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Aug 23, 2011

Updated Sep 10, 2011 - Adds Vermillion Petals; Vishuddha Sign; Sacred Union Card, also see Spectacular Initiation Fire Ceremony Video - From Rainbow Shower Celestial Network to Soul Rays to Sounds of Souls, to New Anahata-Huaca-Ahu... a multidimensional journey-last step in closing the loop of nearly 4-year cycle of revelations on "I AM" question

From Intuition through Action to Ascension

Lighted by intuition lampposts placed by my guides along Revelation Road, I followed up hunches with action often not knowing why or what but trusting that they did; And sometimes I got an answer much later on - as another revelation



From Soul Rays to Sounds of Souls, to Rainbow Shower Celestial Network and New Anahata-Huaca-Ahu... a never-ending multidimensional journey

From Intuition through Action to Ascension

Lighted by intuition lampposts placed by my guides along Revelation Road, I followed up hunches with action often not knowing why or what but trusting that they did; And sometimes I got an answer much later on - as another revelation; and some answers are still elusive, still veiled in mystery of life

Don Sebastian and Nicolas, his son, also a shaman, performed a special karpai (rites of passage = ordination in western churches) ceremony, my third. They also prepared a Despacho as part of it.  It was late January 2010 .  We were in the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru. The raging Urubamba river had flooded the low-lying portion of many towns.  When we did a Despacho the night before, we had to do it under the cover of a makeshift roof.  Yet by the time we were finished with our ceremony, about three hours later, a warm sun appeared for the first time in days.  It dried out the lawn so quickly that we were able to lounge lazily in the sun watching the fire consume the last remnants of the Despacho.

A tiny beetle landed on Nicolas' finger.  And a strong gust of wind, reversed the direction from which the breeze had been coming, and blew the smoke from our Despacho right at me.

"Did you see that?" I asked nobody in particular.

Nicolas nodded affirmatively.  "The signs are everywhere, all the time," he said.  "We just need to notice them."  Apu Huaskaran and Santa Tierra Quollyor Nusta, his feminine expression, had evidently received our prayers and requests, and were acknowledging them in their inimitable non-verbal ways. 

HAIKU, Maui, Aug 23, 2011 - Ever since Elizabeth and I returned from the Big Island in mid-July, divine signs have been flooding the Rainbow Shower with the power and intensity that reminded this writer of the raging Urubamba river a year and a half ago (also see the Spiritual section for some earlier stories on this).  One revelation followed another in spectacular style, on a wide range of topics, using a full spectrum of multidimensional travel and communications media.  It felt as if my guides were throwing playfully all these new and different styles of signs at me to see if I could keep up with them.  They were popping up all over the place, like intuition lampposts on my Revelation Road.  I just had to keep my wits about me and my senses alert enough to follow them.  This is a story about one such trip which went up and down, left and right, in and out of body, as it meandered through space and time.

As fascinating as these experiences have been - emotionally, intellectually, spiritually - they would not be worth anybody's time of day unless they let to some beneficial ACTION.  For only action moves us forward, closer to Ascension. That's what the Teacher has been saying over and over again.  You cannot meditate your way to Ascension.  Passive meditation is meaningless unless it produces some tangible RESULTS. 

As you will see in these stories, each one of them started with intuition and the action followed.  None of the revelations happened during a meditation.  They just happened.  And the action that followed just happened.  Both occurred as naturally and as spontaneously as a change from night to day.  And ALL of them happened BEFORE I ever heard the Teacher talking about it.

Most of the time my mind had no idea what was happening or why.  I just trusted that my guides did.  And every once in a while, usually after a long time had passed, they would explain things to me.  Almost never verbally.  Again, with multidimensional signs.

* * *

New Anahata-Huaca-Ahu Born Today, Yet Conceived Subconsciously Two-and-a-half Years Ago

Here's a double rainbow, for example (left), that appeared as I was writing that piece about "greed and consequences" as we approach the start of the new era for mankind (Service, Not Greed, Brings Lasting Fortune (, Aug 21)).  It was a sign of approval of the spirit guides who inspired me to do that piece during the night, and helped write it during the day on Sunday. 

And then, take a look at that beautiful clear sky rainbow on the right that appeared this morning as I was making plans to add some new elements to the design of the Huaca-Ahu, my sacred altar for shamanic ceremonies at the bottom of the Rainbow Shower gulch.  I took it as another sign of encouragement to go on with my project, and to start working on it today. 

And what's that about?  Its an extension of my shaman's altar in the gulch, the sacred space I built two-and-a-half years ago based on a hunch and subconscious guidance by my spirit guides and two large boulders who called me energetically even though they were buried under the surface, deep inside an impassable jungle. Later, they identified themselves to me as the (dormant) spirits of Haleakala and Puu Kukui, the two Maui volcanoes.

I do not know why I felt at the time that the Huaca-Ahu (the Quechua and Hawaiian words for a sacred space) had to be triangular. I just told my Native Hawaiian friend who was helping me clear the jungle that it did.  He nodded affirmatively as if that were the most logical thing in the world to say. 

So here is what it looked like in early 2010, before other revelations started to happed, such as that circle that looks like a halo which I added to the photo in March 2010.  Why? I did not know why. I just felt that, if the center of that triangle needed to be round.  That's when I placed the Pachamama (Mother Earth) kulla (rock) on which I stand to connect to the heaven and the earth - the Sun and the universe with Pachamana - during ceremonies. 

It was also a part of the revelations that started in Puno on Lake Titicaca in Peru in late January.  It took me nearly four months to build the celestial network shown in the next photo above.  [EXAMPLE 1: ACTION that followed REVELATION even if now knowing why]

When it was completed, it represented the eight planets of the solar system and the eight major Apus (mountain spirit guides), marked with three-dimensional Chakana-Apuchetas placed at strategic points around the Rainbow Shower seven acre-property.  Each node of the network was a beacon for energies of a given planet and a specific Apu.  Each addressed the exact four cardinal directions, and had each of the four elements represented on it.  Each also had the Inca shaman's sacred animals present (upper right photo).

And the vision of this network also came with a musical download.  It happened close to its completion (see Living a Dream (May 2, 2010, and Dance of Stars (July 22, 2011) - an updated version of my original recording). [EXAMPLE 2: ACTION that followed REVELATION even if not knowing why]

And what was the purpose of this celestial network?  To fulfill my planetary mission and the reason my guides wanted me to move to Hawaii. Which was to help awaken the dormant Hawaiian volcano spirits with my prayers and help connect them with their "awake" brethren in the Andes.  I have no idea how this cosmic connection worked.  I just know it did.  Nor did I understand how this whole complex network idea came to me.  I just know it did.  And I trusted my intuition and followed through with four months of, at times, backbreaking work on the hills of the Rainbow Shower.  Elizabeth is my witness and was an aid, too, at the time we needed to measure certain things through the thick jungle.

* * *

Now, let's fast-forward to July 28 of this year, almost a month ago. That's when I did a prayer for a successful sale of Beth and Tracy's business (see "Talking Story" with Spirits, July 28). I was actually standing on that Pachamama rock facing East when I did it. 

A day later, an email discussion with Beth about the significance of rays in our souls led me back to a 2008 astrological reading I had had done about myself.  And it said right there on the first page that I am a 3 + 7 ray-soul.  Meaning, my primary ray is the 3rd, and my secondary or personality ray is the 7th.  Beth had discerned the former even based on her own intuition, without knowing about my chart.  But I had no idea what that meant at the time.  So it only dawned on me on July 29 of this year.

I then reread the Wikipedia description of the 3rd ray...

3rd ray

Active Intelligence


Paul the Venetian

"Chateau de Liberte, S. France & Temple of the Sun, NY"


Anahata (4th)


And I saw that it resides (ethericly) in part in the Egyptian Temple of the Sun in New York.  Guess what?  I actually visited it with Elizabeth about two years ago at the Metropolitan Museum.  Of course, until now, it was just another museum exhibit to me at the time.  As I am also discovering now, almost everything that happened in this lifetime had some sort of a hook, a connection to some of my past lifetimes.  The challenged was to discover what and then interpret the meaning of it, so one can take some appropriate ACTION now to address the issue. [EXAMPLE 3: ACTION that followed REVELATION even if not consciously]

Furthermore, I see that the 3rd ray is also ruled by Earth and Saturn.  Bingo, again!  Some of you know about my intimate connection to Pachamama (Mother Earth) as the Shepherd of the Earth (July 18, User ID/Password required) story.  What you may not know is that my main Andean benefactor Apu (mountain spirit guide) is Huaskaran. When I built the celestial network at the Rainbow Shower in early 2010, each of my eight Andean spirit guides shared the three-dimensional Chakana-Apuchetas (beacons for energy transmissions) with the eight planets. 

Guess which planet shares the beacon with Apu Huaskaran?  Saturn!  :-) And guess what planet beacon it connects with across the Huaca-Ahu?  The Earth.  Which is located right in front of our house lanai.  Take another look at that Google Earth map above.

Over time, all of the kullas (rocks) I had placed inside the Huaca-Ahu in 2009 around the two originally submerged kullas also identified themselves.  Each of them represented a Hawaiian island-volcano spirit.  So when I address Mauna Kea, for example, or Oahu, during a shamanic ceremony, I know which exact rock I need to do it through.  So the Hawaiian spirits are working from WITHIN the Huaca to connect with the surrounding planetary and Andean Chakana-Apuchetas WITHOUT, and then through the "ceke" (light energy) lines to reach their Andean brethren, the Apus. [EXAMPLE 4: ACTION that followed REVELATION even if not consciously]

So now, for the first time, I am slowly beginning to understand WHY I did WHAT I did in 2010, and HOW this celestial grid works. 

Now, as I did my soul ray research, I found out that each ray has a Vedic sign associated with it.  Guess what the 3rd ray sign looks like?

It is the one on the left.  It is called Anahata.  It is an example of sacred geometry consisting of triangles and circles.  (Anahata chakra symbolizes the consciousness of love, empathy, selflessness and devotion. On the psychic level, this center of force inspires the human being to love, be compassionate, altruistic, devoted and to accept the things that happen in a divine way).

Now,  do you still remember that triangle and the circle I created in March 2010? (middle shot).   I just made it an inside instead of outside circle. What's missing was the "other triangle," the "virtuous" one, to complement the "purposive" one I originally created (I am borrowing James Quilligan's terminology here, a renowned economist who was a speaker at the Kona conference in July). 

A "virtuous" triangle represents Life, pointing upward.  A "purposive" triangle symbolizes Matter, and it is devolving.  The three corners of the triangle stand for Love, Light and Power.  It is the Universe's blueprint for what makes our world go around.

"Wow," I thought when this intuition lamppost lit up.  "So I am two-thirds of the way there." 

Furthermore, the "virtuous" triangle also happens to be my astral name - ALTZAR.  Above is the logo you can see all over this web site (right shot).  So when today's clear sky rainbow flashed before me first thing in the morning, I realized, "this is it.  This is the day I need to take ACTION and expand my original Huaca-Ahu into a new Anahata-Huaca-Ahu. 

And again with Elizabeth's help in the surveying and measuring department, I started that process this morning.  But let me first show you the goal line.  It is the image on the right.  When finished, that's what my new Anahata-Huaca-Ahu will look like.  And this is what it looked like after I finished my "blueprint" for it today:


The left two shots are views facing east, a close-up and a panorama from the Eucalyptus Hill on the other side of the gulch. The two right shots are views from the opposite direction looking west.


The left shot above is another vision of the finished product, superimposing a circle over the two triangles.  And the right shot is that of the Sun-Chakana in the center of the Pachamama kulla (rock).  I placed it the rock there two-and-a-half years ago without knowing why.  Well, now I know.  That spot represents the center of the sacred circle and the center of the two triangles and the center of the solar system network around the Rainbow Shower.  It is where Father Sun meets Mother Earth. [EXAMPLE 5: ACTION that followed REVELATION, this time fully conscious of WHY and WHAT and even HOW]

See how it all ties together?  But there's more...

Music - Missing Ingredient

As I looked in the Wikipedia story about the seven rays, I felt something was missing.  Music.  Sounds.  I receive so many heavenly downloads in the form of music, that I KNOW sound has to be a part of the rays' connection with God.  At that moment, my guides reminded me again that I had already made that connection. Before I knew anything about the rays.

Look at how many bowls I have?  Seven! (in the upper row, the lower row are half notes). Just like the number of keys in the piano keyboard and the number of notes in an octave. Of course, just like the number of rays Or the number of days in a week.  Or the number of stars in some well known constellations.  See where this is going?  

But back to music, check out this music video - Doe-a-Deer - which I made in March.  It came to me shortly after I had acquired from India a set of Tibetan bowls.  I had no idea at the time why I was moved to do so.  I just did it, following my instincts.  The song was  about SEVEN music keys!

Later, I even recorded "Moonlight Sonata" with Tibetan Bowls.  But that's another story, another dimension (of connecting the East and the West).  "Let's not go there now," as our Hawaiian bus driver kept saying all day during our volcano tour.

Anyway, back in March, before I knew anything about the soul rays, I also connected the sound of the bowls with each key, and each key with one of the seven chakras. I even connected the color of each chakra to its sound (right). I designed these labels which I placed inside the bowls so I could easily remember them when I play the bowls and the piano together.

Now look at which is the LARGEST bowl in my collection (right).  It is the F - Heart - green... In other words, againg the 3rd ray symbology. The third ray's Anahata color was also Green, remember? Now, take a look at my 3rd and 7th ray symbols and colors.  

Remember, I created these bowl labels and colors in March.  I only found out about the seven rays and the Anahata symbol a few weeks ago.  Another example of Gnosis, illuminated by the lamppost on the Revelation Road that our guides light up for us.

Since that time, my guides have also given me the Song of My Soul:

Song of My Soul (Aug 7)

I came down in D-minor.  It is a key in which the note F, my soul's note, is in the center of that chord. Since that time, I have learned, therefore, that each soul not only has one note attached to it, but a specific chord.  You can see what that is for each ray from this Seven Rays chart [EXAMPLE 6: ACTION that followed REVELATION, this time fully conscious of WHY and WHAT and even HOW]

Just keep in mind that this chart is still a work-in-progress project.  Some of the things on that chart may change with future revelations, as I continue my research into expanding the connections between the seven rays and additional dimensions and expressions of a human soul.  But this is how far I have got so far during my trip on Revelation Road.

"Quo Vadis, Domino?" Where to Now?

Today, I also talked to my landscaper to see when he can get me some more used railroad ties to use as construction material for the new Anahata-Huaca-Ahu.  He said he was blown away by my request.

Why?" I asked.

"Because I just got a call from my supplier asking me to call my customer - you - to see if you would want some more railroad ties. They are apparently closing that yard and won't be having anymore to sell after they dispose of what's there now."

Synchronicity.  Another sign of divine presence and intervention.

Tomorrow, I plan to go into town and get some construction material I will need to complete the new Anahata-Huaca-Ahu.  It will probably take me several days, if not weeks, of heavy labor to do it.  But as perspiration was running down my face today while I was rolling those heavy stones into position, I smiled, remembering something Thomas Edison reportedly said: "Invention is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration." [Another version of his quote is, "genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration"].

"How true," I thought, wiping the sweat off my brows. 

It was at that moment that I also recalled the Teacher's words of wisdom about Action, not Meditation, paving the road to Ascension. 

The best part about it is that I took all this INTUITIVE action before I heard the Teacher speak about it.  Which means that perhaps we should not try so hard mentally "to do the right thing." If we learn to trust our intuition, we will do the right thing.  And maybe sometimes we'll even find out what that is.

So if you permit me, let me venture a sound bite or my own: "Intuition is 10% brain and 90% heart." 

It is a feeling over thinking process.  We can't force anything.  We can't think our way through the mystery of life.  We just have to let it happen.  And trust that it will.  There is a very good reason why our memories of past lifetimes are erased when we incarnate.  It's to give us a fresh start with a clean slate.  But our Higher Self knows the score and what our soul intentions are, as do our guides.  So all we need to do is trust them and follow our intuition, i.e., their guidance.  Hope that stories like this one will encourage you to trust your intuition.  At least that was my intent when writing it.

Initiation by Fire - Sacred Rite Endorsed by Mystic Medicine

Leads to Rediscovery of Self through Anahata as Shiva aka Al Khadir aka Osiris aka Green Man

HAIKU, Maui, Sep 1 - About nine days ago, the idea of a new Anahata-Huaca-Ahu was born under the double rainbow over the Rainbow Shower (see From Intuition through Action to Ascension, Aug 23).  Since that time, I have been laboring like a slave every day trying to expand my original triangular Huaca into the sacred Anahata symbol.  Here's a work-in-progress photo from a few days ago (right). 

A few days ago, while working on the circle, I had a vision of an initiation fire ceremony in which I am lighting a sacred fire all around the large circle, while at the same time burning one at my Apucheta-shaman's altar-fireplace, in the middle of the original triangle.  Three days ago, I test-fired a part of the circle just to make sure the idea was workable (left).  It appeared to be.

Today, after eight days of backbreaking labor - cutting sod, digging trench, laying bricks, moving and tarring railroad ties - is the day I am hoping to finish the sacred circle of my new Anahata-Huaca-Ahu.  I was planning to do the initiation and consecration ceremony tomorrow night (Friday).  Elizabeth was going to help me as a photographer-recorder of the event.  She is still intrigued by how I made that fire rise out of the lawn.  "Looks like magic to me," she said.  It is not.  But I told her that she would have to wait till Friday to find out. :-)

Well, maybe not.  What happened this morning was so amazing that it gave me goose bumps. Which is why I am also sharing it with you without delay.

Those who know me also know that every day I draw a card from the Mystic Medicine deck.  In a brief ceremony, I thus ask my spirit guides for daily guidance. In the Andes, the Inca shamans do the same by throwing coca leaves.  For me, the Mystic Medicine Cards have been an amazingly accurate and invaluable substitute for the coca leaves (see Mystic Medicine Cards, Jan 2011).

You'd never believe what card I drew this morning.  I have never seen this card before.  Ever!  It was INITIATION.  Take a good look at it (right).  It has the exact same Anahata symbols as the new sacred site I am building (two triangles, like the star of David, an ancient symbol of Creation - all elements of sacred geometry).  And the Initiation card has a fire circle around the Tree of Life.  So my Pachamama kulla in the middle, which I perceived as the connection between the Heaven and the Earth, actually represents the same symbol in the card.  It's just that it is depicted there as a tree, not a kidney-shaped rock as it is in my Anahata-Huaca-Ahu.

What do you say?  Pretty amazing stuff, isn't it?  But there is more... This came to me just now as I was writing this story.

Elizabeth and I went out to dinner last night to an Indian restaurant in Kihei to celebrate the consecration and initiation of the new Hawaiian Lehua ring and bracelet which we ordered on the Big Island and I presented her with them yesterday afternoon (see Waipio Valley Hike, July 13, and the photo on the right).  While at the restaurant, an Indian deity statue caught my attention. 

"I think this is Shiva or something like that," I told Elizabeth without knowing where that awareness originated from.  I asked her to pose next to it (left shot). When we came back home, I wanted to know more about that Indian deity.  I found that it was indeed called Shiva.  He is the Auspicious One, the God of Transformation.  He is usually depicted in sitting-meditating position or dancing on the body of the Demon of Ignorance (Apasmara).  In the latter case, Shiva is manifesting Nataraja, the Lord of the dance. It is said that He looks like an eternal youth because of his authority over death, rebirth and immortality. He is also the father of Ganesha and Murugan (elephant and peacock/serpent sacred animals).

And now I found out that "Shiva in Anahata" even exists as a song...


And now, take a look at this amazing chart from the Tantra-Kundalini web site.  It was the answer I got when I asked the question about the connection between Shiva and Anahata.  It turns out, they are not only connected but are intertwined.

Shiva is the presiding deity of Anahata chakra, the heart chakra.  Which is my 3rd ray soul chakra.  Shiva has three powers symbolized in the trident he holds.  They are preservation (nurturing), creation and destruction.  Those were the exact same powers that were revealed to me nearly four years ago by the spirit of Al Khadir (Green Man).  He was the first deity-spirit guide to show himself to me through a shaman in Sedona (see Altzar's Journey to Shamanism (in the beginning..., Jan 2008).  And he said to the shaman, "'tell Bob to find out about me if he wants to understand his life."

And now I have, through the process of building the Anahata (left) at my Rainbow Shower gulch.  In other words, the Anahata is ME.  It is what Bob Altzar Djurdjevic looks like in the spirit world.  It is the symbol of Shiva-Al Khadir-Osiris on this planet.  No wonder Goddess Isis (Osiris' wife, according to ancient Egyptian mythology) showed up at my astral rebirth ceremony in Feb 2009 and presented me with gifts of carnelian, ruby and peridot.  And so did the Egyptian God Ra.  Check out this description of them as depicted in this Egyptian relief...

This relief shows Isis protecting her husband Osiris with her wings. A pharaoh is also shown offering a libation to them. Isis together with her husband Osiris and their son Horus formed the main triad of the Egyptian religion. The name Isis means "Seat" or "Throne". She was regarded as the symbolical mother of the King. In myth she sought her dead husband and brother, Osiris, conceived her son Horus by him, buried and mourned him together with her sister Nephtys. Isis was regarded as the "Eye of Ra" and was worshipped as the "Great of Magic" who had protected her son Horus from snakes, predators and other dangers; thus she would protect mortal children also. In the New Kingdom Isis was closely connected with Hathor whose physical attributes, the cow's horns and sun-disk she adopted. The Ancient Egyptians regarded the Goddess as the "Eye of Ra". Osiris, the Resurrection God, is the central figure in the afterlife myth and in Egyptian mythology as a whole. His name means "The Seat of the Eye

No wonder I have been guided to do this work.   For, it is a self-portrait.  Another journey home. [tears welling up in my eyes upon this realization]

"Thank you, thank you, my spirit guides for leading me on this self-discovery path so beautifully," I am saying out loud now.

But there is more... See the sacred animal associated with Anahata?  It is the antelope or gazelle.  We have a deer living on our property here in Maui.  It is the ONLY property with a deer on it. I have seen him/her only twice. But he/she shows up regularly at Elizabeth's vegetable garden down in the gulch on the Palm Island for his daily snacks. :-) [much to her chagrin]

Furthermore, when two Native American spirit guides showed up for me back in April through a multidimensional being - White Eagle and the Female White Buffalo Calf Goddess, the latter gifted me the Spirit of the Deer as her blessing just before we parted. And the White Eagle installed a special Solar Chakra that would allow me to draw power from beyond the Sun so as to be(come) a true cosmic citizen, he explained. 

Last but not least, see those 12 petals on the Anahata symbol? (right). They are Vermillion petals.  Vermillion is an  opaque orangish red pigment, similar to scarlet. As a naturally occurring mineral, it is also known as cinnabar, and was in use around the world before the recorded history.  Now, here's what my Mystic Medicine card also said to me this morning:

"Cinnabar circled in flame thirteen times round signifies the ceremony of the initiation which opens the portal and solidifies a safe and sacred space."

Which is what the Anahata-Huaca-Ahu is - a sacred space for connecting the heaven and the earth. [more goose bumps]

Guess I may have to move up my fire ceremony to tonight.  Unless it rains, of course.  But I'll let the spirits decide that, too.

Spectacular Anahata Initiation Fire Ceremony Captured on Video

Last step in closing the loop of nearly four-year cycle of revelations on "I AM"

HAIKU, Maui, Sep 3 - The spectacular video of the Thursday night (Sep 1) Anahata initiation fire ceremony you are about to see was the last step in closing the loop of a nearly four-year cycle of revelations on the question of "I AM." 

As I now look back at this process, I see actually loops within loops all forming a part of a BIG LOOP.  And it was a GUIDED tour.  I never asked the original question "who am I?"  When my spirit guides decided it was time for me to find out, they revealed it to me in their own time and place and in their own inimitably creative ways.  All I had to do is pay attention and not resist their guidance as expressed through my intuition.

The first revelation occurred on Jan 6, 2008 in Sedona, Arizona.  The last one, just two days ago... the morning of Sep 1, here at the Rainbow Shower in Haiku (click here to read Sacred Rite Endorsed by Mystic Medicine).  The four-year journey encompassed four continents, all human senses (yes, even scent), vertical and horizontal integration of arts and sciences, and of physical and spiritual - to arrive at a stunning discovery:  I AM ALTZAR aka Shiva aka Osiris aka Green Man aka Al Khadir - the spirit who preserves (nurtures), creates and destroys (so as to star anew) - just like the cycles of life.

My spirit guides who orchestrated this travel through space, time and multiple dimensions did it with an amazing ingenuity, grace and a loving empathy for the difficulties a human in a physical body would have in abandoning his attachment to it and to all prior "education" he/she received on this planet.  For, to travel the roads of intuition takes giving up one's Will and surrendering to and trusting the Higher Power's guidance.  And doing it even when you don't know you're doing it.  So it is to them that I dedicate this video - my ultimate expression of creativity and gratitude for what they did and how they did it.

Traveling the roads of mystery without a map or a flashlight was scary at times, but worth it in the end.  The reward was a discovery like the one I made two days ago which closed the loop of the four-year cycle. 

It is also instructive now in hindsight to realize that, when I started writing the story "From Intuition through Action to Ascension" on Aug 23 - only 10 days ago - I did not know how it would end.  As it turned out, the last and (to me) the most fascinating chapter - the new Anahata-Huaca-Ahu revelation - occurred AFTER I had finished the original story.  It was between Aug 23 and Sep 1 that a new example of "From Intuition through Action to Ascension" emerged.  It felt as if the Spirits wanted to show us one more time that through ACTION (of writing) we can receive more illuminations that elevate us farther along spiritual path of ascension.

Here are some photos of the new Anahata-Huaca-Ahu from various angles taken moments after I had finished it on Thursday night...

The first three shots - left to right - were taken from the west looking east, the last two from the opposite direction.

And so, with that as a preamble, here are two versions of the video - one for the advanced souls and spiritually enlightened souls (17 mins), and one for the lay and more impatient people (4 mins).  They are both abbreviated versions of the actual Anahata Initiation Fire Ceremony which took about 45 mins on Thursday night, starting right around sunset.  And as in all good movies, there is a surprise ending... :-)

Anahata Initiation - Fire Ceremony (Sep 1, 2011) - for ADVANCED SOULS


And here's now, a shorter version...

Anahata Initiation Fire Ceremony - Short Version (Sep 1, 2011)


The above pictures were taken during and after the fire initiation ceremony.

Vermillion Petals: Next Project

HAIKU, Maui, Sep 9 - Well, I said "THE END (for now...)" after publishing the Spectacular Initiation Fire Ceremony Video about the new Anahata-Huaca-Ahu consecration (right shot).  Sure enough, it was "for now." Because in the last couple of days, I began to wonder if I could also add the Vermillion petals to it, just as depicted in the original Anahata Heart chakra symbol (below left). 

The idea stemmed from the beautiful vermillion flower shown in the middle left shot.  The middle right photo shows the sacred site as it looks now.  The triangle symbolizes the Shiva masculine energy.  The triangle pointed down is symbolic of Shakti, the feminine energy.  The hexagonal shape in the middle represents the balance which is attained when the two energies merge in harmony.

On the right, is an artist rendition which superimposes the Vermillion petals over it.  So today, I started making plans for that last phase of my original Huaca's metamorphosis into an Anahata, the Heart chakra symbol.  We'll see what happens...

As Elizabeth and I relaxed in the spa this evening around sunset, we saw a "Pot of Gold" in the western sky (right shot).  I ran into the house to grab my camera before all the gold disappeared behind the clouds. :-) Still, I took it as a good sign and a confirmation that I am on the right track with the Vermillion petal expansion.

Vermillion Petals: From Conception to Fruition in a Three Days

Elizabeth Volunteers to Help - for a Very Good Reason - Anahata-Vishuddha Union

HAIKU, Maui, Sep 10 - It does not happen very often that a project goes from conception to fruition in a matter of days.  The Vermillion petals idea, born only three days ago, was one such exception.  As the sun set tonight, the petals are already a part of the new Anahata-Huaca-Ahu.  Take a look how the new Vermillion petals grew literally overnight...

I went down this morning to (re)measure and mark the 12 petals.  The Anahata circle's circumference is about 96 feet.  Which neatly and evenly divides into 12 eight-foot petals.  Wish I could say I had planned it.  I did not.  My spirit guides did, when they illuminated the new Anahata idea for me several weeks ago.  I figured it out only two days ago (Thursday), when the petals idea was born.  And, frankly, was not surprised.  It has been truly a marvel to go through revelations like that, one step at a time, wondering what would come next.

So Elizabeth and I drove into town this afternoon and brought loaded up our Jeep at Home Depot with 66 two-foot long bricks.  On our way home, I told Elizabeth about a photo that someone sent to me a long time ago.  Our Jeep was so overloaded and dragging low at its hind side that I was concerned we might end up like that ass in the left shot, especially when we turn up the hill from Hana Highway to climb up E Kuiaha Rd.  Well, we made it.  And in the process, we nick-named our new hauling hero - "El Jeepo."  :-)

When we got home, Elizabeth volunteered to help me unload the bricks into the wheel barrow.  I told her I did not expect her to do it.  She said she wanted to.  She also helped me position the bricks into the Vermillion petals.  So she added her love and sweat to mine.  So from this day forward, "my" Anahata-Huaca-Ahu will be known as "OUR" sacred site.

There is a reason for it, even if she may not be aware.  Elizabeth is a 1st ray soul.  Check out Vishuddha, the Vedic symbol of the 1st ray souls (left).  And now compare it to my 3rd ray soul sign - Anahata (below left).  You can see that Vishuddha is contained within Anahata.  Both have elements of sacred geometry.  Vishuddha has two circles, inside and outside of a downward-pointing triangle which symbolizes Shakti (feminine energy).  Anahata has two triangles, each representing the Shiva (masculine) and the Shakti (feminine) energies.  You could easily draw a Vishuddha-like circle inside Anahata hexagonal center, where the balance is achieved.

Vishuddha is the sign of the Throat chakra whose energy comes through the Thyroid gland.  Its dominant color is Blue and it has 16 petals.  Its sacred animal is an elephant Gaja (see the right image for details). 

So when Elizabeth volunteered this afternoon to help me, she was actually being guided by her Higher Self to add her energy to her own soul ray symbol.  For, Anahata and Vishuddha are united in many aspects of the soul ray symbology, just as Elizabeth and I are in united as man and woman on the physical plane.  Which is why now this will "our" Anahata-Vishuddha-Huaca-Ahu sacred site from now on. 

By the way, this revelation - about Elizabeth's soul sign and mine merging - actually just came to be during the writing of this story.  And now you can see how even some people who do not believe in spiritual guidance are divinely guided to do the right things for their soul's advancement.  What Elizabeth did today is a case in point.

What's Next?

So what's next?  Live Vermillion flowers atop the petals.  Like the "Empress of India" variety shown in the left image. But the process from conception to fruition in this case will take more than a few days, probably a few months. 

Last night, I ordered several packets of Vermillion plant seeds from the mainland.  I plan to plant them atop each of the 12 Vermillion petals in the shape of a triangle, or a steeple, just as in the original Anahata symbol (left).  The image on the top right is a picture of a real petal with a fully grown flower plant superimposed on it as a mock up.  And the picture on the bottom right is my vision of what a finished Anahata-Huaca-Ahu may look some day. Maybe before the end of this year?

But that's not up to me.  Man's role is to dream and co-create with the spirit guides and God.  But only the latter are responsible for the outcome. Which is why Man needs to pray to have his/her dreams and visions come true.  That's what Don Sebastian said, a famed Inca-Quechua Pampamesayok (shaman of the land and weather - see an excerpt from "Talking Story" with Spirits):

"It is the vision that takes place before an event itself," said Don Sebastian, a Master Inca Pampamesayok shaman, speaking at the Temple of the Visionary in Pisaq, Peru in July 2008.  He described how he first visualizes things he wants in his life before they occur. 

"My journey is to live that vision through encounters (in life)."

At the time, his statement seemed far-fetched.  I was an inexperienced shaman back then.  Now I know firsthand it's true.  It can be done.  We, the humans, have the power to do it.  But we "must have a joyous heart," as Don Sebastian put it, "to make the vision more visible" (to the spirits).  And then Pachamama and the spirits will "hear" us through our hearts.

Tomorrow, 9/11/2011, I plan to do just that... have a fire ceremony to initialize the new Vermillion petals, visualize the 12 live flower plants growing from seed inside each of the 12 triangles around the Anahata-Vishuddha, and also, to remember and commemorate all those who perished on that infamous day 10 years ago.  And it will be a full moon, too.   So I expect it will be both a joyous and a solemn ceremony.

Epilogue: Pele's Passionate Blessing

Most days I get my guidance from the spirits in the morning through a card from a Mystic Medicine deck.  For some reason, today I never got around it until just now - 9PM - after I had already finished the above story.  The card I drew was Passion.  The image portrays Pele, the Hawaiian Goddess of Volcanoes and Fire (right).  Here's her message:

"Channel your Passion into a new creation. Your heart is both passionate and compassionate. Movement may be good for you to assist in the flow of energy through your being... All that moves and invites pure wild energy within you is good... The potential for a monumental evolutionary shift is available now if you should choose it."

Looking now in hindsight at what happened today, could this guidance have been any more apt?  Not only did I follow my passion, but Elizabeth also joined me. And we channeled our energies into moving shaping 66 two-foot brick into 12 beautiful Vermillion petals.  With live flowers also to follow over time.  "Thank you, Pele."

By the way, Elizabeth disclaimed her share of the sacred site after she had read this story.  "I don't believe in that kind of stuff," she said.  "So don't say it is 'our' sacred site.  I just felt sorry for you doing all this hard work with bricks by yourself.  So I came to help."

I told her she did not necessarily have to be aware of it in order to be guided by her Higher Self.  And that what she did was wonderful and very appropriate.  It came from the heart.  And it was the Heart chakra symbol we were building.

Sacred Union Card

PS, Sep 11: This morning, I drew the Sacred Union Mystic Medicine card as my guidance for today, 9/11/11, Sunday.  Again, it hit the nail on the head as far as our real life is concerned.  Check this out from my Journal:

I drew the Sacred Union card the day after Elizabeth and I constructed the petals at my Anahata-Vishuddha Huaca-Ahu. It's visual and verbal message is quite profound and also very appropriate in this context.

In the painting 'Twin Soul' you see the Tree of Life. The roots create an upside down triangle, representing the feminine aspects of oneself. The tree looks like two bodies joined together in a Sacred Union. Together, they create a Heart at the center. One heart... two bodies. Above the branches of the tree, a Buddha figure meditates. He sits in lotus position creating an upward pointing triangle - a symbol of masculine energies.

Here's the card's message:

"Love is the ultimate truth that lies at the heart of Creation. Spiritual partners in this Sacred Union recognize each other as souls, consistently striving to further their evolution together. You bring a piece of the puzzle to each other, offering up that which needs to be healed. You support each other's needs for spiritual expansion. This love is unconditional."

"By drawing this card, it may be also time to merge the masculine and feminine energies within oneself."

THE END (for now...).


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