy Temple, a property with "a great vibration," as the Lion put it.  And the three points of light at the end of the Sphinx Triangle, are the "Portals of information of the Highest High."  This is where I am to come to receive the Truth of the Light. And then to share it with all of you.  That's what the Sphinx has told Star and me.


It turns out the Sphinx Triangle of Light - with each corner being a Portal for Divine Light to enter the property, a Portal at which the wisdom and knowledge of the Universe are available for those who seek enlightenment - was something that I had discerned even before I actually bought this property. I also visualized a triangle very similar to that the Sphinx was talking about on 8-08-12. I just had no idea what it was about. Until now. And now that I do, it was fascinating to overlay my original triangle and the Sphinx Triangle of Light.  You can see from the left shot above how close they are.

These are the shots of the three Portals, the three Points of Light and Wisdom on the Rainbow Shower property. As I have already told you, the Sphinx wants Star and I to broadcast to all of you "willing to lend an ear," as the Sphinx had put it, on every 22nd day of the month for the next five months.  So we'll see what happens...

Meanwhile, here is now the first part of the...

Chatting with the Sphinx; Three Points of Light at Rainbow Shower (PDF file, 14 pages)

This PDF file includes a near transcript of the Sphinx-Solar Lion opening Speech, and my 20-minute chat with him at the end.

Also, since we now know the importance of LISTENING versus reading - i.e., that through the former we receive vibrational codes which do not come across through written word - I have not also posted a full recording of our session.  But a fair warning first, it's nearly three hours long. You may want to wait for individual highlights before diving in.  That's up to you, though.

Voice Recording of Lions Gateway Opening and Activation (MP3 file, 2:58 hrs)

Finally, here are now the...

Highlights of the Lions Gateway Opening and Activation (PDF file, 8 pages)




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