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By Bob Altzar Djurdjevic

03 Jul 2012

An essay on magic of spiritual healing: "When life hands you a lemon, squeeze it and make lemonade"

The Iceman Cometh... Down the Mountain

How a traffic accident on the way to Alpine Shamanic Healing Ceremony led to an idea to move a mountain; As if the miracle of teleporting Llamas from the Andes to the Alps wasn't enough


An essay on magic of spiritual healing: "When life hands you a lemon, squeeze it and make lemonade"

The Iceman Cometh... Down the Mountain

How a traffic accident on the way to Alpine Shamanic Healing Ceremony led to an idea to move a mountain: Otzi the Iceman cometh to your living room



In late February, I was called upon to carry out a dual purpose mission in Europe.  The first part involved a testimony at the War Crimes Tribunal at The Hague in the Netherlands. The second, locate and activate the energetic hotspot in the Alps, and then, with the help of my fellow-Stewards of the Earth from around the world, connect it via Ceke lines to other key global energy vortexes.  The purpose of both missions was to bring about peace and harmony. First among mankind, and second between man and Mother Earth. This story is about the magic that followed that dramatic triple three's day - 3-03-12 - the day of my Alpine mission on Lago di Vernago, under Mount Similaun where Otzi the Iceman's Memorial lies. Its purpose is to encourage the reader to trust in his/her own power of prayer and intention that comes from the heart. Because that's all it took to move the 11,800-ft mountain into a living room.  So make a wish from your heart and watch it come true.

Some Pearls of Wisdom from the Spirit Realm

"It is the vision that takes place before an event itself," said Don Sebastian, a Master Inca Pampamesayok shaman, speaking at the Temple of the Visionary in Pisaq, Peru in July 2008.  He described how he first visualizes things he wants in his life before they occur. 

"My journey is to live that vision through encounters (in life)."

But we "must have a joyous heart," Don Sebastian added. "To make the vision more visible" (to the spirits).  And then Pachamama and the spirits will "hear" us through our hearts.

"If you don't design your own life, one will be appointed to you." (Heather, an Inca Shaman, Sedona, Arizona)

Alpine Healing Ceremony Part 1: Innsbruck-Bolzano (Mar 3)

Alpine Healing Ceremony Part 2: At Lake Vernago (Mar 3)

Alpine Healing Ceremony Part 3: Film (Mar 3) 


As if the miracle of teleporting Llamas from the Andes to the Alps wasn't enough

HAIKU, Maui, July 3, 2012 - Four months ago to the day, I woke up at dawn in Innsbruck, Austria, with a sense of excitement about an upcoming adventure.  My fellow-Stewards of the Earth (SOE) and I have been preparing for this day for weeks. It is on this Saturday  of three three's (numerologically) that I was to locate the energetic hotspot in the Alps. Then, acting like an acupuncture needle or a lightening rod, I was to collect all the loving and healing energies I would receive from my fellow-Stewards that afternoon, and transmit them via Ceke lines to other Alpine mountain and volcano brethren, so as to activate the flow of energy and minimize earthquake and volcano eruptions. 

And how was I to locate that hotspot? By using only my intuition and sensory perceptions. That's what the Spirit guides told me. There were no other instructions.  "You will feel it," I was told.

So when I left Innsbruck heading south toward Bolzano (Bozen in German) in Italy, I felt both excitement and apprehension.  Apprehension, because of the awesome responsibility and uncertainty if I was up to the challenge.  The most crucial part of the entire expedition was locating the right hotspot. The Alps are big.  Man is small.  And I only had a few hours to do it. 

If you click on the three above links, you can read all about what happened that day play-by-play. For the purposes of this story, however, I will focus only on one detail. After my fruitful nontime visit to the South Tyrol Museum of Archeology in Bolzano, Italy, where Otzi the Iceman is housed, I headed in the general direction of the Schnalls Valley. It lies under the 11,800-foot Mount Similaun where Otzi was found. 

As I was approaching city of Meran, I had a minor traffic accident. As I tried to take a picture of a beautiful Alpine scenery, in the split second that I took my eyes off the road, the right side of my car scraped the freeway guardrail.  The impact seemed so negligible that I never even stopped to look at the scratch (right) until I got to Schnalls Valley. It did not seem like a big deal, so I just carried on with my mission.  When I returned the car in Innsbruck the following day, I filled out an accident report, and thought that was it. The maximum it might cost me would be the deposit of $750, I figured.  The car rental company's insurance should cover the rest.

Well, that was not to be. The manager of the Innsbruck car rental agency and I spent about four weeks after my return from Europe going back and forth by email about what happened, how, where, etc. And when we are done, he presented me with a repair bill of nearly $6,000.

Ouch. Gasp. I know. That's how I felt, too. 

I had acknowledged my culpability, but I also asked to see competitive bids because the amount certainly seemed outrageous to me.

The whole experience was starting to look like a nightmare. What made it worse was that all this was happening in the aftermath of my service work which the Spirit realm praised highly (see Final Word from Spirit Realm). It just didn't make sense.

But I tried to keep my calm and look for lessons. I remembered what the Light Beings had taught us - "there are no positive or negative experiences; only lessons." So what lesson was I to derive from what I saw as an attempt by the European rental car company to skin me alive financially?  That's what kept me awake at night in those days.

I asked that question of the Light Beings the first chance I had to talk to them through Earl Backman as a channel next. That was back on April 25.  If you click here, you can read the transcript of that portion of our discussion. Here's the crucial excerpt:

Light Beings: So what is important now... and this is what you were getting, you need to direct your energy away this issue...

Altzar: Yes.

Light Beings: ... to provide balance to this issue, energetically. And that can be a donation, that can be a contribution of some sort, that could be a token from you as a way of appeasing, of providing energetic balance. Instead going toward this particular irritation, you send it elsewhere, and allow that to balance with your energy. And then let go for the time being the issue with this rental car. And let Spirit work with this rental car company energetically, ‘cause you’ve done your part, while at the same time, you’re creating some balance in that area.

Altzar: That resonates with me very well. That sounds perfect... I know. I know exactly what it is [speaking excitedly, like a person discovering something]. I should help the Museum there where Otzi, the Iceman, is. He was found at that mountain.

And so I did. Immediately after that session with the LBs, I contacted Dr. Angelika Fleckinger, director of the Museum, and offered to make a donation of $1,000 to their Archeological Park in the Schnalls Valley, or any other place where they could find it worthwhile.  They were very nice to me at the Museum and I had intended to do something for them anyway.

At the same time, I did distance myself energetically from that Innsbruck rental car situation. So much so that until just now, July 3, four months after the accident and more than two months since my session with the LBs, I have not published anything at all about this segment of our conversation. And even now, I must admit I am a feeling bit apprehensive.  I don't want to jinx anything by going public with it.

Yet I feel my Spirit guides have now given me green light to share this story. Because it may encourage others to trust in their own power of prayer and intention that comes from the heart. And I know I am here in this lifetime to SERVE and EMPOWER OTHERS. So here it goes... with that intention from my heart to yours.

Otzi Memorial Webcam Idea

For two months following my initial offer to make a donation, the Director of the Otzi the Iceman Museum in Bolzano and I exchanged occasional emails about what would be the best way to deploy the money.  But nothing tangible materialized.  Then on June 22, I got this message from Angelika:

dear bob,

i had a meeting with my colleagues from the schnals valley yesterday and we discussed your offer and what’s the best project to realize with the donation. we are thinking of a webcam at the site of the find – to have a connection between the museum in bolzano, the archeoparc and the place where the glacier mummy was discovered. the project will cost probably about 20.000 euro – but your contribution is the first precious step to realize it.


i hope that suites you fine..  please let me know. all the best..angelika





Bob Djurdjevic 
Jun 22 (11 days ago)
to Angelika
Hi, Angelika. I think that's a wonderful idea. I would be honored to be the inaugural donor-sponsor of the Otzi Webcam. 
I will also help you promote it through my five web sites and on Facebook, if you wish. Maybe once it is in place, maybe on a sunny summer day :-) some of of us Stewards of the Earth can participate with you and your staff right up there on Mt Similaun in an opening ceremony?  We have members from all over Europe and the world who, I am sure, would be honored to be a part of it.

You know the old saying: "If the mountain won't come to Mahomet, then Mahomet must go to the mountain."  No longer. When this is done,  we can move mountains.  And not only
 can we move them, we can bring Mt Similaun into everyone's living room or office - snow, rain or shine.  

I think that's really exciting.  At tomorrow's Stargate Opening ceremony, I will say a special prayer of gratitude to the Spirit realm for your and your staff's inspiration in coming up with this idea.
So how do you want me to send you that initial $1,000? By a check on my US bank account, or do you have an online system (like Paypal) through which I can donate?  
If you don't, I think that would be an absolute must for our "Otzi Webcam" project as it would allow potential donors from around the world to participate.  What do you think?
Love and blessings to you and all your staff. 
Bob Altzar


I was overjoyed. My heart wanted to jump out when I saw Angelika's message.  Right after I had replied to her, I called Elizabeth (who was still in Arizona) to share with her the good news from the Alps.  It was a classic case of "if life hands you a lemon, squeeze it and made lemonade."

Then I went down to the gulch and did a special ceremony of gratitude to the Spirit for what just transpired.  A seemingly bad situation was turned around into an inspiration for a project that will Otzi the Iceman from his 11,800-foot Mount Similaun Memorial into everyone's living room. 

And I never heard from that Innsbruck car rental company again, either. So the Sprit evidently did their magic on them as well.

THAT WAS MY LESSON!  The power of prayer and positive intention can move mountains if it comes from the heart.  And now I have an obligation to share it with you, too.

* * *

Fast-forward to June 28, St Vitus Day. I woke up after an unusual dream. Here are the notes from my Dream Journal:

I had a dream in which I was with a group of men surveying some resort as a possible convention site. At one point, I am walking on the lawn across the venue. A dog starts running toward me wagging his tail in a friendly fashion. He licks my leg and barks happily. I bend down to give him a pat. After that, the dog runs away barking happily. As he does that, his hair sprouts flowers of beautiful rainbow colors. The dog is looking like a small running Rainbow Shower tree.

A passerby, another man, nods approvingly and smiles. "Wonderful," he says.

The dream came accompanied with music I have never played before.  Later in the day, I made this recording of it: Jamming with Pachelbel along with this Introduction to St Vitus Day about the historical significance of June 28.

When I came to my office to write my Dream Journal notes, I saw this message from Angelika, the Bolzano Museum Director:

dear bob,

thank you very much! you can certainly send us a check – I’m sorry, but we don’t have paypal system.

i will keep you informed about the project.. all the best!



Dr. Angelika Fleckinger


Südtiroler Archäologiemuseum (South Tyrol Archeological Museum)

Museumstraße 43

I-39100 Bozen


I waited till today, 7-03-12, exactly four months to the day since that fateful triple three's March day, to mail my donation to the Museum.  And now that I have, I also have an announcement to make to all of you - my fellow-SOEs, friends and family:

If any of you feel sufficiently inspired by this story and the lesson it is intended to teach us to want to make a donation of your own to the Otzi the Iceman Memorial Webcam cause, I will match it.

So don't be shy. No amount is too small or too large until the Angelika and her Museum staff reach the goal of 20,000 euros (about $25,000) needed to fund the installation of a webcam at such an elevation.  You have the address above to which to send your contribution. Just mark on your check that it is for "Otzi the Iceman Memorial Webcam project." (you can see the photo of the Memorial on the right).

And then let me know so I can send the matching amount.  And spread the word around among your friends that "The Iceman Cometh" down from Mount Similaun.

Thank you. Espavo. Gracias. Danke. Grazie. Merci. Spasibo. She-she.  Arigato. Hvala. Sulpaiki. Efharisto...


Bob Altzar Djurdjevic is a writer, musician, shaman and consultant based in Haiku, Maui, Hawaii.  You can learn more about his work and other columns at (environment); (arts & spirituality),  (geopolitical), (personal) and (business).


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