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An Update to an Essay

May 11, 2011

End of the World or a New Beginning? - an update to a 2009 essay

2012 Revisited: Toward a New Breed of Man

"New Man" to be "all heart:" Supple and nurturing FEMININE energies to rise and balance out the aggressive MASCULINE; COLLECTIVE interests to outweigh INDIVIDUAL ones, ushering the era of COOPERATION after 5125-year cycle of COMPETITION


An Update to a 2009 Essay

by Bob Djurdjevic

"New Man" to be "all heart"

2012 Revisited: Toward a New Breed of Man

Supple and nurturing FEMININE energies to rise and balance out aggressive MASCULINE; COLLECTIVE interests to outweigh INDIVIDUAL ones, era of COOPERATION to follow 5125-year cycle of COMPETITION

"I set my intention to exist in a state of love, balance and harmony with all and for all."

A mantra given to me by Star Rising (a multidimensional being) on Apr 19, 2011

New Revelations on Triple Masters' Number #11 Day

HAIKU, Maui, May 11, 2011 - As I usually do, I started my incantations, prayers and meditations shortly after midnight on 5/11/2011.  Soon, new revelations about the meaning of "2012" began to form.  And they were as clear as night and day.  I recognized instantly what was happening.  I was receiving another download from the spirits.  And I understood why now.  Another Triple Masters' #11 day was beginning (see Masters' Number 11, Jan 2010, for special meaning of #11 in my life).

The download went directly from my soul to my heart.  I suppose it was gnosis - knowing without knowing why.  The brain was just recording and storing the information, like a hard disk.  The source were my master spirit guides.  Some of whom will be mentioned in this essay by name.  Others I am not allowed to name - at their request. 

So what was the download about?  To understand it, we must first go back two and a half years.  Back in Jan 2009, I wrote in an essay that the post-2012 New Man will be a human with a big heart and a small brain, replacing the 5125-year old man with a big brain and a small heart (figuratively speaking, of course - see  "2012", 1/14/2009, and the updated chart).


But I also noted something else that's very important.  That big heart will be beating for the benefit of the COLLECTIVE, not just the INDIVIDUAL.  Here's a quote from "2012" (1/14/2009):

"Only when man's collective hearts beat in coherence with the earth and galactic energies, and are in sync with the Creator's frequency, will mankind become fully empowered by the universe to transcend to new domains and realms.

And perhaps THAT will be the greatest civilizational change that the new world cycle will represent: It will create a new breed of man by reorienting the old one from focusing on SELF to working for the benefit of MANKIND.  For, self-actualization can only occur through collective betterment.  And that's the CHOICE we can also make."

As a result, the next 5125 years should be known as the era of COOPERATION, succeeding the waning era of COMPETITION, as one of the spirit guides noted.  Humans have been fighting each other throughout the recorded history, which is what the current five millennia+ cycle represents.  But that's not the norm in the Universe, as I have just learned.  In other societies in the universe, balance has been achieved between SELF and the WHOLE.  So striving for peace and happy coexistence is not utopia. It can be done.  If we put our minds and (more importantly) hearts to it.

This echoed the teachings we, the Inca-trained and ordained shamans, have received from the mountain spirits over the years. 

"My prayer is that you (shamans) choose the path of the 'allyu' (collective), so we can all meet at the same place," said Don Adolfo, an Altomesayok (highest level shaman) who channels the mountain spirits (Apus) and the female earth spirits (Santa Tierras), told a group of western shamans gathered in Chinchero, Peru, in July 2008 (right photo). 

It was the message we kept hearing over and over again directly from the Apus and the Santa Tierras during our Conversations with the Spirits (2008, 2009 and 2010).  More importantly, we FELT it as a group.  As a human race, our salvation is to act in in a WIN-WIN style when we deal with each other.  And to realize that we are all children of Pachamama (Mother Earth).  She makes no distinction between race, religion, wealth... or any other man-made things that divide us.  She loves us all. 

And she is ALIVE, not just a bunch of continents protruding from the ocean floor.  She is also the air that we breathe and the fire that transforms us. So the way we relate to her, is the way She relates to us.

"'Bad weather' is a result of 'bad consciousness' of human beings," spirits teach us. "Unless you finally realize that you are creating the 'bad weather' around you, it is not possible to see that you are a Master in Training." 

Or conversely, to realize that we have the power to call in the 'good weather' for that matter (see Mozart in the Gulch: Namaka Creek Returns to Rainbow Shower, May 6). 

"It is the vision that takes place before an event itself," said Don Sebastian, a Master Inca Pampamesayok shaman, speaking at the Temple of the Visionary in Pisaq, Peru in July 2008.  He described how he first visualizes things he wants in his life before they occur. 

"My journey is to live that vision through encounters (in life)."

At the time, his statement seemed far-fetched.  I was an inexperienced shaman back then.  Now I know firsthand it's true.  It can be done.  We, the humans, have the power to do it.  But we "must have a joyous heart," as Don Sebastian put it, "to make the vision more visible" (to the spirits).  And then Pachamama and the spirits will "hear" us through our hearts.

Masculine vs. Feminine; Competition vs. Cooperation

Perhaps the most important new "2012" revelation is understanding HOW the foregoing seemingly utopian ideas are to be achieved. The last 5125-cycle of violence has been largely due to the dominant male energies. That will need to change.  In the post-2012 world, the dominant aggressive MASCULINE energies of the past era should be yielding to the supple and nurturing FEMININE ones, until the two are in balance once again.  Once they are One with each other, they will be also One with Mother Earth and the Creator.  In other words, in alignment with the forces of the universe. 

So perhaps the most important part about "2012" as is the number One (1).  A union of the Masculine and Feminine in coherence with Mother Earth and the Universe. 

"Follow the path to Oneness," is what one spirit guide advises.  "It is the only natural path." 

Which is why this new chart depicts the male-female duality leading to the Oneness within the human race and with the environment. 


In fact, the process has already begun.   As one who is blessed with about 50/50 balance between masculine and feminine energies, I can tell you that I have been feeling a resurgence of the Feminine in the last year or so, and especially since the start of this year (2011). 

A word of caution.  There is no room in the new post-2012 for a "wounded female" anymore than there will be for a "macho male."  The goal is BALANCE, not dominance by either sex.  That's what the Creator intended when he created duality in this world.

For those of you with dominant left brains, here are some facts.  During the first 11 days of May, female spirit guides showed up on six of those days.   During the first four months of the year, Goddess energies guided me 38 times... by far more than any other spirit guides (there are 64 cards in the Mystic Medicine deck - see Cher Lyn's Mystic Medicine Cards, 1/11/2011).

Speaking of left and right brains, there was another revelation that I recently received.  Left brain also represents the Individual, the right brain the Whole.  So clearly, we can also expect increased right brain activities and prominence in the new era.

What's a Few Millennia in Cosmic Time

Now just to put the linear time in perspective.  I suspect that many of you may think 5125 years is a long time.  It is.  In human terms.  And 25626 year-cycle (precession of the equinoxes) is even longer.  In planetary terms.  Now consider time from a cosmic perspective.

Apu Huaskaran, my main benefactor mountain spirit, taught us back in June 2009 during an evening session in Cusco, Peru, that human cycles evolve over 18 million years (he spoke with derision of Darwin as he said that - see Peru: Conversations with Andean Mountain Spirits (June 2009).  Eighteen million years is means the human race develops over 3,512 cycles of 5125 years.  That's 257,143 human lifetimes at an average age of 70 years.

Kind of humbling, isn't it, to think of time in cosmic terms?  Ready to revise your notion of young and old?  Maybe a 90-year old senior does not seem so ancient anymore? :-)

So there is no rush.  We will be coming back to this school many more times in the future, as we have in the past.  We'll get it right eventually.  It's encouraging to know that there are other places in the universe where peaceful and happy coexistence has been achieved.  But we have to continually focus on our goals.  And work them over and over again.  For, nature is constantly in motion.  It never stops, day or night.

"Nature does not merely meditate on its truth," a spirit guide told us recently.  "It is full acting on its 'intentions' at all times.  This is the key to living - to recognize that you never stop, that you are always on your path."


So to summarize, the post-2012 cycle will mean in a nutshell:

  • Era of the Heart to follow the era of Brawn & Brain

  • Supple Feminine to rise and balance out aggressive Masculine

  • Collective interests to outweigh Individual ones

  • Cooperation to replace Competition as a way of life on this planet

Let me close with a quote from the East.

"He who knows not, and knows not that he knows not.... a fool - shun him;

He who knows not, and knows that he knows not.... ignorant - teach him;

He who knows, and knows not that he knows.... asleep - wake him;

But, he who knows, and knows that he knows.... a wise man - follow him."


       Attributed to Rabindranath Tagore, Indian philosopher & poet (1861-1941)

...and with this video:

‪Connecting East & West with Music (May 9)

* * *

Blessings and Permissions

The morning after the post-midnight download (still on 5/11/2011), I asked the spirits to confirm my understanding the updated 2012 message.  I did it the usual way, through a Cher Lyn Mystic Medicine Card.  The answer could not have been any clearer.  I drew the EBB & FLOW card (right).  The image depicts the Earth Mother of the Oceans… a feminine energy (Mame Kocha in Quechua, the Inca language).

“Everything mo
ves in cycles. The Water Goddess... balances the scales of mind and heart. Her essence is compassion within the masculine and feminine.”

Thank you, Mama Kocha (Mother Ocean), for your blessing of this work.

I also asked the spirits' permission to publish some of the above anonymous quotes from the spirit world.  And I got it in the form of the LOVE medicine card depicting an image of the Cosmic Christ (left).  Again, an affirmative answers, clear as a bell. 

By the way, the Cosmic Christ LOVE card has showed up three times in the last five days, more than at any other time before.  Which reminded me of a mantra he also sent my way on Apr 19 through Star Rising:

"I surround everything with white, pink and golden Christed light, and I thank you God in advance."

The new mantra is a complement to the one I received on my astral rebirth (2/25/2009):

"I know who and what I am, and I give praise and thanks," addressing the Creator.  "I restate my intention to stay on your path of enlightenment as you and my spirit guides illuminate it for me."

You're welcome to use either or both mantras yourself during your meditations or prayers, if they resonate with you.


Bob Djurdjevic is a writer, an Inca-trained, mesa-carrying Shaman, thrice ordained by the Andean mountain spirits, a widely published writer, musician and an engineer (at least by university degree).  In other words, a practitioner of both the left and right brains.  You can find more of his research and columns on arts and spirituality at , at (personal & travelogues),  (geopolitical) and (global business).


FOOTNOTE: Natural Disasters Predicted by Andean Mountain Spirits in June 2009


HAIKU, Maui, Mar 11 - Now that the imminent danger from the tsunami has ebbed, at least here in Hawaii, it is time to reflect on the meaning of such natural disasters as that which started with the 8.9 Richter scale earthquake on March 11 in Japan.  As I was pondering that, my thoughts went back immediately to something the Apus (Andean Mountain Spirits) told us, a small group of Inca-trained shamans about to undertake an Altomesayok Pilgrimage Journey in Peru (see The Altomesayok Journey: On the Angel Trail in Peru [May-Jun 2009]). During our Conversations with Mountain Spirits on June 2, I asked the question about what we can expect in 2012 and beyond given the Mayan Prophecy.


Here's an excerpt from the spirits' answer:

...Apu Illimani de Bolivia spoke first, followed by Apu Urusaywa.  The essence of what Apu Illimani said was that there will be transformations, and that we can expect significant "meteorological changes."

Apu Urusaywa elaborated and expanded on that answer.  He said that much of the outcome depends on us.  If we live in fear, we might suffer.  But if we take charge and step up to the plate as leaders in the transformation, then we should have nothing to fear.  And if our leader get together on a salvation plan for the planet, that will help, too.

Then he added that there will be "disasters" around the world. But he did not elaborate on where and what kind of disasters.

Turning to me personally, he added, "I see that you, Bob, are well on your way in your personal preparations for 2012.  So you have nothing to fear if you stay on that path."

I suppose the Apu "saw" that from my luminous body?

You can see more on this and many other topics we discussed with the Mountain Spirits if you click here.


Furthermore, a friend of mine from Holland has just sent me a compilation of the natural disasters that have occurred all over the world.  And we are not yet even at the end of the first quarter! [CLICK HERE to view the PDF file].


So what does it all mean?


Consider Apu Urusaywa's answer. "If we take charge and step up to the plate as leader in the transformation, then we should have nothing to fear.  And if our leaders get together on a salvation plan for the planet, that will help, too."


Personally, I am not holding my breath for "our leaders" to do anything other than what they are doing - fostering wars around the world so they can extend their power and influence for the sake of material gains. So it's up to the rest of us to try to save the planet.  Pachamama, Mother Earth, has been injured, mostly by our lack of Love for her.  She reminded me of it three times this week, twice before the Japan disaster and once this morning. (I drew the Goddess of Earth card three times in the last six days when I asked for the spirits' guidance).


I hear you, Mother.  So I have been pouring extra helping of love into the Rainbow Shower land in the weeks after the big Japan earthquake. And I did a special Water-Fire ceremony for Japan on Mar 29:


Water-Fire Ceremony & Prayer for Japan (Mar 29)


YOU CAN HELP, TOO.  No prayer is too small or too insignificant.  We, the humanity, can collectively change our destiny if we pray with our hearts and show Pachamama our love and appreciation for the life she supports on this planet.  We should all try and learn from the misfortune that has befallen Japan. Please (re)read my "2012: Toward New Breed of Man"-essay in order to appreciate the importance of collective emotion and the power of its impact on our planet.  We CAN make the difference.

Love  Light

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