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Dec 17, 2011

Last updated Jan 17, 2012 - A magical day: Sisters' Healing - Goddesses Namaka and Pele getting along, adds 3D image of Anahata-Huaca-Ahu

Vermillion Fire Ceremony on "Red Letter Day"

Water bracketing Fire: Rainbow blessing preceded the fire ceremony; rain followed it; Sisters' Healing - Goddesses Namaka and Pele getting along



Sisters' Healing - Goddesses Namaka and Pele getting along

Vermillion Fire Ceremony on "Red Letter Day"

Water bracketing Fire: Rainbow blessing preceded the fire ceremony; rain followed it

Cher Lyn's Mystic Medicine card: SISTERS' HEALING

HAIKU, Maui, Dec 17, 2011 - By all appearances, Friday Dec 16 was a "red letter day" around here at the Rainbow Shower on Maui.  After working as a gardener of this Garden of Eden, replanting some Vermillion "Empress of India" flowers which I grew from seed, I got to tend to my Dharma Garden.  I had an amazing session with Ahtun Re, and ancient Egyptian spirit who has access to the Akashic Records encoded in the spiritual plane.

For those of you who may not be familiar with them - the Akashic Records records contain "all knowledge of human existence and the history of the cosmos," according to Wikipedia.   During the course of an hour or so of a lively discussion, Ahtun Re confirmed ALL of my many recent major intuitions about my and Elizabeth's past incarnations, and also added some additional ones I did not know about.  It will take me DAYS to process all that information.  There was so much new and exciting stuff.  Some of it may be even new to recorded human history, as was our discovery of the Theodosius inscription at Delphi, also based on Ahtun Re's guidance back in September. 

When I do finish the transcript and digest it all, I hope to post it in a personal and confidential section of this web site - for those of my close friends and family who may be interested.  If you feel you are one of them, click here to let me know.

Meanwhile, back to the amazing Friday afternoon... giving thanks to the Spirit for such discoveries was only one reason I felt compelled to do a fire ceremony.  Another was to consecrate the newly transplanted Vermillion flowers.  I also have a number of ongoing private prayer requests asking for shamanic healings of various kinds.  Finally, we are only days away from the Winter Solstice and about one year from the end of the 5,125-year cycle of human and galactic history (see 2012 Revisited: Toward New Breed of Man, May 11).  Since a shaman uses the fire and his breath to transmit important messages to the Spirit, I knew it would be a busy night down in the gulch once I got started.

But even before I got going, however, magic started to unfold already.  While I was filming the introductory segment of the Fire Ceremony video, a clear sky rainbow popped up out of the blue - both literally and figuratively.  You can see it as a still frame in the left shot.

And now, with that preamble but without further ado, I invite you to watch this fire ceremony video...

Vermillion Fire Ceremony on “Red Letter Day” (Dec 16)


Finally, take a look at Cher Lyn's Mystic Medicine card SISTERS' HEALING (right) which also deals with a union of Fire and Water, and the reconciliation between the sisters who used to be each other's nemesis: Goddess Namaka and Goddess Pele.  Goddess Pele has been my guide who led me to Maui.  Goddess Namaka was a spirit I invited to the Rainbow Shower property.  She showed up for the first time on St. Patrick's Day 2010.  And has been a regular visitor since, including last week (see Namaka Creek Roars through Rainbow Shower). And last night, you all saw how Namaka embraced Pele - before and after the fire ceremony.  All seems well in the land of rainbows...


And that's she wrote on this Red Letter Day, Dec 16, also another #3-#11 day (12-16-2011).  Enjoy your weekend!


First red Vermillion flower - 1/15/2012 (left).  First yellow Vermillion flower - 1/03/2012 (right).


3D image of Anahata-Huaca-Ahu


HAIKU, Maui, Jan 17, 2012 - A few days ago, while standing above my sacred space as I do every day, I had this three-dimensional image of it which extended both above and below the ground.  This is my feeble artistic expression of that image.  It is a composite of the images below.  It brings into complete balance the masculine-feminine (3d pyramids), and spiritual-earthly realms (the sphere).



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