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21 Feb 2011

Updated Feb 18, 2011, More Divine Healings

Goddess Pele's Passion, Merlin's Compassion their magic to heal an Arizona man, as she and her sister, Goddess of Water, Namaka, did last spring in another divine healing of a California woman

Goddess Pele


More Divine Healings

Goddess Pele's Passion, Merlin's Compassion

Goddess of Fire, Pele, responds to prayer requests, works her magic to heal an Arizona man with Merlin's help, as she and her sister, Goddess of Water, Namaka, did last spring in another divine healing of a California woman

Pele’ stands for a truth that’s higher.peleherb.jpg picture by dr34mcrush3r

She lives in volcanoes and as fire.

Her lava flows, hot molten glows,

Birthing land… our "Passion Goddess" knows.

                                                       A poem by Cher Lyn, Jan2009

With each eruption, Pele causes havoc and destruction. Which give birth to new creations. In choosing Pele, we celebrate Passion.  Breathe out the old patterns of anger and channel that negative energy into new creations.  "Movement is good, maybe even an orgasm or twoÖ to ignite and stir the flow of energy through your being." 

Ė       paraphrased from Mystic Art Medicine Cards by Cher Lyn 


HAIKU, Maui, Feb 18 - Sometimes, miraculous healings by the divine spirits can take place in an instant.  At other times, they can take years.  My recent knee injury was an example of a "quick fix" (see Miraculous Healings, Jan 26, 2011). The story I am about to share with you about another divine healing took place over almost 30 months.  During that time, Tom, the subject of the healings experienced three different major health setbacks, each painful and debilitating.  Yet neither he nor the shaman gave up.  Nearly every day for two and a half years, and sometimes more than once a day, the shaman kept directing the spirits' attention and their divine healings to this man in Arizona whom he has never met (the prayer requests came from his wife, Sue, who is Altzar's CPA/bookkeeper). 

This morning, Sue wrote to report the latest news about her husband's situation:

End of a Long Healing Journey... Feb 2011

On Fri, Feb 18, 2011 at 6:50 AM, Sue  wrote:

Good morning, Bob.

I just wanted to let you know Tomís surgery went better than anticipated.  The surgeon was pleasantly surprised that he didnít need to be as invasive as originally planned.

Needless to say, we were thrilled and know it was due to all the prayers said on Tomís behalf.

I believe I can officially remove Tom from your prayer list.  Hooray!  Iíve been waiting a long time to be able to ask that.

Hope you have a great weekend.  Thank you again for your prayers and concern.


* * *

To which I replied:  

On Fri, Feb 18, 2011 at 8:03 AM, Bob Djurdjevic <> wrote:

Oh, Sue, that's such good news!  I am delighted.  My eyes moistened when I read your message.  I will do one more "despacho"-type fire ceremony, though, to thank the spirits for what they did.

Okay, I will take Tom off my list of healing requests.  Just so you know, I did ask the spirits last night (this morning your time) also to take care of Tom during his post-surgical recovery.  So I am sure they will be there for him and for you until he is fully recovered.

I hope that both of you have a wonderful weekend.


P.S. [sent a few minutes later]... Sue, I just asked the spirits to give me a sign if I should write about your/Tomís case.  The purpose would be to give other people hope and encourage them to seek help and healings beyond the physical/medical world.  The answer came back affirmative in the form of the AWAKENING card.  It was the first time I drew this card even though they had awakened me personally more than four years ago.  So I know it was not just about me.  It is about awakening others.

I also know from my Hummingbird spirit guide (North/Earth - click here to learn more) that I am here evidently to awaken those who are asleep (spiritually) and to help them to see who they really are.  Sometimes that happens through personal examples. Other times through third party healings and experiences, like yours and Tomís.  So I am also asking for your permission if I am to write about it.  I could use just first names to protect your anonymity, if you would like. Or full names, if you prefer that?  Just let me know.


To which Sue replied:  

Bob Ė Thank you for your interest in sharing Tomís "story".  I agree with you that personal examples are an excellent way of enlightening others.  We have definitely felt the presence of a higher power through all of the medical issues weíve had to deal with.  I feel honored that you would include us in your writings.  Given Tomís privacy comfort level, it would be best to use first names only.


* * *

What I did not tell Sue was that on the day of Tom's surgery (Wed) as well as yesterday, I drew the Goddess of Fire and Passion (Goddess of Fire-Pele) cards out of Cher Lyn's Mystic Medicine Cards deck.  And the day before, it was ALCHEMY (by Merlin).  All three signaled a major transformation was about to take place.  And it was Goddess Pele who guided me to Maui back in 2008, roughly around the time when Sue's first prayer request came (see a selection of Pele stories below).  So I feel that it was this Hawaiian Goddess who really deserves the credit for Tom's three miraculous healings - a heart surgery in 2008, a jaw bone surgery in 2009, and a bladder operation two days ago. 

Merlin (left, ALCHEMY) may have also assisted her. 

"Merlin spoke of suffering," writes Cher Lyn.  "He experienced love loss, feelings of instability, abandonment and loneliness (in his early life).  It was not until then that he could become a master magician and shape-shifter. He shares these things to remind you that all your suffering when transformed using Alchemy is a true and powerful gift."

No wonder, therefore, that Sue and Tom felt the presence of higher power throughout their 30-month ordeal and healing odyssey.

This is how Tom's healing journey started...

Start of a Long Healing Journey... Oct 2008

From: Bob Djurdjevic
Sent: Wednesday, October 01, 2008 4:52 PM
To: 'Sue
Subject: RE: Thanks 

Done.  I did say my prayers for your husband, Tom, twice this afternoon.  So donít be surprised if he starts feeling better and stronger soon.  It is not often that I get an immediate acknowledgment by the Spirits and the Creator that they have heard me, although it has happened before, as you know if you read my recent stories and travelogues.  But it has only happened once before while I was on a bike, like this afternoon. 

Anyway, if you followed my shamanic spiritual path this year through my stories, then you know that a Shaman prays with his heart and transmits his prayers with his breath.  And the Holy Spirit responds by various means, through signs in the clouds, or the mountains and lakes, or more often than that in my experience, by gusts of wind, the celestial form of breath. 

I did not actually set out to do any praying this afternoon, just wanted to go for a short ride before taking my bike into a shop for an adjustment.  But the air was so clear and calm, and my heart was filled with so much joy that I started praying almost spontaneously.   Once I became conscious of it, I specifically mentioned your husband by name and asked the Creator, the Father Sky and Pachamama (Mother Earth) to help him heal quickly and completely.  

A short while later, while I was pedaling eastward off Pima Rd toward the McDowell Mountains, I was suddenly struck by a strong gust of wind.  It almost stopped me dead in my tracks even though I had been biking at full speed before.  I had to stand up on the pedals and press as hard as I could just to move a few feet forward.  I knew immediately what it was, and started thanking the Creator and the Spirits for their immediate acknowledgment.  And then they did it again.  And again.  Three times!  Then the wind stopped and the air became as calm as it had been before.  I looked around, there was no cloud in the sky anywhere; no sign of any disturbance or storm. 

A few minutes later, after I had turned around at a dead end and headed back westward, it happened again.  Another strong gust of wind hit me, this time from the west (the opposite direction from the first three).  I smiled again, and joyfully shouted a loud ďThank You!Ē to the heavens. [emphasis added]

When I came home, I repeated the prayers in the pool, which I often do.  As you know, there are four basic elements Ė fire, air, water and earth.  And while sun and fire can be synonymous, and I had thus deployed all three earlier in the afternoon,  I felt that water was missing.   So I did separately. 

Anyway, itís out of my hands now.  I did what I said I would do.  So I hope that it is helpful to Tom. 

Much munay,

Bob Dj. 

P.S. Munay = Love in Quechua, the Inca language.

And you already know how it ended.  Happily!

Another Gallbladder & Lung Cancer Healing

HAIKU, Maui, Feb 17 - Sue's letter and Tom's story reminded me of another miraculous healing that took place last spring.  Here's an excerpt from a note I wrote last May:

On May 5, 2010, at 5:58 PM, Bob Djurdjevic wrote:

I just learned something else this morning from Keith, my gardener that made me feel good.  

His Mom has been ill, he told me a couple of months ago.  She was facing gallbladder surgery.  I offered to pray for her, and he graciously accepted.  So I have been asking the spirits to heal "Geraldine of Anaheim," among others, in my daily communications with them. [as with Tom in Arizona, I have never met her this California lady before.  I only knew her son].

But when the doctors did various tests in preparation for her gallbladder surgery, they discovered some spots on her lungs.  So she was naturally very despondent.  As was Keith, my gardener, when he told me that a couple of weeks ago.

Well, Keith told me this morning that his Mom in CA is doing much better.  He said that both her gallbladder and the spots on her lungs have healed without surgery.  

"They did the MRI and it came back negative," he said.  "She is very happy."  So Keith wanted to thank me for my prayers.  

This morning, I also did a blessing today using the water from our creek.  It's beautifully clear now. I took a few sips, too.  It felt very cleansing.  So Keith (my gardener) did it, too, offering the prayers of thanks for his Mom's healing.  I plan to use this natural water from now on in my ceremonies in addition to the traditional shaman's Florida Water.  

For, I feel it must be holy water of sorts.  This creek had not run through here for a long time, my neighbors tell me.  It had been a dry riverbed for a year in my experience, too.  I even called the State of Hawaii in Honolulu to find out if they knew what the origin of the sudden water flow is.  They did not.  "Rain," they guesses.  Well, it rains here all the time, but there had been no water flowing through our gulch until seven weeks ago.

Remember, it all started on St. Patrick's Day, after my ceremony.  And the creek has been running ever since.  I don't know why it took me so long to realize that since it is a gift from Namaka, I should -be using that water in my (fire) ceremonies.  Namaka has always been jealous of her sister Pele. 

Ever since St. Patrick's Day of last year (see St. Patrick's Day 2010), the first day the Namaka Creek started running, I have been trying to make peace between the Goddess sisters, by calling on each of them to invite them to the Rainbow Shower, and thanking each of them for their love, healings and protection (see Messages from Goddess Pele? - YinYangBob, Aug 2009 and Visiting Goddess Pele's Home, Dec 5, 2010 - right, and Rainy Season at the Rainbow Shower).  So thank you, Goddesses Pele, Namaka and Master Merlin (who also embodies the energies of Al Khadir, the first master spirit guide to reveal himself to me - ).

(also see Pele's Tears, Nov 2009). 

And if you have an ailment or a situation in which you would like to seek divine help, just click on Prayer Request.

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