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16 Feb 2012

November 17, 2011 - a movie review

THRIVE - A Movie That May Change the World

Notes and impressions from world premiere in Maui on 11-11-11


A movie review

THRIVE - A Movie That May Change the World

 Notes and impressions from world premiere in Maui on 11-11-11

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SANTA MONICA, California, Nov 18, 2011 - Here's a letter a posted by email to my friends and readers about a new movie Elizabeth and I saw on 11-11-11 at its world premiere:


I feel a stirring of the Homo Sapiens' soul.  It is occurring deep down at our collective core consciousness to which we are all connected.  Just as with any tectonic event, there are scant few signs on the surface that something momentous is under way.  Only a crack here, a rumble there... The structure which Homo Sapiens, the Selfish and Self-centered, has been building for millennia still appears intact. It's a pyramid in which the top 1% or less rule the rest. But appearances can be deceiving. That structure is being severely stressed from the inside as people world-over are starting to reclaim their freedom and birthrights.

Think of the "Occupy ...(something)" movements that have sprung up around the world like wild mushrooms in the last two months. And then think of an event of something that's several orders of magnitude greater, something that is of titanic proportions, like a tidal wave that washes over the shore and changes everything in its path.  Or a forest fire which destroys so that new life may emerge.

Well, that's the impact that the new movie "THRIVE" may have on the future of mankind.  It may be the spark that starts the process of implosion inside that power structure pyramid.  The film provides the focus that the "Occupy..."  cause has been lacking.  And it offers solutions - which we can all find and relate to.  Because they are INSIDE OURSELVES. 

Last Friday, aptly on 11-11-11, the day of Oneness, Elizabeth and I had the privilege of attending the World Premiere of the film "THRIVE" at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center. It received a standing ovation at the end. The energy in a huge theater was HUGE.  I am enclosing the movie poster below.  

As you know, I don't usually go around recommending films to my family and friends, especially not documentaries.  So this is an exception. Why? Because I have a sense that this movie may help change the world.  Over time...

How? By enlightening the soul and revealing the secret code of the universe which binds us all together into ONE, despite the efforts of the would-be global elite to pit us against one another.

Here's also an email I received last night from a friend from Canada, suggesting that the "Thrive" movie is already going viral.  You are unlikely to see it in any theaters controlled by the establishment media.  Which is why I am also enclosing the links below.  

"Thrive" is an outstanding 2-hr film which synthesizes many of the teachings we have received from our guides about the sad state of affairs on our planet today.  I meant to send you this info when we get back home.  But last night, I got an email from a friend in Vancouver, Canada, with this message.  

Subject: Thrive- the movie

Date: Thursday, 17 November, 2011, 13:07


This movie only came out on 11/11/11.  The original you tube link I sent around was removed.  Here is another one that is still there and free to view.  All of them may eventually be removed.  I feel this movie is going to rock the world because it is finally time for people to wake up and they are.

Here is the site for the movie movement.  It only costs $5 to view it through their site and you may interact on the site with others and become more educated.  I sincerely believe that it is not about getting rich from the movie but to recoup some of their money in making it, get people to the site to educate them and motivate them into action.

 I hope you enjoy the movie as much as I did.  I have friends who have already watched it twice.  I will watch it again as I have the time.

So I decided not to wait till we get back.  I know your soul will thrive after you see the THRIVE movie.  Since it is a full 2-hr feature film, bring some popcorn to your office or wherever your computer resides. :-)

Finally, if you liked the movie and want to become a part of the worldwide THRIVE movement, you can do so in many ways, including organizing a private screening of the film at your own home - for just $5! (click here to find out how to do it).  Or you can buy a DVD for $20 at the movie web site and do the same.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Much love


PS: For what it's worth, I think that "Occupy..." send out wrong message as codeword for a global mass movement. The Nazis occupied foreign countries.  And so did many empires that came before them and after them, including our own American empire.  We are also occupying and enslaving other countries - by bombs as well as dollars.  To me, RECLAIM... sounds a lot more appropriate.  The people are joining up to RECLAIM OUR FREEDOM AND BIRTHRIGHT which have been usurped by the ruling elites of the world.  We are merely trying to take what's already ours.

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