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By Bob Djurdjevic

28 Aug 2011

Updated Jan 27, 2011, adds "Prayer Request"-Idea

Miraculous Healings

Spirit of Mary Magdalene, working as "Celestial Chiropractor," heals badly injured knee with instant adjustment

My vision of Mary Magdalene


Miraculous Healings

Spirit of Mary Magdalene, working as "Celestial Chiropractor," heals badly injured knee with instant adjustment

 " another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healing by that one Spirit," 

        1 Corinthians 12:9 [emphasis added] 


HAIKU, Maui, Jan 26 - It is natural, I think, for a modern, educated man to be skeptical of stories of miraculous healings.  I also used to be quite dismissive about it.  Our materialistic society has weaned us off our mother (Earth - Pachamama), our father (Sun - Inti Tatai) and of the Creator (Wirakocha).  Yet whether or not we are aware of the spirits' presence among us, or are willing to admit they play an important role in our lives, we are all a part of the creation and of the Creator.  Which means, we are all subject to the same laws and forces.  Which include healings of our physical bodies by mysterious means which modern science and medicine is unable to explain.  If in doubt, just Google the phrase "miraculous healings."  You'll find 95,300 examples of them.

Miraculous Healing

But there is nothing like firsthand experience to drive that point home.  What happened last week here at the Rainbow Shower was a case in point.  Here's a synopsis of what happened...

While Elizabeth was away visiting her kids in Arizona this past December, I had an accident in the gulch in which I injured my right knee.  I was working on the steepest part of the Orchard Rd at dusk.  Having just watered some new plants there, the ground was still wet.  As I was walking down, my left foot slipped an took off.  My right knee bent and snapped like a twig.  My butt hit the right heel as I fell to the ground.

"Uh, uh," I thought.  "Here we go again." 

My knees had been busted before through decades of vigorous athletic abuse. I have had two surgeries on my left knee and the MRI's done on both.  The Arizona Diamondbacks surgeon who performed them said that my right knee was also in a bad shape.  So much so that he would not recommend surgery as there was not enough cartilage left to repair.  That was three years ago.

At first the pain wasn’t bad.  But then it got worse in the following weeks.  Probably because I kept reinjuring it with my heavy physical work in the gulch.  So I started having chiropractic treatments on it, and considering a new MRI and surgery after all. My chiropractic doctor thought I should lie low and wait six weeks to see if the cartilage may heal by itself.  He also did a series of adjustments and electromagnetic treatments on it. 

Nothing worked.  The pain kept getting worse.  It was especially bad when I walked down hill.  Which means most of the time when you have a gulch property.

Even when I rested, the knee was getting worse.  The pain started waking me up during the night.  That's when I finally asked the spirits to heal it.  I rarely ask them to do anything for me.  As a shaman, I normally plead with them to heal other people who asked for my help. But since the knee injury was preventing me from doing my usual work as the caretaker of their Garden of Eden that the Rainbow Shower has become, I thought they might want to do something.  Or else they just might have to do all the hard work themselves. :-) So I asked for them to heal my knee, among my other nightly requests for help.

Last Monday (Jan 17), I was doing some light landscaping work on a steep slope in front of our house.   Moving very carefully, I stepped gingerly on what I thought was firm ground while trying to cur some cane grass.  It was actually an indentation, covered with ground shrubs.  I felt my right knee snap, then heard a crack.  Sharp pain that forced me to sit down.  

"Uh, uh," I said.  But I wasn't discouraged.  On the contrary.  I suspected this may have been the answer to my prayers. 

"This feels either like a new injury or my celestial chiropractor fixing my injury again," I thought to myself (see Untying Tumi's Gordian Knot; Celestial Chiropractor , Oct 2, 2008, for another example of miraculous healing).

When I got up, I put my weight very carefully on that knee.  There was still some pain, but I was actually able to walk better than before the "accident." So I decided to do some heavy lumber-jacking and road repair work that I had been putting off after my first knee injury.  I figured, "what the heck… if it’s a new injury, I will have to have surgery anyway, and won’t get to do it (that kind of heavy labor) for months.  And if it is a healing, that will be its first ‘stress test’ for the knee."  

So I went on working down in the gulch for another three hours. It was a stress test alright.  I lost six pounds even though I was taking liquids the whole time.

When I came home, I told Elizabeth that the next morning would give us additional clues as to where it was an injury or a healing.  And it looked like it was a healing. There was still some pain, but I was walking better than before, even though the knee had been through hell and back during my Monday's work in the gulch.  

I then drew a card from Cher Lyn's mystic medicine card deck (see Mystic Medicine Cards, Jan 11). It read "DEVOTION." It’s about devotion to the Creator and the master spirits He sends to us to guide us.  In this case, it was Mary Magdalene, the card said.  Mary Magdalene was also one of the two dozen master spirit guides who showed up at my astral rebirth ceremony on 2/25/2009 (see Altzar's Rebirth & Mantras, Feb 2009).  Before that, the only female spirit guides I was aware of by name were Goddesses Aphrodite (Greek), Isis (Egyptian), and Goddesses Pele and Namaka (Hawaiian).

"Thank you, Mary," I said upon reading the card’s description and interpretation.  I promised her a fire ceremony to express my DEVOTION to the Holy Spirit. Which I did the following day.  And have been honoring her every night since then, including with this artistic depiction of her healing hands (left).

The following day, my mystic card EXPRESSION.  I had spent most of the day writing spiritual stories and creating new art for my web site which is dedicated (devoted) to the Holy Spirit.  And on Sunday, I drew again Goddess of Fire (transformation) - the third time in 10 days out of a deck of 64 cards!

Indeed, the next three days have been a process of transformation in which creative (female) energies helped express my devotion to the Creator and my master guides, including Mary Magdalene - with a celestial chiropractor intervening in between.

"The signs are everywhere," as my friend and Inca shaman-hermano Nicolas said a year ago after we did the karpai (rites of passage) fire ceremony in Peru.  I had observed how the wind had changed direction and blew the smoke from the fire right in my face. Which is what prompted his remark. [Elizabeth took the right photo of the three shaman’s sitting on the lawn around the fire].

Don Sebastian, closest to the camera (right, and also in the left photo), is one of the world’s most famous Inca shamans.  His work has been mentioned in books and films.   He and I were always together, up front on our climbs through the Andes, during the Altomesayok Journey in 2009 (see Peru: Conversations with Andean Mountain Spirits).  We became very close, like brothers, even though we could not speak each other languages.  Nicolas, his son, also a shaman, does speak a little English.  So we managed.

By the way, the Goddess of Fire card has appeared to me three times (!) in the 10 days. Pretty amazing, huh?  Three out of 10 days form a deck of 64 cards! It seems rather fitting, though, considering what’s been happening in my life, including the above episode.  (Goddess of Fire represents transformation).

Just a quick update since I wrote this four days ago.  A week ago, I could barely put any weight on my right knee, the pain was so severe.  I was even waking up during the night from it.  Now, the pain in my right knee is now completely gone! Elizabeth and I have just returned after walking up and down the hills all around the Rainbow Shower.  Never once did I feel any pain.  Pretty amazing!  Thank you, Mary Magdalene. 

Nor was it the first time that I have been healed of some injury by miraculous means.  It's just that I never published anything


On Monday, Jan 23, exactly a week after Mary Magdalene's miraculous healing, I went back to my chiropractor doctor-friend.

"My knee has been healed," I said.  "You've got competition."

"God?" he guessed.

"Goddess.  Sort of.  Mary Magdalene."

"I see." 

Michael, my chiropractor, who is also very spiritual aware and able to communicate with spirits, then did some stress tests of his own on my knee before confirming that it had been healed indeed.

Michael has a busy practice, built up in several decades of successful healings.  So I asked him, "ever seen anything like it before - either from your personal experiences, or from your patients?"


First Miraculous Healing

But I have.  I told him about two previous cases in which a "celestial chiropractor" helped heal an injury.  The first time was in June 2008, before my first trip to Peru.  My lower back injury had flared up, and both of my knees were sore.  And if I were to make the arduous mountain climbing treks through the Andes, I asked the spirits to help heal these injuries.

On the last day of the pilgrimage, we climbed the 16,300 ft-Kolka Cruz Pass, where we received the Rites of Passage as shamans (Day 12:  Receiving Rites of Passage, July 9, 2008 - right photo).  Our leader, Jose Luis, a native Inca shaman, was the first one to make the tough hike.  I was about three steps behind him.  The rest of our group could be seen snaking up the mountain trail, far below us.

"You're like a mountain goat," I complimented him.

"It takes one to know one," he replied as we embraced.

On our way down the mountain, I was so overjoyed with the Rites of Passage ceremony and the experience of being anointed a shaman by the mountain spirits, that I started running down a steep slope. My foot slipped and a twisted my knee.

"Uh, uh," I thought for a moment, visualizing a long journey on foot which lay ahead not just to our base camp, but back to Cusco the following day.  Then I got up and continued walking briskly, talking to the spirits along the way.  I asked them keep my knee together long enough for us to get to Cusco.  "I do not want to end this magnificent mountain experience riding down a mountain on a mule, like a sissy," I told them.  "So please..."

The following morning, I crawled out of the tent fearful of what my knee would feel like.  But it was fine.  I walked again right alongside Jose Luis all the way down the mountain.  It wasn't until about a week later, by which time I had gone back home to Arizona, and then on to England, that my knee finally started acting up (see Crop Circles Tour of Wiltshire (England), July 2008).

Second Miraculous Healing

I received my second miraculous healing three months later.  That time, I did not even ask for it.  I just accepted my knee pain as a fact of life.  What I had done the day before, however, is ask the spirits to heal two other people in my life, one in Arizona and another in Florida, who needed their help.  And that seems to have made all the difference. 

And then for a good measure, the spirits also threw in a miraculous knot for me to untie, like the Gordian Knot that Alexander the Great had to face. 

You can read all about it in this 2008 story - Untying Tumi's Gordian Knot; Celestial Chiropractor (Oct 2, 2008).

Divine Permission to Publish

Up until now, I have been reluctant to write about these miraculous healings.  Partly it was because I was not sure if I am allowed to do it.  I did not want to get the spirits mad at me.  Which is why the above story was originally password-protected.  Only some of my closest family and friends got to see it. 

So what's different this time?  I just got permission to do it.  And from none other than Mary Magdalene. 

After I had finished writing the above story, I went to draw my mystic medicine card for the day.  Before I did, I asked the spirits to make this card an answer to my quandary about whether or not is okay to publish the stories about my personal miraculous healing experiences. 

The card I drew was DEVOTION, the Mary Magdalene card which depicts her as the medicine woman who heals using divine magic (left).  It was the second time I drew this card.  The first time was the day after she healed my knee (Jan 18).  That is why you are now reading these lines.  Guess she wants the people to know they can seek and receive help if they show true Devotion to the Creator and the magnanimous spirits, like herself.

I was overwhelmed by emotion.  I felt her love emanating from the card.  Tears are still rolling down my cheeks as I write this.

"Prayer Request"-Idea

HAIKU, Maui, Jan 27 - Well, looks like this will be a story without an ending.  Not because of me.  The spirits keep adding new chapters to it.  And they are based on wonderful ideas.  So I am happy to come along for the ride.  If you want to join me, the more the merrier.  And happier.

When I was doing my usual nightly prayers and meditations after midnight last night-early morning today (Jan 27), I thanked all the spirits who may have played a role in my Miraculous Healing, especially Mary Magdalene.  At that moment, I felt a rush of loving emotion in my chest, followed by chest-rising excitement, like discovering something new and different or long lost.  The words "prayer request" came forth into my consciousness, as if communicated by Mary M.

"So you want me to help others experience the kind of healing you did on me?" I asked out loud.

A flood of warm feelings entered n my heart.

"Should I design and offer a 'prayer request'-option at my web site?" I also said out loud.  "And offer to pray for other people who are suffering, and transmit their requests to you and other spirits?"

More warm and gooey feelings in the chest. 

So I am to be a "web shaman."  And the internet my ministry, it would appear. 

Then I remembered my own words used in the tagline of my web site: "Connecting the heaven and the earth in service of man."

I may have thought they were my own words, but the spirits may have also inspired them.  "In service of man," kept echoing in my mind.  Bingo!

The idea lit up like a light bulb.  Up until now, I have performed shamanic services only on a small scale - helping heal some friends and relatives who had asked for it.  Quite successfully, as I am told, just in case of my own miraculous knee healing.  And I had fulfilled my planetary mission in this lifetime as a Rainbow Giver by setting up the celestial network at the Rainbow Shower (seeLiving a Dream (YinYangBob, May 2, 2010). 

But until last night, I never quite grasped the big picture of why the spirits led me to the shamanic path.  The words "global communicator" entered my consciousness.  Indeed, the "web shaman" it is.  That's my call to service.

So before I went to bed, I went to my office and jotted down the words "prayer request" in red ink on a yellow sticky.  And in the morning, I went to work on designing that section of the web site.  Click on Prayer Request link to see it as far as I got so far.

About half way through the project, by early afternoon, something made me stop.  I wanted to double check with the spirits to make sure I am on the right path.  It was not uncertainty.  I just felt the NEED to communicate with them again.

So I pulled out a deck of Cher Lyn's mystic cards (see, shuffled them, laid them on the table before me, closed my eyes, and asked the spirits to answer my question with the card I was about to draw.  Then I cut the deck and picked out the top card, with my eyes still closed.  You won't believe what I saw when I opened them.  It was ASCENDED MASTERS! (right)

So it was not just Mary Magdalene who wanted me to do it.  All of the ASCENDED MASTERS collectively were behind the idea.  Here's Cher Lyn's text about the card's meaning:

"The Ascended Masters card is here to tell you that these Higher Beings of Light are her to assist you on your journey.  You are surrounded by a spiritual team which is offering protection, healing and support. When you listen in silence sensing into your intuition, you can feel and perhaps even hear them."

Amen!  What Cher Lyn described above is what I FELT as I held that card in my hand. Once gain, tears were rolling down my cheeks as they always do when our souls are touched by the Holy Spirit.

[click on images to enlarge]

After regaining composure, I took a break from my work to go down to the gulch and offer my thanks at the Huaca (sacred space) to all of my Spirit Guides.  And there are a lot of them, as you can see from the above charts.  Now that I know I have the spirits' permission and blessing, they are being published for unrestricted viewing for the first time (above; also see Shaman's Tools of Trade).   So the people who really need a Prayer Request would know who might be heeding it and healing them.

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