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12-21-12 Initiation: Final 100-yard Dash of a 5-Year Marathon; Is It Possible to Ascend to Mastery While Still in Body?


"You walked up the mountain a man, you came down the mountain a Master"



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12-21-12 Initiation: 26 minutes that changed my life forever; Is It Possible to Ascend to Mastery while Still in Body?


"You walked up the mountain a man, you came down the mountain a Master"


Is it possible to ascend to Mastery while still in a body? Up until 12-21-12, I would have said "no."  Now, I'll just share the story of what happened on Amantani Island on Lake Titicaca that magical morning and let you draw your own conclusions.

Creating this multimedia story about a multidimensional event has been probably one of the most challenging projects I have ever done. It took five 18-hour days of concentrated effort. The story includes seven films which are comprised of over 40 video clips and countless still shots. 

I started the piece on my three long flights home from Peru on Christmas Day. I finished it at home on Dec 29. All through the project, I took extreme care to ensure that every important memory, every significant emotion, every powerful sound was reproduced as accurately as possible. At first, I thought I was doing it for posterity, to preserve a record of an extraordinary event - ascension - for all who were not there to witness it. Sort of like creating an artifact for a museum. In fact, I have been guided to preserve all the clothes I wore on 12-21-12 just for that purpose.

But now I understand that there is more to it than that. When you read this story and watch the videos, YOU will be also receiving celestial transmissions at a higher vibration. That's why it is important for YOU to prepare for it properly, just like my Spirit guides had prepared me.  So open up your chakras, cleanse yourself, be at a quiet place, just like what you do when you meditate. Then dig in. Slowly. Deliberately. FEELING your way through the story.

That's so that, when you watch "Feature Presentation" or "Coming Down from On High" videos, for example, they don't end up as a shock to your system.

Just like athletes know to warm up first before putting maximum stress on their heart and lungs, and then also warm down after the performance is over, so should you warm up - ascend - and then calm down after perusing this piece. With that as a preamble - enjoy!

HAIKU, Maui, Dec 26, 2012 - On 12-21-12, the Earth ascended to the fifth dimension. Which means all sentient and inanimate beings on Gaia-Pachamama ascended along with her. That includes you and I.

At the same time, however, there was another initiation and ascension.  I, ALTZAR, also ascended to a new level in the Spirit hierarchy. In a fascinating and very emotional celestial ceremony that took place between 5:58 am and 6:24 am on 12-21-12 on top of the highest island in the world in the highest navigable lake on the planet, I was initiated into an Ascended Master by the Spirit realm.

"You walked up the mountain a man, you came down the mountain a Master," my Spirit guides and teachers told me as I was descending from the Pachatata Temple on Amantani Island in Lake Titicaca around 8:30 am, three hours after climbing it.

Master Altzar. A very humbling notion. I can't believe it.  I am still amazed. It will take some time to get used to the idea. 

It's kind of like... all your life you thought you were a duck. You looked like a duck, swam like a duck, quacked like a duck... And now someone suddenly tells you you are really a hummingbird. In my heart, I now know that "they" are right. I am really a hummingbird in Spirit. But I still don't feel comfortable talking about it in public.  I have not even told my wife yet all that happened.  This story is my first effort to lift the veil.

I did not expect any of this. The entire 12-21-12 initiation was a total surprise to me. I thought I would be doing a healing ceremony on behalf of the Stewards of the Earth, as I had been doing all over the world throughout 2012. In fact, I had even jotted down the day before on a piece of paper some of the things I thought I should be doing (right). But my Spirit guides had a different idea. They scrapped my ceremony plans and staged one of their own. All I could do is Surrender, Trust and Allow myself to Receive their gifts and blessings in awe of the Divine power, grace and beauty (S.T.A.R. - Nina Brown's acronym of the Golden Dolphins of Sirius B).


Let's start with these two introductory videos about the morning of 12-21-12.  I made them in Lima, Peru on Dec 22 and Dec 24 respectively:

12-21-12 Magical Morning on Amantani Island (recorded on Dec 22)




12-21-12 Initiation & Ascension Introduction (recorded on Dec 24)



Also, here's a musical tribute video to 12-21-12 that I made before leaving home:

Mozart Concerto #21: Music of Rainbows - Tribute to 12-21-12 (Dec 6)

And now, let's go back to Amantani Island and the morning of 12-21-12...

New Chohan of 1st Blue Ray of Love, Will and Grace

During the 12-21-12 initiation ceremony, the Spirit Realm also confirmed me as the new Chohan of the new 1st Blue Ray of Love, Will and Grace. On the old Earth, Master El Morya had held that position.

I had no idea beforehand about that, either. Yet, I wore a blue jacket, a blue shirt and blue socks,. I had a blue-white-and-red bandana with a triangle - a symbol for ALTZAR - on my forehead (right). I had not planned that, either. I just happen to fold my bandana that way that day.

See how our Spirit guides work their magic? It was only later that evening that I received an email from a friend of mine in the Netherlands. It contained comments by Archangel Michael about preparing for 12-21-12. He is one of my most active guides whom I associate the most with my gifts of music. Anyway, here's what Archangel Michael counseled about the color blue:

"...Bathe yourself in blue, and it is starting today, and it is through the end of the year. Simply feel that you are bathed, the air around you, your clothing — which is not a problem — but even the water, when you take a bath, that you are literally being bathed and caressed in my blue.

This is also the energy not only of communication but of calm and of change. So you are bringing that energy through on our platform, in your personal relationships, in your partnership. So stay in the blue."

I had. Before I ever saw this comment.  And I also did more than that. Remember that old wedding rhyme:

Something old, something new

Something borrowed, something blue

Thanks to my lost luggage, which the Spirits took away so I could travel light, I had to buy some clothes in Cusco. So my blue shirt and blue socks were new. I borrowed the backpack. And I wore my old blue jacket and old shoes.  So I was all dressed up for a wedding. :-) I got an initiation and ascension instead.

My Spirit guides and teachers explained to me during the descent from Pachatata Temple on 12-21-12 that they picked Amantani Island for me to be my etheric retreat and my earthly residence as the 1st Ray Chohan when I leave the body for a reason. Amantani is the highest island in the world. Lake Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world.  It is also a "Pacarina" - a place of emergence.  According to Inca legends, Father Sun dropped a tear and when it fell on Planet Earth, it created Lake Titicaca. This is where all life on Earth began, they believed. So it is fitting that my Spirit guides would bring me to this place for a rebirth into a higher dimension. It all makes perfect sense now.

Pre-Initiation Cleansing

The same thing happened with cleansing. While guiding me away from a planned Ayahuasca ceremony in Quillabamba (see the map) - left), my Spirit guides administered one of their own. On Dec 18, I got severe diarrhea. There was no earthly reason for it that I can figure out. I ate a normal breakfast. And I almost never get upset stomach. So I concluded immediately that it was the Spirit's way of purging me so I can be pure and clean for the 12-21-12 ceremony.

Furthermore, on Dec 19, I received additional guidance at the Ajuya Marka Temple on Lake Titicaca (right - a pre-Inca site) that I am to have no food for three days until 12-21-12. And so I did. I abstained from anything but lots of fluids.

After I had told my friends in the group I was traveling with that I would not be eating for three days, two of them - Barbara and Serge - university professors from Boston, sent me a link to this message from the Sirian High Council (click here - to read the full message):

"You will need to take no food from the reading of this missive (Dec 18-19) until the violet hour (ALTZAR: Solstice 12-21-12), you will have removed excess electromagnetic interference from your home, your body, your environments. You will be particularly facilitated if all electronic devices are completely unplugged, batteries detached, the home environmental wave frequencies deactivated.


Let animals surround you with their extraordinary sensitivities – you will find many are refusing food in this time of transition. They are attuned to the galactic forces, far more than many of you because they are in their feeling, intuitive bodies at all times, where many human beings are in their mental bodies and have trouble escaping them. They are aware.”

[ALTZAR: Guess I must be also like an animal, thanks to my Guides and Teachers. I sensed all that first on my own, then read it on this web page. Plus I come from Sirius B. Which is my home star.  So I must be also tuned in telepathically to the Sirian High Council).

“Your digestive system must be clear and unencumbered with the laborious process of that process – digestion – and ideally no dead substances in the body being processed. Drink water, elevated energetically through your prayers, thoughts and imprinting, so that your electromagnetic biological unit is at its most conductive energetically."

Archangel Michael offered a similar counsel:

Now, in the days that you are preparing for this, you are also allowing your grid to become lighter, more ignited, more connected, more united with everything. Eat very light that day. I do not mean don’t eat, but simply eat in ways that are not challenging to your physical body, to your digestion. Green is always the color of choice, because it is of the (divine) Love.

When I returned from my sunset ceremony on 12-20-12 at the Pachamama Temple, I was heppy to hear that quite a few of our small group also decided to abstain from the dinner that night. Guess they must have also read the Sirian Council message.

12-21-12: Big Event for Planet Earth; Huge for Me

26 minutes that changed my life forever

What happened right after the sunrise on 12-21-12 was a BIG cosmic event for all inhabitants of Mother Earth. For me personally, it was HUGE. The 26 minutes that passed between 5:58 and 6:24 AM were the most important 26 minutes of my life.

The Spirit entered me around 5:38 AM while I was walking around the Pachamama Temple. Then with about 15 minutes to go before the Solstice and the Shift, a experienced a lift-off. I felt as if I was leaving my body. Standing and facing the rising sun with my eyes closed, I was watching a parade of images and deities the Spirit realm was putting on for me.  Father Sun was presiding.  Archangel Michael was assisting. So were Masters Buddha, Saint Germaine, Paul the Venetian, Goddess Pele, Golden Dolphins of Sirius B and other celestial deities.

All five elements were involved. And I merged with all of them during my journey.

My heart was racing. Tears were flowing down my cheeks most of the time before, during and after the initiation.  Even as a writer, musician and filmmaker, I am not sure that any media interpretation of what happened could really do it justice. But I will try. I will use multimedia tools to portray a multidimensional event and travel through multiple dimensions that engaged and stretched all human senses.

All the while, I was filled with an incredible sense of calm and bliss. And power. But not the physical power that comes from one's musculature.  The Power that comes from the gentle Love in one's heart. I felt a constant urge to smile, even while tearing up.

This is how Archangel Michael described what was about to happen and how it would feel:

Feel and see, visualize — it does not matter; it will come — that the beam of white light directly from the heart of the Mother/Father/One is coming down right through the central sun, down through your crown, right through your body, exploding in your heart and opening your true heart awareness.


And now, here's my multimedia effort to portray a multidimensional event that occurred during the 26 minutes that changed my life forever. Not just my earthly one; my etheric life as well. But let's go back first to that amazing sunset the night before - 12-20-12. I feel that's where my 100-yard dash of a five-year marathon began.



Last Sunset of Pisces Era at Pachamama Temple (12-20-12)

What happened on Amantani Island was just the last 100-yard dash of a five-year marathon.  And the week I spent in Peru doing ceremonies in Cusco, Vilcabamba, Huayna Picchu and on Lake Titicaca was just a warm up to the grand finale.

They were was also a test. The Spirit realm were throwing curve balls at me to see how discerning I am and how well I am able and willing to tune into their sophisticated non-verbal signs.  That's also what the Light Beings said to me in their Dec 24 message.

Over time, through various videos, pictures and stories, I will share with you all that happened leading up to that magical morning of 12-21-12. For now, I just want to focus on Amantani Island.

We arrived there by boat in late afternoon of Dec 20 after a two-hour boat ride from Puno, with a  brief visit to the floating Uros islands in between.  The map of Lake Titicaca (right) will give you an idea how huge this lake is. The two-hour boat ride traversed only a tiny portion of the lake.

Amantani island has no hotels or hostels. Upon arrival, we were put up in a private home. The island's 5,000 inhabitants live a simple life. Electricity is available but scarce. There are no cars. Which made me wonder how all those brick and mortar and concrete homes were built without the use of mechanized transport. Somehow, they did it.

Anyway, after we checked in, I was compelled to climb the mountain and do a sunset ceremony. I asked my compadres if anyone wanted to join me. No takers. So  I set off alone.

I was soon joined by three local boys (right). We walked and "talked" together for a while. One played his flute. I saved mine for later as I was also saving my breath going up a steep hill.

About half way to the top (actually I see now from the above maps, that was only about a third of the way up), there was a Y-type branch in the stone path. The right branch led to Pachamama Temple (feminine, shape of a circle). The left one snaked its way up the hill to Pachatata Temple (masculine, square-shaped). I took the right turn. I don't know why. I just did. Later, I found out from Mallku, our Peruvian guide, that he and most of the tourists were on the other hill - watching the sunset at the Pachatata Temple.

When I reached the Pachamama Temple, I looked at my altimeter: 13,600 ft. I was at the highest point of the highest island of the highest lake in the world. But my attention was focused on something else - the setting sun. It looked as if I had made it there just in time. A big cloud covering the western horizon threatened to make this an early sunset. Indeed, within about 15 mins or so of my reaching the summit, the sun did disappear behind that cloud.


The light was teaming with celestial deities... Violet - for Saint Germaine, Green - for Paul the Venetian, Blue - for Archangel Michael, Pink - for Sanat Kumara, etc. Take a closer look at that far right photo. Notice Father Sun's golden rays shining right through my heart? Also see a lei-necklace of Green pearls around my neck. Green is the color of the Heart Chakra and Love. That was Paul the Venetian who put it on me.  He was my mother in a lifetime in Egypt at a time of Jeshua-Jesus.

Perfect Strangers Become Instant Brothers

I noticed a man sitting on a rock in the distance. He and I were the only humans at the Pachamama Temple. But I had my work to do so I paid no attention to him at first.

After I did my ceremony and played Pachelbel and Beethoven's "Ode de Joy" on my flute in closing, I walked over to the man to say "hi." Turns out it was Claude, a Frenchman who now lives in Peru. He joined our group only this morning solely for the purpose of coming to Amantani Island with us.  

Claude does not speak English. Well, maybe a few words. I do not speak French. Well, maybe a few words. But that did not stop us from making an instant heart connection. We hugged and "talked" as best as we could.

Then I got an idea. "Claude, let me do an interview with you. You just speak in French about what you're feeling right now, and I will record it."

What followed was a delightful exchange, very fitting for Beethoven's "Ode de Joy" music I was guided to play on my flute for this occasion. You will see in these scenes two grown men expressing their joy of life like two little boys - unrestrained, free, drunk on beauty of the place and the moment.

Amantani Island: Last Sunset of Pisces Era (12-20-12)

Claude spoke from the heart and beautifully about why he came here at this auspicious moment for the last sunset of the Pisces era.

For those of you who do not speak French, here's the gist of what Claude said on camera (courtesy of my friend Pierre Hessler from Paris who helped me out with this translation):

- I (Claude) came to celebrate the "solstice" (i.e. December 21st change of season)
- I came to feel the energy penetrate his whole being
- I came to ask for the end of everything wrong, in favor of love and peace (the latter on my prompting...)
- I seek love, light and peace.

Then I handed Claude my camera and asked him to do the same while I played my flute. We were both having such a wonderful time. Virtual strangers until just a few minutes earlier became instant brothers.

When we started walking down, we "talked" non-stop. Any other French or English-speaking person would have thought we were Italian. Because we used our hands as much as our tongues. But we managed to make ourselves understood and had fun in the process. 

Claude also told me that Saint Germaine (see *Note) was one of his guides.

"So is he mine," I replied. "And he was with us tonight at sunset in the form of a violet light." I then told Claude about my life as a Paris-born Frenchman Jacques Ferdinand Devereaux, a student of Saint Germaine and a friend of Mozart and Beethoven. Overall, we managed a pretty animated conversation for two people who could not speak each other's languages.

Mother Moon Joins Father Sun in Farewell to Pisces Era

  Last sunset (Pisces era), first sunrise (Aquarius Era)

When the local residents constructed the stone paths up the mountain to the two temples, they also built stone arches which looked like gateways at certain points. There are apparently seven such arches, one for each chakra. One is supposed to pause under each arch and ask Gaia-Pachamama's permission to proceed.  The same on the way down.

Well, when we reached the first of these archways on our way down, something made me look up. There was a round opening between the stones that the builders had obviously deliberately left. Through it, I saw Mama Quilla (Mother Moon) smiling at me. I looked to my left. There was Father Sun setting down behind a dark cloud.  I felt like a rod connecting the three.

Last Sunset of Pisces Era: Mother Moon Joins Father Sun through a Portal

I shrieked with joy like a kid who discovered a hidden treasure. "Magic," I shouted. "Pure magic."

I motioned to Claude to come and join me. He got just as excited  as I when he saw the Moon through the hole in the arch. I took pictures. I think maybe even a video. I am not sure just yet. I made over 40 video clips on Amantani Island.

Dinner, Celestial Movies

Mallku and I were the last still sitting and talking at the dining room table after dinner.  It was a little after 9 PM. The rest of our group were already off to bed.  We had to rise at 4 AM the next morning.  Of course, I did not eat anything during dinner.

"Funny thing," I said.

"What is funny?" Mallku asked.

"I have not eaten for nearly three days now," I continued. "Yet I am not hungry at all."

Mallku nodded like someone who understood what I was talking about.

"It's good to fast," he said.  "I do it once or twice a year. Usually for a couple of days."

I went to bed around 9:30 PM feeling like a kid on Christmas Eve. "Wonder what presents I am going to find under the tree tomorrow?"



The Night

The room was cold. No heat. Typical for the Andes. I was always amazed to see my fellow- Inca shamans and other native people walking around in sandals and bare feet when my feet were freezing even in warm socks and boots. But not tonight. The night of Dec 20 I felt hot under my blankets in a room with no heat.

Amazing. Wonder what that was about? Celestial heaters?

There were two toilets on the main floor. But since there was no outside light, it would have been suicidal to try to go down there half awake in the middle of the night. Which is why our hosts provided a night pot in each room. I can't remember the last time I saw one of those. Probably as a child in post-WW II Yugoslavia.  I made good use of it that night.

I was thinking about the night we spent in Vilcabamba which was equally cold. Except that it was also raining. No night pot there. So I had to trudge off to an outhouse several times during the night. In the rain. The toilet there had no cover. You can just imagine how icy it felt to sit down on it.

I woke up around 2 AM.  "Better try to sleep some more," I told myself. When I closed my eyes, the celestial movies resumed.

For the past two nights, I had been watching celestial movies all night it seemed. Some of them were like slideshows. Others were like silent movies. Some had music. Some were computer screen shots. And then there were faces. Thousands of faces. They appeared and dissolved into the background. None that I recognized. Humanity on display.

I had no idea what these celestial movies were about. And still don't. I just knew that as soon as I closed my eyes, they resumed playing.

At one point, I asked to see God Head again. I have been fortunate enough to see and feel God's Light twice before. This time, I wanted to ask the Creator what I should tell my compatriots if they ask to see the face of God.

"Tell them to look in the mirror," came the answer.

I did. After the group ceremony, later that morning.

I got up around 3:30 AM. Something made me draw my daily Mystic Medicine guidance card. Even before I flipped it over, I knew what it would be. "It will be LOVE," I whispered as I turned the card over.

It was. The card has the image of Cosmic Christ. I felt my heart melting with joy as I looked at him.

The Message

Back in the dining room, hardly anybody ate any breakfast before we set off up the mountain to the Pachatata Temple.  I drank some tea. At one point, Barbara and I were the only ones left at the table.

"Bob, I have a message for you," Barbara said, her eyes half closed, as if she were channeling what she was about to say.  Barbara is a professor of English at a Boston university. She is also a published author of books and poems.

"You have a beautiful heart, great wisdom and tremendous power. You are like a river that roars down the mountain reshaping everything in its path."

"But such a river can be overwhelming?" I interjected.

"Yes. And that can build resentments in people," Barbara continued.

"So don't try so hard. You have done enough. You have done more than enough in lifetime after lifetime. The time has come for you to just BE. Just BE. Just sit there and smile like Buddha. And the Spirit will bring to you who are ready receive your gifts."

My eyes were getting moist. My heart was in violent agreement with everything Barbara was saying. I told her then about the Love-card and the Cosmic Christ.

"Of course," Barbara said. "You carry the Cosmic Christ in you. You are like Jesus or Buddha. Let the people come to you. And you can then shine the Cosmic Christ consciousness at them from your heart.  That's my channeled message for you."

I gave Barbara a big hug and told her how grateful I was. Her message had a profound effect. Nothing happens by accident or happenstance. The fact that the Spirit chose her to deliver this message to me at such an auspicious time - just before we started our hike to do the 12-21-12 Solstice ceremony - was certainly perfect timing. All the way up the mountain, one deliberate step at a time, her message reverberated and morphed into additional Spirit guidance.

"You've done enough. It is time to just BE."

The Climb: Revelations Well Up on the Way Up the Mountain

“It is time to just BE.” That message stayed with me all the way up the mountain.

Which meant I was done being a Steward of the Earth (SOE) "leader." And a shaman. That is why the Spirit saw to it that my bag was lost by the airline. So that both my personal and the SOE Community Mesas would be also lost. They no longer served a purpose.

"You do not need a Mesa anymore," I heard a voice. "You do not need any props anymore.  You are beyond that now.  Just open your heart to people and let the Cosmic Christ shine out to others from it."

So when I felt Goddess Pele's presence and was gifted a heart-shaped Kulla by her at an Apucheta, I knew it was my last kulla.

"This is your farewell Kulla," I "heard" Pele say.  

Then I remembered the heart-shaped Kulla she gave me on the Wailea beach in November 2008 (right).  

"Maui is giving you its heart," I felt she was telling me back then. "Come. Move here."

And I did. By Dec 2008, I had already made plans to move from Arizona to Maui.

Back on Amantani Island, my eyes were watering in deep appreciation of the love and guidance I have received since then from Goddess Pele. That's when the revelation also happened about Amantani and Maui being sister island, each with two volcanoes, a masculine and a feminine one.

Then as I was making a video about it, a slip of the tongue also revealed a possible error in naming of the two Amantani Temples. I called the Pachatata (masculine) Temple Pachamama (feminine). I quickly corrected myself on film. But a few moments later, I realized that perhaps that "error" was also a message of the Spirit.

"Wonder what the elevation will be at the Pachatata Temple?" I knew from last night, that the Pachamama Temple was at 13,600 ft.  And from there, the Pachatata Temple seemed lower to me last night. Each of them has the shape of an ancient volcanic caldera.

I almost ran up to Pachatata Temple anxious to find out what its elevation was. 13,550 ft. Just a smidge lower than the Pachamama Temple. But the fact that this hill was smaller, would suggest indeed that it would be the feminine volcano.

Here's now a "live" video recording made at sunset on Amantani Island's Pachatata Temple as these revelations were welling up - first, about the similarities between Maui and Amantani islands, then about the end of duality.

Amantani Revelations: End of Duality (12-21-12)


“It matters not anymore,” an inner voice told me. “There is no duality anymore. Pachamama is ascending. And we are ascending with her."

Pachamama and Pachatata will be one. United forever.

I made a motion with my two hands with outstretched fingers coming together in a locked position (right + above video).

It was in that frame of mind that I started to walk around the Pachatata Temple in order to figure out where to do my ceremony. Little did I know that I was never going to do one. Instead, the Spirit had something else in mind - my initiation and ascension.  Check out these revelations as they occurred on Amantani live, captured on camera by a "live" video recording:

Amantani Island Revelations: Cosmic Christ, Ceremony, Retirement as Shaman, End of 3D Journey, Star of Spirit Journey (12-21-12)

Amantani Island Revelations: Cosmic Christ, Ceremony, Retirement as Shaman, End of 3D Journey, Start of Spirit Ascent - 12-21-12 - a film by Bob Altzar Djurdjevic - recorded on Amantani Island, Lake Titicaca, near Pachamama Temple


As you can see, the Spirit had scrapped my planned ceremony. So I went on to set up an altar, lay out my offerings (see below), and wait for the Spirit to guide me further.

At 5:58 AM, my guides and teachers started an initiation. Father Sun was presiding over the proceedings.  Master Buddha, Saint-Germaine, Paul the Venetian, Goddess Pele, Golden Dolphins and a number of other deities participated in the initiation. The initiation ended at 6:24 AM, with the Solstice and the Galactic Shift occurring right in the middle of it (6:12 AM).

And now, here's the "main course," an "entre," the "feature presentation," if you will, in a series of magical moments that had preceded and followed the 12-21-12 initiation.


Amantani Island: Initiation & Ascension (12-21-12)

A multi-media account of a multidimensional event: 26 minutes at the Pachatata Temple that changed my life, forever - my etheric l life, too, not just the earthly one


Huge Sun Halo, Sunburned at 5:58 AM -6:24 AM

And the Spirit Realm rejoiced with me as well. Father Sun flashed back a huge rainbow halo as his smile (below left). And he used the clouds to actually create a smiley face (see below right).

I don't know if any other people in our group noticed the halo or the smiley face. Nobody said anything. But I kept stepping out of our group circle during the breaks in the ceremony to communicate with Father Sun and tell him how honored and humbled I felt, not only to have him preside over my initiation proceedings, but also to keep on smiling with that huge halo the entire time I spent at the Pachatata Temple after the ceremony. (The above image is a composite of three still shots lifted from two videos I shot on location).

What was also interesting about that magical morning is that I got a severe sunburn on my face and nose during the half-hour initiation between 5:55-6:25 am.  Which in and of itself is extraordinary, given the early hour and the fact the the Sun had just risen and was partially covered with clouds (right).

The only thing I can think of is that there must have been a lot many more celestial rays beaming at and through me during the initiation besides those from our Sun.  Having lived in the desert for decades, I cannot remember the last time I got a sunburn of any kind, let alone that severe. Even today, Dec 25, the skin on my nose is peeling. :-)

But on Dec 26, another penny dropped. This was a “celestial facial,” a way of cleansing my skin, just as the Spirit realm had cleansed the rest of my body. I noticed today that after I peeled off the old skin, the new skin underneath was fresh and baby-like. Just like after a facial.

Also, after the initiation and through that day - 12-21-12 - I felt as I had received a third-eye transplant. My head was buzzing with energy and my sinuses were blocked even though I did not have a cold or anything like it. In fact, my sinuses were blocked most of the time during this trip, but not as severely as on 12-21-12.


This initiation to Mastery was the most amazing experienced of my life so far. Tears were rolling down my cheeks the whole time. My heart wanted to jump out of my chest with excitement and joy.


Here is another film about what happened right after the initiation ended...



Amantani Initiation: What Happened After 26 Minutes That Changed My Life Forever (2-21-12)



AFTERMATH - Back in the Village

Crepes for Breakfast - Spirit’s Special Treat

By the time I descended from the Pachatata Temple to the private home where we were staying, the rest of our group were already having breakfast. I had not eaten in three days. Yet, I was not hungry.  When I shared that with one of our group, he said that the body gets used to going without. So dieting becomes sort of an addiction.

“I get it,” I replied. “You’re right. For the first time, I think I understand anorexia. The food loses its appeal after a while.”

At that point, the lady of the house brought a fresh plate full of hot crepes. Ever since I was a child, crepes have been my favorite dish bar none. When my grandmother made them, I would get a special dispensation for that day to skip the main course, and was allowed only to have the soup and crepes.

But I turned this crepe offer down. Instead, I was just sipping some tea.  Then it hit me. That was a foolish thing to do. Having crepes served for breakfast in little village on Amantani island which where they use candles to light the bathroom at night and a night pot in bedrooms?

This was clearly a special treat laid on for me by my Spirit guides and teachers, a sort of a celebratory meal, after all the hardships and fasting that I had to endure prior to my initiation and ascension.  They knew what my favorite food was.  And miraculously, they saw to it that it was provided even on Amantani Island.

So when the next batch of crepes arrived, I helped myself to one. I spread some butter and jam on it, added a few pieces of banana, rolled it up like a tortilla, and slowly ate it. Yum!  I also thanked the Spirit for such kindness.


The Witness

As my initiation took place before our group ceremony had commenced, most people in our group were unaware of what happened. But not all.

Donna, a lady from Dallas, Texas, one of the 11 people in our mixed international group, appears to have been my only witness. While the rest of the group was preparing for our collective ceremony (in which I also participated later on), Donna was apparently watching me during the initiation. Of course, I was unaware of that at the time.  I was in a trans.

"That must have been a very powerful initiation," she told me later in the day on our boat ride back to Puno. "I don't know exactly what was going on between you and the heavens, but I could feel its power.  It was awesome."

"Initiation? How did she know to use that term?" I wondered but did not say anything out loud. She must have been guided by the Spirit realm to be the witness, I concluded.

Donna added that she liked seeing a man who is in touch with his emotions. By that, I presume she meant who is not afraid to show his emotions or shed tears.

The fact that the Creator chose Donna to be my witness in Ascension was a beautiful touch. Because she was the only one in our group with whom I have had some minor conflicts early on as 11 strangers jelled into a tight-knit community of soul mates. But our little conflict was quickly resolved by the power of Love and a big hug I offered Donna, along with an apology for inadvertently hurting her feelings.

This type of a thing has happened on EVERY one of my prior shamanic pilgrimages.  On every trip there was a person with whom I would have some sort of a disagreement early on. Every time, the conflict dissipated after I responded to antagonism with Love and Compassion. Every time, that person and I became close friends thereafter.

Guess it was a way the Spirit realm was testing my "Mastery," although I was not consciously aware of it until this trip. As soon as it happened with Donna on Dec 19, I said to myself, "aha, this is it. They are testing me again." On my earlier pilgrimages, I merely following my instincts when I responded to Anger with Love.

"I never thought I would like you," Donna said grinning mischievously on our boat ride back to Puno.  "But I do. I really. You are something special."

I gave Donna a hug and told her that I liked her, too. "Thank you for sharing that," I added.  "You are special, too.



When it was all over, I felt overwhelmed by what had happened. So I never uttered a word to anyone.  I did not think people were ready to hear that one can ascend and still be in a body. So I just said it would take me some time to process internally everything that transpired on that magical morning.  

Back to Archangel Michael. Here’s what he said how one might feel afterward:

You will feel a sense of disconnection and disassociation. Not severe, not “Where am I? Who am I? What am I doing?” - but certainly a sense of disassociation, almost as if you have taken either some plant or chemical hallucinogen, not that severe, but a sense of, “Oh, I am seeing things very differently. I am in a different process.”


Even your movements, you may feel like you’re moving through air as if you are moving through water.

That’s exactly how I felt (and still do).  I feel as if I am moving through water or floating in air.  It’s a very mellow, soft, gentle, light weighted feeling of smooth motion. Archangel Michael assured us it is okay to feel that way. That’s what the fifth dimension is like.

Do not worry about it. It is the adjustments and attunements, as you are firmly anchoring in a different dimension.

My skin now also has a different scent. Sort of the way it smelled when I was quite young.

* * *

It took three days before I could start talking about it all. By Dec 24, my heart was a sure that what happened on 12-21-12 was real. It was a culmination of a Spirit marathon which started five years ago.  But I still did not feel comfortable talking about it in public.

"Who's ever heard of a living Master?" a little voice whispered shyly.

"Then get a second opinion," my Spirit guides told me. And so I did.

Three Light Beings Confirm Everything

The three Light Beings, whom Earl Backman channels, have now confirmed everything. Earl was the first and the only person with whom I shared what happened on 12-21-12. That's because, as I was doing the Triangle of Light broadcast on 12-22-12, I looked up something the Light Beings had said about this trip to Peru back in October:

"There is nothing more we can really say but affirm everything you are feeling. It is how some enlightened earth being say - “all the stars are lining up for this return home” … to not only pay homage to the Source, to not only honor the Spirits and the area, but we can tell you - you will undergo another spiritual initiation in this process."

I had forgotten all about that prediction highlighted in red until 12-22-12. It was another "AHA"-moment for me, one of many on this trip. I did remember, however, what the LBs said about me returning home. Except that I thought that "home" meant the Andes, where I have had important past lifetimes.  But I realized the morning of 12-21-12 that it actually meant returning home to the universe. In fact, I talked about it "live" in one of the video clips recorded on Amantani island.

So I asked Earl on Dec 24 to have the LBs confirm that my interpretation of what happened on 12-21-12 was accurate. Here's his reply:

"I have just tuned into the LB's and they definitely confirmed what you were told in October."

Here's what the LBs said to me on Dec 24:

"You Listened! You Trusted! You took Action! This is the way it is to be. You were guided by the Masters on your entire journey, experiencing what you never expected. This is because you were open to receiving all of the blessings from the Spiritual Realm. You will continue to be guided in your work-expanding your guardianship of Planet Earth. Blessings."

I asked Earl to thank the LBs for me, both for the past guidance and for this message.

Change in Voice Inflection, Singing and Flute-playing Ability

Even before the 12-21-12 initiation, I had noticed a change in my voice. It got deeper. More resonant. During our climb of Huayna Picchu on Dec 17, I told Liz, my Peruvian guide and friend, about it.

Then on Dec 23, Charles, a business friend of mine from Dallas, Texas, after watching the latest Triangle of Light broadcast, which I recorded in Lima on 12-22-12, wrote: "You can tell by the look on your face and the inflection in your voice you were moved deeply."

Another independent confirmation.  In my reply, I told him that I had first noticed it on Huayna Picchu (right).

As the trip went on, my flute playing ability also improved. I only picked playing the instrument a little over a year ago and have been self-taught in everything I have learned so far. But on this trip, I met one person who is an accomplished flautist.

Serge, Barbara's husband, also a university professor in Boston, was evidently given that job by the Spirit realm on this trip - unbeknownst to either of us. On Dec 18, he helped me with general advice on how to create beautiful long note vibrations on the flute.

After a year of not being able to figure it out on my own, I got it right away. And so when I was guided to play Pachelbel and Beethoven's "Ode de Joy" from the 9th Symphony at sunset on Dec 20, the music that came out of my flute as a farewell to the last sunset of the Pisces era sounded much better than anything I had played before (right).

Similarly, at the end of my 12-21-12 initiation, with tears rolling down my cheeks, I started to SING (!) "Amazing Grace." Imagine that - SING! I don't know what came over me. I was never a good singer. I didn't think I had a good voice. But using the same technique I had just learned while playing the flute, I was able to produce decent vocal sounds.  "Amazing Grace" was not amazing, but it was of acceptable quality for a novice singer.


Back Home: Getting to Know the New, More Feminine Me

I am home now (Dec 26). I wrote most of this essay on the long flights from Lima to Houston to San Francisco to Maui - about 8,000 miles in the air. Today, I have been trying just to be, to feel and observe the new me.
  • I’ve already shared about my sunburn turning into a “celestial facial," about the change in my voice, and the flute playing abilities. Another thing I noticed - a tiny skin tag on my nose that I had intended to have my dermatologist remove - is now gone. Poof! Burned off by sun, I suppose? Or celestial magic?

  • Today, I also felt serene and relaxed all day. I felt I was in a state of permanent bliss.  Nothing could rattle me. God knows there were plenty of opportunities for it.

  • This morning, for example, I had to deal with a difficult situation of my lost bag. United Airlines’ uncaring attitude would have caused the old Bob to pop a tonsil. But today, I just smiled and wrote a firm but not too aggressive letter to the UA CEO. And then I detached from it. Completely.  It's only "things."

  • I noticed that my movements are slow and deliberate, just like moving through water, as Archangel Michael had said.

  • In traffic, I was patient and understanding when another driver drove slowly or hogged the road. That’s not typical of me, either.

  • I’ve also noticed that music sounded better. I played this morning Beethoven’s  “Moonlight Sonata,” Saint-Saens’ “Swan” and Beethoven’s “Violin Concerto.” I felt the music of each piece deeper than ever.

  • My body feels more fluid and flexible. I’ve had a back injury for decades. The pain has subsided so much that I no longer take Ibuprofen.  Ditto re. my knee injury.

  • Ever seen a 67-year old with no gray hairs and with a nearly full head of hair? I have not. For years now, I have been wondering what makes me apparently exempt from this rule of aging. Now I know. The 12-21-12 initiation has helped shed the light on that question, too.

  • I was guided to abstain from food again for at least 24 hours following my trip home. That’s to allow the body to purge itself of unwanted energies which I may have accumulated during the trip, especially in Houston. The energy in that city felt very uncomfortable for me. I could not wait to leave.

  • Elizabeth and I are virtual non-drinkers. We may have a couple of drinks a year. But when I was fasting in Peru, the Spirit told me to drink a small glass of red wine occasionally. It is both for nutrition and as communion with the Spirit. So that’s what I have been doing. I did not even know how many bottles of wine we had in the house until after I had already bought two new bottles today at Whole Foods.

  • Elizabeth and I were virtual vegetarians. Most of our meals were soups and salads. Now I am contemplating becoming a full vegetarian. The meat they served on airplanes looked disgusting to me. Of course, most of airline meals are.  But if being a full vegetarian means not eating fish, then I probably won't make it.

  • I've also noticed a change in my nightly incantations. I used to say: "I set my intention to live in love, balance and harmony with all beings of Light. I also set my intention to reject and repel any and all dark energies that do not serve my higher purpose."  Now I feel guided to say: "I set my intention to live in love, balance and harmony with all Creation in the universe. I welcome the opportunity to transform any dark energies into Light, if it pleases the Spirit."

  • Both men and women have both masculine and feminine energies. It’s just that men have more of the former, and the women more of the latter.  Put it all together, and what I think is happening is that overall, feminine energies (suppleness, gentleness, fluidity) are increasing, masculine energies (aggressiveness, forcefulness, rigidity) are waning.  

  • Welcome to the Era of Aquarius! And the new, more feminine - Me.

PS: Message from Sirian Council

HAIKU, Dec 28 - I had a dream last night in which the Sirian Council had sent a woman to accompany me on my climb to the Temple atop the Amantani Island, and sign with me "Ode de Joy" along the way and during the initiation ceremony.  For those of you who might not be aware, I come originally from Sirius B. That they sent a woman to accompany me suggests the balancing o masculine-feminine energies as befits the Aquarius Era.

Today is Elizabeth's birthday. That woman was probably she. Elizabeth and I have shared many lifetimes together on this planet going all the way back to Atlantis.

Speaking of past lives, let me now try to put this initiation and ascension in the context of those...



Road to Ascension: From Serving Ego to Serving Others

Past Life Analysis

For most of my earthly lifetimes in the last 3,500-4,000 years, I played pretty powerful ruler-warrior figures. Like King Theseus founder of Athens, or Ephraim son of Joseph, or Judah Maccabee, or Roman Emperor Constantine, or Pope Julius II, or King Phillip II, etc. Yet at the same time, another part of me, acting as a soul split, would play the role of a spiritual leader. Such as Theodosius of Delphi - Constantine's soul split, Hatun Watana, high Inca shaman, Samuel Vitelli, a Venetian artist, etc.. The latter characters would tend to ameliorate the karma that the ruler-warriors accumulated.

Then for the last 500 years or so, most of my lifetimes have been either spiritual or in the field of arts (Jean Ferdinand Deveraux, Count of Saint Germaine's disciple and alchemist, friend of Mozart and Beethoven, Prince Albert, Queen Victoria's husband, Franz Liszt, pianist and composer, Wonka Tewa, Apache shaman, etc.). No more ruler-warriors, a lot less karma, if any (click here to see a list of all known past lifetimes).

And then finally - ascension - the slate wiped clean. Graduation from body to spirit.  A fresh start from ground zero. Now teacher and guide to others. Returning to body - optional. Only when something truly critical needs to be done, I suppose.

Bottom line: Is it possible to ascend to Mastery while still in a body? Without a doubt. I’m the living proof of it. Ascension happened to me on 12-21-12. It is my Higher Self that ascended to Spirit while I, and my three other soul splits, are still incarnated.

Just keep in mind that ascension happens in stages. It's not like one day you're a flesh and blood man, and the next - poof - and you're now an Ascended Master, a spirit.  It doesn't quite work that way.

Even before 12-21-12, I knew for example that my Higher Self was a guide to some pretty powerful figures on this planet. In other words, while one part of our soul is doing work in a physical body, another (bigger, more powerful) part is doing its work in the Spirit realm. For more advanced souls, that often means being a teacher and a guide to other, less evolved souls. So what happened on 12-21-12 was an EVOLUTIONARY step on the path of ascension on which the ALTZAR soul has been for some time now, not a quantum leap.

What has happened since 12-21-12, however, has been a rebirth and an evolution of a new man.  A more feminine ALTZAR. Which is an irreversible process that will encompass all of humanity go on for at least the next 5,000 years. Until mankind achieves a balance once again between the masculine and feminine energies. Just as it once was in Lemuria.

So what goes around, comes around. Human development runs in 18 million-year cycles. Or planet is 4.5 billion years ago. A 5,000-year cycle, such as the Aquarius era we have just entered, is a mere blip in Mother Earth's and man's history. There is nothing, absolutely nothing we think is new and exciting that mankind has not experienced many times before. Spiritual icons such as Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad, Melchizedek, Thoth, etc. have all come and gone in different eras under different names, and not just in the last 3,000 to 4,000 years.

"There is nothing new under the sun," King Solomon also noted some 3,500 years ago. "History merely repeats itself. It has all been done before."

That could be a depressing thought, couldn't it? Which is why our physical memories are erased every time we incarnate. To keep us excited and interested in creating OUR new world. Each time we come back into body, we have a chance to make a difference - to create just a little differently, a little better, a little more elegantly. Or to screw up a little more royally. That's also up to us each time.  Free will and all that.

Which is how real soul progress is made - three steps forward, two steps back.  So let's focus on those three steps forward. The slippery path of ascension will take care of those two steps back. And let's keep on creating TOGETHER, as a COMMUNITY OF MAN - in love, balance and harmony for all Creation in the Universe.

So it goes...


*NOTE: St. Germain, as one of the Masters of the Ancient Wisdom, is credited with near god-like powers and with longevity. It is believed that Sir Francis Baconfaked his own death on Easter Sunday, 9 April 1626, attended his own funeral and made his way from England to Transylvania where he found lodging in a castle owned by the Rakóczi family. There, on 1 May 1684, Bacon, by using alchemy, became an immortal occult master and adopted the name Saint Germain and became one of the Masters of the Ancient Wisdom, a group of beings that, Theosophists believe, form a Spiritual Hierarchy of planet Earthsometimes called the Ascended Masters. 


UPDATE, Dec 30: The last two days in a row (Dec 28-29), I drew Goddess of Water Mystic Medicine card as my daily guidance. For all the rest of 2012, she only showed up four times. the last one on Aug 27. Here was her message:

Goddess of Water is here to celebrate with you the Right of Passage to fully own your own privilege to communicate and transmit your Source-given light. You, as the Goddess of Water, can sing the Waters and you into health and a new way of being.

So lots of feminine energy around me these days. And as you saw, that was also the case during my Amantani Initiation.  Goddess of Water was also prominent there.

Ever since I got back, the weather had been sunny and dry. Last night, it started raining. It is a beautiful, gentle, misty rain. It is still raining as I write that. While I was meditating in the spa this morning (note - WATER - again!) - in the rain - Goddess of Water reminded me of the dream she had given me last night.

I saw the Namaka Creek flowing as I never had before (Namaka is the Hawaiian Goddess of Water, sister of Pele, Goddess of Volcanoes and Fire). The creek had expended well beyond the river banks that this seasonal stream occasionally fills (see the video below). It ran right over the Anahata-Huaca-Ahu (AHA - the sacred site) and on down the gulch. Yet I was somehow perched high up above the AHA, and watching it all in awe from a bird's eye perspective. Such as in these simulated pictures.

Then I just stepped down the magical stone steps (which do not exist in reality) - like walking on water - and climbed up the hill toward our home. That's where I was guided to do a Fire ceremony today, the last of the four BIG days in December of 2012 (see Special #333 and Master's #11 Fire Ceremony, 12-03-12).

By the way, the official forecast for today is "Scattered Clouds" (see below). :-) But what do these left-brain meteorologists know about Goddess of Water.  Obviously they haven't run their forecast by her...

And here is now a short video of the Namaka Creek running filmed on 12-11-11.




UPDATE, Dec 31: The last two Mystic Medicine cards I drew on the last two days of 2012 were Rebirth and Ascended Masters. I got the Ascended Masters card in answer to my question for the final card for 2012 which would sort of synthesize the whole year.  Could these two guidance cards have been any more appropriate in light of what has happened in the last 10 days?

Here's the message I received from the Ascended Masters:

"Welcome to the Great White Brotherhood, Brother Altzar. Heavenly realm comes to bring messages and symbols in light and sound to help awaken the people of the Earth. When people listen in silence sensing into their intuition, they feel and perhaps even hear us. Just as you did."


A few days after coming home, I received an email from Jeff Georgevich, a friend of mine from Manhattan Beach, with pictures he took of the incredible sunset that he and some of his friends and family witnessed on 12-21-12. Enjoy!

Claude, my new friend and brother from our Amantani island experience, commented upon seeing these photos as follows:

Bonjour Bob ,
Grand merci pour ces superbes photos . Je dirai que c'est une fleur de lotus en or .
C'est l'Amour ą l'état pur qui jaillit sur notre plančte , elle innonde nos coeurs .............
Lumičre , paix et amour Bob ,

(Translation: Big thank you for these beautiful photos. I would say that this is a golden lotus flower.
This is love in its purest form that flows on our planet, it inundates our hearts .............
Light, peace and love Bob, Claude)

To which I replied:

Hi, Claude. Yes, I felt it was a message of love from the Universe. But you put it so beautifully when you described it as a golden lotus flower. Even the photos take one's breath away. And just imagine what it must have been like to have been one of these people receiving such Divine gift directly.



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