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By Bob Altzar Djurdjevic

09 May 2012

May 9, 2012 - End of a 12,000-year journey

Atlantis Mystery: Solved!

Music, Mayan legends, Light Beings confirm intuitions, visions



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End of a 12,000-year journey

Atlantis Mystery: Solved!

Music, Mayan legends, Light Beings confirm intuitions, visions




In order to fully appreciate this extraordinary audio-visual story, one needs to be familiar with how I got to be a shaman, a "seer" without knowing why. And to do that, you should peruse Altzar's Journey to Shamanism. The second thing one needs to have is an Open Mind. Only then can you benefit from the Lessons of Atlantis this story and the accompanying videos offer.

HAIKU, Maui, May 9, 2012 - The mystery of Atlantis has been one of the most controversial subjects in human history. Various experts had it placed on all seven continents, and some even in the middle of the Pacific (see Atlantis and Lemuria). There is a school of thought that holds that Atlantis never existed; that the whole thing is a myth which Plato, a Greek philosopher from 5th-4th century BC, invented to make a larger philosophical point.

My own 12,000-year journey back to Atlantis and the ancient history of this planet ended two days ago.  On May 7, the Light Beings confirmed my intuition about the location of Atlantis, the Lost Continent.  Originally, it came to me through music and dance on Apr 28 (see Moliendo Cafe Shines Way to Atlantis).  And the correct answer is: Atlantis was located indeed near the Azores, an archipelago of nine volcanic islands about 900 miles west of Portugal (left map). 

When I first asked the Light Beings about it, they replied that this was "a discovery question." Meaning, I had to figure it out on my own.  They added that they knew the answer but were now allowed to tell me that. So the following day, I asked my Spirit guides during meditation to help me find it.  They did it in a very intricate way, through dreamtime and music. All I had to do is follow and trust my intuition (see Moliendo Cafe Shines Way to Atlantis, Apr 28).

Three days later, Jelena, a fellow-Steward of the Earth, send me an extraordinary 35-minute video featuring the Mayan Elder Don Alejandro of Guatemala. I can't remember the last time I watched a video that long, but when I started, I just could not turn it off. By the time it ended, I realized why. It was another clue for me from the Spirit realm.  Because Don Alejandro's retelling of ancient Mayan legends was another confirmation of both my intuition about Atlantis, and the stories I had heard in my home state of Arizona from the Hopi Elders - about the "ant people" seeking refuge from a great flood in underground caverns. But this was the first time I have seen a firsthand account of these stories on camera.

I tried to get permission of, who emailed the video link, to use excerpts from it.  But they said they did not know who had made it and that they thought it was in public domain. So I trust and pray that it was also okay for me to use some of Don Alejandro's quotes in the two short films that are a part of this story.

A part of the appeal of Don Alejandro's story was that staff you can see in the above shots. It is over 2,000 years old. And it depicts the image of the feathered serpent known as Kukulcan in Mayan cosmology, or Quetzalcoatl in Aztec terminology (right). In an interview which preceded his pilgrimage to the Temple of the Sun in Tijuanaco, Bolivia, Don Alejandro explains the mythical powers of this Mayan deity , and how it originated from Atlantis.

My fascination with Atlantis in this lifetime actually started in Montenegro on Sunday, May 11, 2008.

That's when I had my first ever "real" meditation, sitting on a stone ledge in a cemetery above the 15th century Praskvica monastery, high above the Adriatic Sea (above pictures).  Here's an excerpt from that story I wrote about it (see Montenegro Mountain Ceremony):

I walked up to the old cemetery above the monastery.  After strolling around for a bit, I decided to go up to its highest point, intending to take in some more gorgeous vistas from up there.  I got a lot more than just earthly views.  As I sat down on a stone ledge, something moved me to start meditating.

I have not done much of that since the flight from Paris to Belgrade.  Back home, ever since I started meditating on Apr 12 as a way of balancing the left and the right brains, I had been doing it nearly every night in the spa.  I know this may sound weird, but that’s the quietest time of day for me.  I have been using the spa for decades as a way of relaxing before going to sleep.  Now I’ve just added meditation to it.

After I thanked A-K etc. and the Spirit for a wonderful mountain experience, I started doing the shamanic Second Attention and Second Awareness exercises.  When I’ve done it in the past, nothing much would happen.  So it was kind of disappointing.  This time, however, as I sat on the ledge with my eyes closed in a yoga prayer position (left… recorded later), I began to see unusual images.

First, there was a close up of an eye and then, both eyes and a nose.  They looked as if they were mine.  Then images started to change.  For a while, they seemed like a kaleidoscope show that I remember experiencing as a kid.  Then outlines of golden reliefs began to form, like stone carvings in a wall.  They were quite beautiful.  The images kept coming in and out of focus, shimmering as if I were looking at them through water. 

Then it dawned on me… what if this were Atlantis, the lost continent, and its famed Golden City?  The realization that I may have been there once sent shivers down my spine.  My eyes started to water… a tell-tale sign of an active presence of Spirit inside of me.  Furthermore, the experience was very enjoyable.  I did not want the movie to end.  And when I was interrupted by external noises, I was able to return right back to it. 

For the first time, I knew what real meditation is.  It is like dreaming while awake. 

Then the movie changed.  Now I am seeing again kaleidoscope-type images - a black hole changing shape and turning into a bright purple light that that pulsates and then explodes brilliantly into thousands of little rays, before dissolving into a different color and shape.  At one stage, the shape was that of a heart and its color was red. It was a spectacular light show, like celestial fireworks.  I felt enchanted.  I wanted the show to go on. Finally, it faded away.

As it did, a face of a woman emerged.  It was not clearly outlined.  But she did have dark hair a gentle, almost angelic expression. [a little over a month later, I met Elizabeth, my  wife in Atlantis and many other lifetimes]  

I raised my arms to the sky in a V-shape (right photo, done afterward) as I usually do to end my meditation with words of thanks and Love & Light sign-off to A-K/St. George et. al. and the Spirit.  I do it because I hope that a funnel that's created will channel the celestial light energy to my crown chakra.  I don't know if it ever did.  I just thought I'd do it.  This time, however, as I raised my arms, I could actually streams of white light descending toward me through the funnel.  Keep in mind, that my eyes were closed the whole time.  The result was an incredible feeling of bliss and joy.

I did it again, and the same thing happened.  Amazing.  Finally, I got up from the ledge, took those two pictures so you could have a visual context of where and how it all happened, and then headed back down the hill.  Altogether, my meditation session at the cemetery lasted probably about half an hour, the longest yet.

That's how this (re)discovery journey 12,000 years back to Atlantis began four years ago almost to the day.  Then in early 2009, Chandra, a multidimensional being, told me she was my wife in Atlantis. Not long ago, she also confirmed my intuition that she is a split of Elizabeth's soul, and that she was the High Priestess of Atlantis at the same time I was the High Priest there.  Chandra also confirmed that we both survived the cataclysm.  And I had already intuited earlier that afterward, we ended up in Egypt, helping lay the foundations of that ancient civilization.  Others sailed westward and landed on Yucatan peninsula.

Great pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx (two left shots); Chichen Itza pyramid, Tulum on Yucatan peninsula (three right shots)

Fast-forwarding to yesterday, May 8.  I woke up primed and ready to share that story with the world. And I knew I had to do it by film as well as written word.  So I asked the Spirit to help me.  And here's what happened:

I drew this card as I asked the Spirit's help to make the movie about Atlantis, using the Mayan legends told by Don Alejandro. Pele showed up this morning in the form of the Passion card. Her message:

"I create through Passion," she said. "And so do you. So go create."

"With each eruption, with each destruction on our road to perfection we create new forms of Divine expression. It's like an artist painting a new scene over an old canvas."

That's the line Pele just gave me.

And these are the two films that I did create with passion and heightened awareness that "with each destruction, we create new forms of expression."  Which is what also happened with Atlantis. There are some important lessons for us that these films contain.  I have also summarized them below.  For, we find ourselves at similar crossroads in human evolution in 2012.

Atlantis Mystery: Solved! (Part 1 of 2)


Mayan Legends & Atlantis - Part 2 of 2



relayed through words of our Spirit guides and teachers

My Apr 25 discussion with the Light Beings also brought up recollection of a related comments on Atlantis that I had received from two other Spirit guides:

On Atlantis, (Ab)Use of Technology...

"Humanity at the time of Atlantis was a little more advanced than we are today. Through misuse of technology, they ruptured the partnership between the Devic-Angelic Kingdoms and the human beings." (Master Hilarion, Oct 15, 2011, Inch, Ireland)

My own clarification:  What I do know from another source - Apu Huascaran - my key benefactor Andean Apu (mountain spirit guide) - is that the Atlanteans were tinkering with technology trying to create perpetual spring (weather, not an object). Something went wrong and the whole continent disappeared in four days.

"Humanity is again at the same point. How to use technology is key. Survival of the human race is at stake. We are looking forward to spiritual maturity." (Master Hilarion, Oct 15, 2011, Inch, Ireland).

I find the comments about the use and abuse of TECHNOLOGY is particularly poignant. And that we are at the crossroads now (think of fracking, for example, as another example of "rupturing the partnership between the Devic and Angelic kingdoms").  As Stewards of the Earth, we ARE the link between the two - elementals and spirit realms. That is why the Light Beings are saying that what we are doing is of "critical importance."  Nothing less than survival of the civilization is at stake.

Here's also what Master Hilarion said last October (10-15-11) about working in groups in the coming Aquarius Era:

  • Your work (as a group?) has to do a lot with that (survival of the human race).

  • In the Age of Aquarius, we will be working in groups of people, not as individuals, such as in the Age of Pisces.  [emphasis added]

  • We are hoping that this group of people is one we could work with

  • There will be chaos during the transition from the Age of Pisces (individualism) to the Age of Aquarius (groups).

Two months later (12-26-11), the Light Beings echoed similar sentiments when they talked about what we can expect during 2012:

  • It is the time to engage others, in community action.  This is not a time for independent action.  Build consensus.  Build community.  Evolve together.

  • There is a great deal of concern in the Spiritual realm that those of you who are committed to help humanity find reasons not to step forward.

  • The price of not moving forward is not one that enlightened beings want to pay.

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