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By Bob Djurdjevic

03 Aug 2011

Updated March 9, 2011: Simultaneous sunrise, moonrise and Apu Huaskaran, Saturn message; Mar 11: Natural Disaster Predicted by Apus in June 2009

"Great Gift" Explained

Apu Huaskaran's answer to Altzar's question explained


Simultaneous sunrise, moonrise and Apu Huaskaran, Saturn message

"Great Gift" Explained

 Apu Huaskaran's answer to Altzar's question: Gift of Duality, Golden Heart that Creates and Transforms

HAIKU, Maui, Mar 9 - February ended with two additional back-to-back visits by Goddess of Fire (card - on Feb 26-27).  But March started on a more mellow note.  SHAPESHIFT was followed by FORGIVENESS.  Both were direct answers to something that was happening in my life at the time.  Both were spot on.  They taught me to shape-shift my perceptions into compassion and forgiveness for someone I disagreed with.

On Thursday, Mar 3, I woke up before dawn even though I am not a morning person.  I figured there was a reason.  Indeed.  As I looked outside, I could feel more than see the moon rising with the sun in the eastern sky.

Since it was still dark, I downloaded the Stellarium software images of the sky at that very moment (two left shots).  It was the last birthing of the "old" waning moon (right).  And in the west, the dominant "star" I saw was actually Saturn.  It was looming right above the three-dimensional chakana-apucheta across the gulch from the Rainbow Shower.  It is the marker this planet shares with Apu Huaskaran (middle right above, also see Living a Dream, May 2, 2010 - the #2 point on the above map).  How amazing is that?

Then I drew my card for the day.  It was TRUTH in quest for universal love.  Again, how appropriate, I thought.  The and and the moon, Saturn and Apu Huaskaran, my main benefactor mountain spirit, were all showing me their love and reminding me of it.

Encouraged by such an uncanny accuracy of the Mystic Medicine cards, it was the next morning, Friday, March 4, the new moon day, that I woke up feeling this was the day I should pop the "big" question.  Here's an excerpt from my journal notes from that day...

I asked for explanation of what Apu Huaskaran meant when he said I was born with a "great gift" (click here to see what he actually said in June 2009). The answer came in the shape of the CREATION card. And here's how it explained his answer...

The image on the right is of a Medicine Baby - the boy-king, the male spark in creation. The innocence of a male is needed to
recognize the feminine in her wisdom, co-creating balance and healing (see *NOTE). He is decorated with crown jewels that ordain him as the chosen one who sends his golden heart energy into the center of Creation.

He is of a royal indigenous bloodline and uses ancient alchemy to co-create the Goddesses of the Four Directions and Elements to heal the hearts on Earth. His butterfly wings are the colors of the rainbow which emanate from his chakras.


The butterfly is a powerful symbol of change - from eggs on a leaf, to a caterpillar, to a cocoon, and finally a beautiful winged creature. Butterfly represents the ultimate transformation (click here for more). Everything has an order of the infinite cycle of life (another mark of the Al Khadir-Merlin spirit, the first to show himself to me over three years ago).

*NOTE: A female shaman told me three years ago atop Kolka Cruz Pass after a “Karpai” rites of passage ceremony: “You have a huge heart, a heart of gold.” Another shaman told me in Nov 2008, and and two multidimensional beings confirmed it in Feb 2009, that I Altzar is one of those rare people who possess 50/50 male/female energies).

So to summarize the GREAT GIFT:

  • 1. Duality - possessing both male/female energies which radiate from Altzar's chakras like rainbows;

  • 2. Golden Heart that connects with source of Creation (which is why Paul the Venetian gave me the gift of a luminous staff on my astral birthday - Feb 25, 2009 - which connects Altzar directly to the Creator).

  • 3. Creation and Transformation that heals (again, a trait of the Al Khadir-Merlin spirit)

    Today is 3/4/2011 - a new moon day, and another #11 Ace day. No wonder it is a day of special revelations for Altzar.

Natural Disaster Predicted by Apus in June 2009


HAIKU, Maui, Mar 11 - Now that the imminent danger from the tsunami has ebbed, at least here in Hawaii, it is time to reflect on the meaning of such natural disasters as that which started with the 8.9 Richter scale earthquake on March 11 in Japan.  As I was pondering that, my thoughts went back immediately to something the Apus (Andean Mountain Spirits) told us, a small group of Inca-trained shamans about to undertake an Altomesayok Pilgrimage Journey in Peru (see The Altomesayok Journey: On the Angel Trail in Peru [May-Jun 2009]). During our Conversations with Mountain Spirits on June 2, I asked the question about what we can expect in 2012 and beyond given the Mayan Prophecy.


Here's an excerpt from the spirits' answer:

...Apu Illimani de Bolivia spoke first, followed by Apu Urusaywa.  The essence of what Apu Illimani said was that there will be transformations, and that we can expect significant "meteorological changes."

Apu Urusaywa elaborated and expanded on that answer.  He said that much of the outcome depends on us.  If we live in fear, we might suffer.  But if we take charge and step up to the plate as leaders in the transformation, then we should have nothing to fear.  And if our leader get together on a salvation plan for the planet, that will help, too.

Then he added that there will be "disasters" around the world. But he did not elaborate on where and what kind of disasters.

Turning to me personally, he added, "I see that you, Bob, are well on your way in your personal preparations for 2012.  So you have nothing to fear if you stay on that path."

I suppose the Apu "saw" that from my luminous body?

You can see more on this and many other topics we discussed with the Mountain Spirits if you click here.


Furthermore, a friend of mine from Holland has just sent me a compilation of the natural disasters that have occurred all over the world.  And we are not yet even at the end of the first quarter! [CLICK HERE to view the PDF file].


So what does it all mean?


Consider Apu Urusaywa's answer. "If we take charge and step up to the plate as leader in the transformation, then we should have nothing to fear.  And if our leaders get together on a salvation plan for the planet, that will help, too."


Personally, I am not holding my breath for "our leaders" to do anything other than what they are doing - fostering wars around the world so they can extend their power and influence for the sake of material gains. So it's up to the rest of us to try to save the planet.  Pachamama, Mother Earth, has been injured, mostly by our lack of Love for her.  She reminded me of it three times this week, twice before the Japan disaster and once this morning. (I drew the Goddess of Earth card three times in the last six days when I asked for the spirits' guidance).


I hear you, Mother.  So I have been pouring extra helping of love into the Rainbow Shower land this week.  My two music videos whose publication I have temporarily delayed out of respect for the Japanese victims, are actually my Despachos (love messages) to the Mother.  I will publish them later tonight.  For now, here's a "sneak preview" of their YouTube editions:

‪Moonlight Sonata with Tibetan Bowls at Sacred Huaca/ Hawaiian Heiau (March 10, 2011 11:50 PM)

‪Playing Tibetan Bowls at Rainbow Shower Huaca-Heiau

YOU CAN HELP, TOO.  No prayer is too small or too insignificant.  We, the humanity, can collectively change our destiny if we pray with our hearts and show Pachamama our love and appreciation for the life she supports on this planet.  Please (re)read my "2012" essay in order to appreciate the importance of collective emotion and the power of its impact on our planet.  Pachamama is reminding us of it again with all these natural disasters.

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