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June 27, 2011

Last updated July 28, 2011 - Non-verbal responses to heartfelt prayers and manifestations are the norm, not exception

"Talking Story" with Spirits

Rainbows, shooting stars, misty rain, dreams... but mostly you feel their responses telepathically in your heart and whole body


Non-verbal responses to heartfelt prayers and manifestations are the norm, not exception

"Talking Story with Spirits

Rainbows, shooting stars, misty rain, dreams... but mostly you feel their responses telepathically in your heart and whole body

This is a story I never intended to write.  I sat down at my computer this evening planning to transfer an audio file. That's all.  Instead, an inner urge made me open a new page and start writing about "talking story" with the spirits.  Which means my guides wanted me to do this.  The story practically wrote itself... in one breath.  Which means they basically wrote it for me.  I just had to pay attention and type.

* * *

How do you talk to your spirit guides?  You don't.  You let your heart and the breath do the talking.  Of course, that's easier said than done.  It takes years of shamanic practice.  And even then, how do you know they've heard you?  Well, that's what this short story is about... 

HAIKU, Maui, July 28, 2011 - It is a skill man has forgotten.  Yet it is essential for our future evolution as well as that of our planet.  So we had better all start learning again how to do it.  If we don't, well... let's not go there now.

What kind of a skill is it?  Non-verbal communication.  Telepathy.  Sign language.  Talking story with your heart. 

Autistic children do it.  Effortlessly.  Multidimensional beings do it.  But to most people, this is scary stuff.  It is not an art anyone teaches anymore at home or in school.  The keyword here being - "anymore."  We, humans, used to possess such skills. 

Back in (the lost continent of) Lemuria (Mu in Hawaiian), for example, humans communicated telepathically.  We were androgynous.  But life was boring.  You had to work pretty hard to get into a fight with yourself.  And there was no sex to speak of.  So a decision was made to create two sexes - masculine and feminine.  But that led to other problems.  Let's not go there for now, either.

Let's start with an assertion that there was a time the spirits lived with the humans.  Then after a while, they retreated to heavenly realms.  Why?  Because the humans wanted to mate with the spirits.  And that would be going backward in soul development.

How do I know that?  Because spirit guides told us that.  Yes, TOLD us that in human language (during one of my three shamanic ordination pilgrimages in Peru - see Peru: Conversations with Andean Mountain Spirits, June 2009).  A whole bunch of mountain spirits materialized in physical form so what they could teach a groups of western shamans, of which I was privileged to be one, in human voices the facts about the human, planetary and cosmic history.  It was the kind of stuff no one had ever taught us even at the highest academic levels.  Some of the things I learned in a few hours of such "town hall" meetings with our spirit guides was more valuable than all the teachings by human experts put together.  Because the former imparted wisdom on us; the latter merely knowledge.

But the most important thing was not anything you can really learn.  It is the feeling unconditional love.  And communicating with your heart, not your brain.

Sometimes people ask me, "as a shaman, how do you talk to your spirit guides?"  My answer is, "you don't; you let your heart do the talking." 

Of course, that's easier said than done.  It takes years of shamanic practice.  And even then, how do you know they heard you?

Well, you've got to observe and FEEL.  And you know by gnosis, not by reason, when they respond.  Here's an excerpt about it from 2012 Revisited: Toward New Breed of Man (May 11):

"'Bad weather' is a result of 'bad consciousness' of human beings," spirits teach us. "Unless you finally realize that you are creating the 'bad weather' around you, it is not possible to see that you are a Master in Training." 

Or conversely, to realize that we have the power to call in the 'good weather' for that matter (see Mozart in the Gulch: Namaka Creek Returns to Rainbow Shower, May 6). 

"It is the vision that takes place before an event itself," said Don Sebastian, a Master Inca Pampamesayok shaman, speaking at the Temple of the Visionary in Pisaq, Peru in July 2008.  He described how he first visualizes things he wants in his life before they occur. 

"My journey is to live that vision through encounters (in life)."

At the time, his statement seemed far-fetched.  I was an inexperienced shaman back then.  Now I know firsthand it's true.  It can be done.  We, the humans, have the power to do it.  But we "must have a joyous heart," as Don Sebastian put it, "to make the vision more visible" (to the spirits).  And then Pachamama and the spirits will "hear" us through our hearts.

Here are some recent examples...

* * *


This afternoon (July 21, 2011), while driving around the island, I had told Elizabeth how it was wonderful that we have been getting all this rain I had asked for when we returned from the Big Island.  "But we have not seen many rainbows," I lamented.

Lo and behold, after we got home, check out this clear sky rainbow which preceded and followed my evening prayers:

Preceded and followed?  Yes.  In between, while I was communicating with the spirits, a misting cloud appeared which enveloped me like a heavenly blanket. Then the mist cleared and another rainbow appeared, just before the sun set.  Pure magic.  And bliss.

* * *


HAIKU, Maui, July 27 - This morning around 1:20AM, I was walking on the lanai after the spa, before coming in to go to bed. I was asking J and MM and my other spirit guides out loud for a second time today to help me remove the last remaining shreds of my Ego.

"I want to be a good teacher, like you, so that I can help other souls do the right thing."

At the very moment I was saying the words "Jesus Christ," a shooting star lit up the sky, traveling from N-NW.  It was flying and burning downward, toward the ocean.

"Wow!" I said out loud. "There goes my Ego, burning off."

I thanked J and my other spirit guides for such a beautiful, instant and vivid response.

Fast-forwarding to this evening (July 27), right after I did my prayers and incantations to thank the spirits for being so responsive, and relayed to them some other prayer requests individual healings as well as to do peace and reconciliation in Serbia and Eastern Europe, a cloud came out of nowhere, bringing a little light misting and a beautiful rainbow.  Up until then, it had been a clear, cloud-free day.  Ditto re. yesterday.  So I knew what it was about and blew my love and appreciation to the rainbow, thanking the Creator and my spirit guides for listening and heeding my call.   

Their rainbow how lasted about 5 mins.  I even took a picture of it (right).  Then the cloud dissipated, leaving behind clear skies again.  It has been a clear night since then (I am writing this around midnight).  A clear sky rainbow was just one more example of beautiful non-verbal communications by the divine.  Rather than being an exception, messages like that are a rule at the Rainbow Shower after most meaningful, heartfelt prayers and ceremonies.

PS: July 28 - It happened again today after I did a ceremony at the Huaca-Ahu around 1PM.  And it happened also on Saturday evening after I did another ceremony there, that time in presence of a Hawaiian Kumu (female Kahuna) and her male friend.  I never even noticed the rainbow as I was in a trans.  But she did.  And told me about it afterward.

* * *


This is a story about what just happened... today, this afternoon.  First, a little preamble...  

The people who attended the opening and closing ceremonies at a spiritual conference in Kona, Big Island, earlier this month, witnessed the fact that I communicate with my spirit guides by non-verbal means.  "Words are there just as backdrop, or catalysts, to help initiate emotions," I explained. 

The spirits tend to respond to heartfelt players almost instantly.  Elizabeth has seen it many times.  Carmel and Francois, our recent overseas guests, can attest to it themselves on their first evening here, when I took them down to my Huaca-Ahu (Shaman's altar) in the gulch.  Elizabeth's Kumu Hula (spiritual hula teacher) and her male friend also witnessed it on Saturday night when I opened the sacred space at the altar.  I was unaware of an instant rainbow response, being in a trans.  The Kumu told us this afterward, when we got to the house.

So with that as a preamble, picture this shaman down in the gulch today around 1PM (4PM Pacific time), standing on the rock ("kulla") which represents Pachamama (Mother Earth), and facing the Apucheto (stone fireplace) and Inti Taiti (Father Sun symbol) above it. Earlier, while approaching the sacred space, I felt the holy energy of the land.  I felt my own energy merging with it, much as it happened in the aftermath of that amazing regression session (see Shepherd of the Earth, July 18, User ID/Password required).

As I stood on the Pachamama kulla, the sun is beating down on me.  I was barefooted on purpose.  And the stone is very hot.  Burning hot, in fact.  But I wanted it that way.  I needed to feel Pele's (fire) and Sun's energy combining and coursing through my body during the ceremony.  My body feels like a rod connecting the heaven and the earth.  Soon, I forget about the burning sensation in your feet.

After a while, I am really into the ceremony.  Tears are streaming down my face.  It is one of those rare occasions when I call on Paul the Venetian to activate the gift he gave me in Feb 2009 - a luminous staff that connects me directly to the Creator (see Altzar's Rebirth & Mantras, Feb 2009).  Almost instantly, I feel a power surge.  It is a familiar sensation.  I have felt it twice before.  The last time, on July 11, it was even more intense.  I start to ask the Creator and the spirits for all sorts of things on behalf of other people, including for peace and reconciliation in the Balkans, and for empowerment of Polona (a new friend from Slovenia) to be such a luminous rod anchored in Serbia, where she just got a new job.  

Then I draw the spirits' attention to two friends in California who had just asked me to pray for a successful outcome of a business venture.  That's when I start to sense feedback, a message from the spirits for them.  They must do something, too, I am being "told."  They must prepare a Despacho (I'll explain what that is in a moment).

"A Despacho?"  That's usually something shamans do.

"Yes," comes a confirmation. And the Despacho must include gifts and prayers to the God of War ( or Kū-ka-ili-moku) and to God of Peace (Lono) (for reasons that I will withhold to protect the privacy of these friends).  The Despacho should also contain red Ti plants which symbolize war (left), and green Ti plants (like those we used for our leis) which stand for peace (right). 

That was the end of the spirits' message.

So what's a "Despacho?"  Literally translated, it means a message.  It is actually a shamanic offering that is prepared carefully and lovingly, with each ingredient infused with the breath of the preparer(s) as it is placed in a gift-wrapped paper.   Once the Despacho preparation ceremony is done, the the gift-wrapping is closed and tied with a string.  A flower is tucked under the string.  The Despacho is then either burned in a fire ceremony, or buried in the ground (also see Spirituality and Shaman's Tools of Trade).

Back to the gulch this afternoon, after downloading the Despacho message, I continued with my "usual" prayers and healing requests by various people from around the world.

What happened next was very interesting.  When I finished with my ceremony, I walked toward the jungle part of our property to look for some more lilikoi (passion fruit).  As I was walking through a green tunnel that the crowns of trees had formed in that area, I felt some misting.  It immediately dawned on me.  It was something that has happened many times before.  It was the Creator's and the spirits' blessing acknowledging my prayers. So I thanked them profusely, putting my hand on Pachamama's womb (as in the right picture), and then walked back to the Huaca-Ahu to take some pictures.  You can see the misty drops on the Inti Taiti (Father Sun) sphere atop the Huaca-Ahu (left).

While I was walking back up to the house, the misting continued. So I also took a couple of pictures of the misty blessings there...


Note the partially clear sky and sunshine at the same time as the misty rain.  It reminded me of the many times in the Andes when the mountain spirits would bless us with holy water which they would create out of thin air.  It felt exactly like this, except that it had a heavenly scent, like the Florida water.  And then, as if to help me put a period at the end of this story, as the sun was setting this evening and I was typing the piece, the spirits and Inti Taiti produced another little rainbow.  As I took a picture of it (right), I could not help but feel as if they were winking at me. :-)

Another powerful communication with the spirits, which is sometimes actually quote verbal, is dreamtime guidance.  Check out this one, for example, from a two days ago...

* * *

Ascending as Tree of Life

An interesting dream portends daytime guidance by Hopi spirits

HAIKU, Maui, July 26, 2011 - A friend wrote to me this morning wondering how I was coping with all these revelations that keep cropping up about my last lifetimes almost every day.  Here's my reply:

Thank you for your concern.  Yes, I am doing okay processing all these revelations.  Frankly, I was not even aware that I was supposed to be "coping" or "processing" anything.  To me, it's been just a process of exciting discoveries that life is these days.  I feel like a celestial Indiana Jones exploring the universe and the spirit world. But unlike the earthly Indiana Jones, we can also do it at night, in dreamtime.

I also feel that our spirit guides always know what's best for us.  All we need to do is let them do their work and not resist, just as I said at the Kona conference at one point.  After all, these incarnations are not strangers.  They are all ME and have been inside all along.  They are now just coming out of the closet to reveal themselves in full consciousness.

Why now?  We are getting close to the time for harvest of our soul intentions that have been set millions of years ago, as the Teacher told us in Kona. "Time is collapsing right now," he said. "That's why so many souls are incarnating in more than one body... to accelerate ascension to the next level.  An extra dimension is being created in all humanity."

And now, keeping that in mind, check out what happened last night.  Here's a real world example of a new energy and new dimension being created in practice.  This all happened a few hours ago. I just finished writing it down in my calendar-journal before replying to your email: 

I had a dream that I was a Tree of Life.  The tree looked like a big oak or mango tree with a round crown.  I felt I was that tree.   I was surrounded by water but protruding from solid ground.  I looked like a little atol. Then a beam of white light shone on the tree like floodlight on stage.  I felt total happiness and bliss, just as I did when God's light shone on me in the regression session with Linda.  Then I realized I was ascending... as a TREE. 

Then I saw another tree.  Similar, but I knew it was different.  That tree was Elizabeth.  It also became enveloped with God's white light. "Oh, how beautiful," I thought. "She is ascending with me."

At that moment I became semi-conscious.  I felt Elizabeth turning to spoon with me.  As we both lay on our left sides, she gripped my chest with her right arm till there was no space left between my back and her chest.  

That's when I woke up and vowed to try to remember this beautiful dream.

Then I drew my Mystic Medicine Card guidance for today...

Right after I wrote down my dream about ascending as a tree, I drew my Mystic Medicine card guidance for the day.  It was NEW GROWTH, depicting the Blue Corn Maiden (right).  She comes from the Hopi culture. 

(I just recalled... I picked the elementary school called Hopi for my children when we first moved to Phoenix.  There are no coincidences). 

The Hopi Blue Corn Maiden spirals down from the sky as a blue star in an ancient symbol of Creation. (Also see the Hopi symbol for God... looks like a Celtic cross - left).  Her right hand holds an Eagle feather, her left a Condor feather. An ancient (Inca and evidently Hopi) prophesy speaks that when the Eagle and the Condor fly together as one again, peace will return to Earth.  Eve Bruce also spoke about that in her presentation at the Kona conference.

In the painting, water pours down from the Heavens to heal, cleanse and rejuvenate, feeding the Earth and her children and to produce new golden harvest of New Growth.

"When you make room for yourself to grow and allow the Divine to take care of the rest, let go and let God. What will follow is a time of harvest, celebration and abundance."

See how our spirit guides work?  All we need to do is let them and not resist. They know best what we need and when. As the Teacher also put it, "we are pulling out all stops to keep you on your path.  We (the Hierarchy) are with you."

He was not kidding, as you can see.

And that's how you "talk story" with your spirit guides.  You let your heart and the breath do the talking.

What about the brain and the fingers?  Well, they have a job, too.  They are recording devices.

THE END (for now).

Love  Light

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