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By Bob Djurdjevic

19 Jul 2011

Updated Feb 23, 2011 - First Sounds of Tibetan Chakra Bowls, Special Prayer

Gift of Healing Sounds

Seven chakra masters set of Tibetan bowls will bowl you over with their divine sounds; Also, amazing historical find in Peru: Famous "Ancestor Stones" unearthed by British archeologists


Gift of Healing Sounds

Seven chakra masters set of Tibetan bowls will bowl you over with their divine sounds

 "Owl Woman is an ancestor from the stars.  Cloaked in pale violet blue, reflecting the light of the moon.  She hands you The Gift of an ancient seed.  Cultivate it and let it grow within to help you remember the wisdom of what has been forgotten.  Let it connect you to the higher truth of who you are." 

        Mystic Art Medicine Cards by Cher Lyn 


HAIKU, Maui, Feb 14 - First things first: Happy Valentine's Day!  For Elizabeth and I, it is also another anniversary.  So a double holiday.  And now, back to the story...

It's been over a month now.  And I have not missed a day of communicating with the spirits via Cher Lyn's Mystic Medicine Cards (see Mystic Medicine Cards, Jan 11).  Every day has been meaningful.  Every card carried a message for the day or for the phase of my life.  Today’s was especially poignant.

I drew The Gift card (right).  It was the second time in less than a week that this magical card appeared, carrying the above message from the ancient "Owl Woman".  Another part of her guidance was, "you have entered the process of moving closer to your true spirituality."

Pretty nifty, huh?  What are the odds of receiving the same message twice in six days out of a deck of 64 cards?  But that's nothing compared to what had PRECEDED the Owl Woman's second appearance in my life.

Before I drew the card, I had asked the spirits to give that card a special meaning and the answer to my question as to whether or not I should buy (a fairly expensive) Tibetan seven chakra masters bowl set.  Guess I got my answer with The Gift card loud and clear.  Go for it!  I did.

And now a preamble...

I have been intrigued by the haunting and magical sounds of Tibetan bowls for a long time.  When Elizabeth and I went out for a stroll yesterday in Paia, I stopped to play a Tibetan bowl at the Indigo shop (Asian/spiritual artifacts).  A young sales lady walked over, wanting to show me how to do it.  But I just said, "let the bowl teach me."  And boy of boy, did it ever.  I closed my eyes and produced some magical vibrational sounds right off the bat.  I felt my whole soul was playing the bowl, not just my hands.

"You’re a natural," the sales lady said in astonishment.

"It’s not me," I thought but did not say anything.  I don’t like to weird people out who don’t know me.

And that was it.  I thought.

But I woke up with on Sunday morning after a Tibetan bowl in my dream.  Or what was left of it.  I have a small bowl at home.  Have had it for some time.  Again, I don't know why.  It just sort of invited itself a while ago into my life.  Elizabeth uses it to call me to dinner or breakfast.  She uses a Tumi Peruvian bell inside the bowl to produce a triple-key sound. 

I played it this morning in a way I never did before.  Soulfully, just like in the store yesterday.  Elizabeth thought it was a wake up call for her.  :-) Then I did some web research and found out about the vibrational healings that the Tibetan bowls are used for.  No wonder I was so attracted to them.  This discovery led me to a Himalayan shop on the web, among others.  It had a wonderful sounding seven chakra masters set of Tibetan bowls.  Here it is...

click on notes to listen to the magical sounds of Tibetan seven chakra bowls

That's as far as  I got before I paused to ask for spirits' guidance and permission.  It came in the form of The Gift card (right). I am sure that the spirits had the reason for guiding me to it. 

If it pleases the my divine master guides, I may also get a wonderful Tibetan gong I had been eyeing for some months now at an Asian import place in Kihei.  And then, who knows… maybe one of these days, you may hear some new Old-New Age music, a combination of Tibetan bowls, tingsha bells, Indian gong, Peruvian bells and piano sounds.  Maybe even pan-flutes.  I am not aware of anyone creating that kind of an "orchestral music" before.  No promises.  But we’ll see… I am looking forward to getting my Tibetan bowls.

First Sounds of Tibetan Chakra Bowls

HAIKU, Maui, Feb 23 - Well, I got my Tibetan Chakra Bowl set yesterday - 2/22/2011.  They are beautiful, as you can see... 

...and sound great, too.  Individually.  But the downer is that there is no easy way I could use them to make orchestral music as I was hoping.  Here's why... [check out the two YouTube videos]

Music pitch test of Tibetan Chakra bowls - by Bob Djurdjevic (2/23/11) [6:58 mins]


And now, check out the first recorded impromptu sounds of my new bowls...

First playing of Tibetan Chakra bowls - by Bob Djurdjevic (2/23/11) [4:18 mins]


After that, I did a special light ceremony to have the spirits consecrate and bless these new instruments.

Special Prayer for Dying Seven-year Old

Then I did something special; something I have never done before.  It just happened.  I let the spirits guide me in what to do...

A couple of days ago, I received a special prayer request from a shaman friend back East on behalf of a seven-year old boy who is dying of cancer in his brain stem.  I explained to my shaman-friend that I needed to get that request from his family.  I know from past experiences that the spirits do not always look kindly when people try to meddle into third party's lives. Within ours, my friend forwarded that request to me, along with the boy's photo.  And now, here's an excerpt from my letter to her about what happened this afternoon....

First, I printed out his photo and set it on my shaman altar.  I lit the white candle as it is still daytime here.  And I also burned red sandalwood incense.   I then used my new Tibetan Chakra Bowl set (which you will have chance to see and hear shortly in a video), in addition to the bells and rattles from Peru to open the sacred space and call on the spirits. 

An amazing thing happened.  It started to rain (we have not had serious rain in weeks). And the cracks of thunder echoed from Haleakala (volcano). (We almost never get thunderstorms in Hawaii).  This continued all through the ceremony and is still happening, both rain and thunder, as I am writing you this note.

At the end of the ceremony, I blew my prayers into Stephen’s picture and then burned it on the white candle I had previously lit.  That’s so the spirits would receive the prayers in a way the understand the best.  And now, the rest is between the Stephen and the spirits.  

I will continue to pray for him, of course, but there is a fine line between doing shamanic healing and meddling.  We all have to walk our destinies.  A shaman cannot heal anyone.  We can only focus the spirits’ spotlight on the subject and then let the divine beings do what they know is best for the person.  

Before we incarnate in a physical body, we all have a chance to review our FUTURE life and decide if we want to do it.  Whether a life is short or long, it has certain goals and purposes which our souls negotiate with their spirit guides before accepting reincarnation.  There are lessons a soul can learn from both types of experiences.  Which is a point of assuming a physical body.  And also why a shaman must not meddle, only facilitate healings.

Please explain this to Stephen’s family in case they don’t already know it.  

It is still raining and thundering as I wrote this... about two hours later.  Yet there was only a 30% chance of rain today, according to the weather forecast.  But my spirit guides knew better.  When I drew the card for this Wednesday earlier this afternoon, guess what turned up?  "Ebb & Flow" again - Goddess of Water - just like on Feb 4, when I could not start the bonfire.  And here is a part of her message:

"Earth Mother of the Oceans, goddess of water, is all about suppleness. Let go and go with the flow. Surrender."

That sounds like a good advice to Stephen and his family, too.  If you feel like joining me in praying for him, let me know and I will seek my shaman-friend's and his family's permission to pass on Stephen's particulars to you.

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