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By Bob Altzar Djurdjevic

06 Sep 2012

Updated June 26, 2012 - On evolution of planet, land, sacred site, oneself...

Omnia Mutantur! (Everything Changes)

Three-year evolutionary journey anchored in Mother Earth, guided by Spirit, Part 1 - Evolution of Rainbow Shower


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 On evolution of planet, land, sacred site, oneself...

Omnia Mutantur! (Everything Changes)

Three-year evolutionary journey anchored in Mother Earth, guided by Spirit, preparing for cosmic events of May 20, June 4-6


Part 1: Evolution of Rainbow Shower




This story is just a checkpoint on an evolutionary journey that started millions of years ago. It focuses on the last three years - 2009-2012. That's when the fastest and the most extraordinary changes took place. The thing is, changes happen all the time. But we only evolve with them if we notice them and pass on the gift of change to others so they can also benefit from it. Which is the reason the Spirit kicked my butt out of bed and into the office this morning after only four-hours of sleep.

HAIKU, Maui, May 18, 2012 - I was awakened this morning by the Spirit after only four hours of sleep, with two Latin words and a clear mandate to write a story about them: Omnia mutantur ("everything changes"). "And we change with it," I whispered almost unwittingly.

That is actually the full Latin quote as I have since found out [Omnia mutantur nos et mutamur in illis ("everything changes, and we change with them")].

Yes, everything changes and it always has. But transformation has been accelerating lately. It's like being on a treadmill that's moving faster and faster all the time. Can we keep up? Of course, we can keep up.  What choice do we have? Fall over? So might as well thrive on an exhilarating ride. 

The reason one gets a feeling that things are revving up is that we are approaching three critical cosmic events of the first half of 2012: The solar eclipse on May 20, the lunar eclipse on June 4, and the Venus transit on June 6. And I have a sense that the Spirit has wanted me to finish these stories before May 20, so we can all benefit from the lessons of evolution - evolution of the planet, evolution of land, evolution of sacred sites, evolution of oneself, meaning of our soul.

All of this adds up to evolution of knowledge and wisdom, growing awareness of who we are, why we are here, and what we are to do.

I have already share with you the "big picture" changes, the evolution of my understanding of the origins of this planet, of the ley lines and of how we can use Ceke lines to understand and affect seismic and other planetary energetic events. If you have not seen these stories, I suggest you peruse them before we go on with this one:

Evolution of Rainbow Shower

This story is about the evolution of the Rainbow Shower, the name of our property here on Maui, and the sacred site in the middle of it, which I call Anahata-Huaca-Ahu, or AHA for short.  In March of 2009, 90% of the Rainbow Shower was impassable jungle.  Now, 90% of it is a Garden of Eden with the AHA at its heart center.  Every time I do ceremony there, the heart pulsates and, with the help of the Spirit realm, sends healing energies along the Ceke lines to various key vortexes around the world. 

Back in Feb 2010, while waking up from a dream in Puno on Lake Titicaca in Peru, I had a vision of the Rainbow Shower as a vortex with eight nodes of a celestial network connected to its heart center, the AHA, transceiving the energy to and from the Celestial realm and Gaia-Pachamama all the time.


When Elizabeth and I returned home, it took about five months to construct the that comprise the physical network of three-dimensional Chakana-Apuchetas I saw in my dream or semi-awareness in Puno.  You can see above the original Feb 2010 Google Earth satellite shot of the Rainbow Shower property with the eight nodes marked on it. Each node represents an energetic connection to a particular planet and the Andean mountain spirit (also see Living a Dream: Celestial Chakanas-Apuchetas, Hawaiian Mesa, Sacred Trails... Come Together on May Day - 5-02-2010). 

But the above was just a drawing, a blueprint, an idea "put on paper."  Constructing the physical 3D Chakana-Apuchetas, like the one shown above, with eight nodes so that the micro ceke lines that connect them with each other pass exactly through the heart center, the AHA, was a different story. It turned out to be quite a challenge on a hilly, jungle-like gulch of the Rainbow Shower gulch. In some instances, I had Elizabeth standing in the center of the AHA, and holding helium balloons so help me line up the exact locations.

So I could only trust and hope that we did it right in the end but could not be 100% sure.  We got the proof last week, when Google Earth finally updated the satellite picture of the Rainbow Shower.  And there it is - the image on the far right above - proof that the Rainbow Shower 3d Chakana-Apucheta celestial network is perfectly aligned, with the AHA at its heart center. And then some other revelations started to gush out...

First, the shape of the network resembles a star (left). The Blue Star Earth, my intuition told me. Second, not only did the "local area network" connections emanate from the AHA, but so do the many Ceke lines described in previous stories (middle shot). Next, take a look at that center shot on which the boundaries of the Rainbow Shower property are marked in blue.  The AHA is smack in the heart center of what looks like an animal shape.  Which one or which ones?  Here are the images that started to unravel in my own mind...


The animal looks like a cat. A big cat. A lion. In fact, not just any old lion: The Sphinx, the guardian of the Giza pyramids in Egypt. And it is facing east, just like the Sphinx in Egypt.



Wait a minute... if you look at that Rainbow Shower property shape from a different angle, toward the west, it looks like a bird, doesn't it? And not just any bird. A Dove. Whose head is spiritually anchored in the Giza pyramid. Or a Hummingbird, a sacred animal in the Inca shamanic cosmology which has been my guide since the start of my ascension journey. 

As I was looking again at the Google Earth picture of the Rainbow Shower today, June 26, I suddenly noticed a new shape - that of a Swan. So there is now quite a collection of sacred birds gathered here in Maui.


And then, if you look at the markings on the ground of the Rainbow Shower along the "lion's back" (middle), you see a Dolphin, another sacred animal which guided me to Maui back in 2008 (see "Maui Calling: Unraveling Mystery of #21," Jan 2009).  It showed up in the sky above my home in Arizona after I had asked the Spirit for guidance (right shot). And it also welcomed me to the Rainbow Shower upon my arrival there in March 2009.

Furthermore, right after I discovered the Swan on June 26, I also saw a Baby Dolphin swimming right under his mother.  And the Rainbow Shower's AHA is right in the Baby Dolphin's heart, just it was in the Sphinx's heart.


I even had dolphins in my room at the "Dolphin Studio," the rental apartment I had on Maui while waiting for my property to close.  It was the first and the only property I looked at on the internet. And it was within about two miles from the Rainbow Shower.

Finally, during my Cosmic Trigger Activation session with Star Rising on 3-28-12, Two Golden Dolphins showed up right after Poseidon had gifted me a drop of "creation water" which will allow me to work with new free form of energy - the Love energy. Here's an excerpt of what the two Golden Dolphins said:


  • Star asks if there is anyone else there who wishes to speak.  There are two Golden Dolphins. They come from the 12th Dimension. One is named SIRANITE. The other one is named ADOLPHIS. They both will help guide me past 2015, Star says, so that I can “reconnect the 12th Dimension to the human vibrations as it is known.”

  • “You will help bring in the 12-dimensional frequencies that allow the human body to develop into light... to go from carbon to ether.”

  • “They will guide to transform not only your own body, but also help others,” Star says.

  • “They will be coming to you, and will show up as Turtles, as Dolphins and as Whales. Look for them, and look for their messages.  They have much to teach you.”

Sacred Animals at a Sacred Site

Clearly, the presence of all these sacred animals at the Rainbow Shower is evidence of the Spirit guidance that was available for all to see. But we only see when our consciousness is opened by the Spirit to such discoveries. In other words, when we ALLOW us to RECEIVE such guidance. Which is why it has taken millions of years for me to arrive at the Rainbow Shower, and three years to evolve with it to this point in time.

"So that's how the pyramids were built," my landscaper Keith said gazing over the Rainbow Shower landscape in the fall of 2009.  We had just cleared the jungle and build the roads and the first sacred site, the AHA. Most of the "heavy lifting" was done.  The shape of the "new" Rainbow Shower was emerging from the jungle.

"What do you mean?" I said. I did not see the connection to the pyramids.

"The pyramids were built in the middle of a desert by men of vision," Keith explained. "When I first saw the jungle on your property, I thought you were crazy. But you are the boss.  And you pay me.  So I didn't say nothing.  But you saw things here that nobody else could. And now everybody can also see it."

I smiled. The simplicity of this comment by a simple gardener stunned me.  For, it masked the inherent wisdom that we all carry. Who would have expected this Orange County, CA-born and bread former surfer and rally bike racer to utter words that carried such profound message? He saw the big picture of what I was being guided to do at the Rainbow Shower before I ever realized it. And then he taught me a lesson about vision and gnosis. The knowing without knowing why or how.

Here's a video that tells the story of that transformation, along with a photo album at the end...

Evolution of Rainbow Shower 2009-2012 (May 18, 2012)



March 2009



With that, you can START preparing for your own ascension journey, perhaps as soon as May 20 (START - Surrender, Trust, Allow, Receive, Transmit).